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  • Default Customer Contact checkbox location

    On the customer screen, there is a default contact checkbox. 

    Which table is this stored on? I cannot find it on CONTACT or CONTACTCRM table. 

    On V11, Patch 14

  • 1) Mass delete BPS Invoices 2) DocLink/DocAlpha

    1) Is there a way to mass delete BPS Invoices? I have 1900 to delete.

    2) Duplicate and triplicate Invoices have imported into Sage X3v12 p17 from DocLink/DocAlpha.  This is the second or third time it has happened.  Does anyone have advice on what might…

  • Facing issue while choosing the endpoint of the imported folder v12.0.21 on a new servers of Sage X3 version 12.0.26

    I got an error while choosing the endpoint of the imported folder v12.0.21 on the X3 version 12.0.26. "Create session error : The folder version is different from the version of the root folder.", As shown in the screenshot below :

    Has anyone…

  • Anyone know how to setup an Export template so that it's output is split into multiple files?


    We are still using version 7. We have an export template we use to export invoices to be sent through EDI. Currently the export template creates a single text document with information from every invoice that needs to be sent. Is there a way to…

  • Trying to read the products of Magento from X3 using rest api integration and Node JS Error

    Hi All,

    We are trying to read the product of Magento from Sage X3 using integration methods such as Rest webservices, Node.Js for one of our client. The Magento API endpoints uses 'OAUTH1' type of authorization for authentication of the Rest API…


    Hello All,

    Please i need help

    I ran Stock Accounting Interface and this error below came up,

    ACC (CIL) : Tax code mandatory (XSTK Line 22) stat=97 KEY1=HOF2108ISS00000751 KEY2=1000 KEY3=~ KEY4=~ KEY5=~

  • SIHI Line 30 Legal No Account Found & Rollback Following Error in Transaction

    Hello All, I'm using Sage x3 V5, While posting Invoice, I'm facing an error. Kindly support on below urgently:

    We are passing only Sales Transactions like Invoices & Credit Note  as we stopped using the Finance Module.

  • Looking for the sales FOB field in sage x3

    Good day everyone, I am looking for the sales FOB field in sage x3. If there is no field in x3, is there a column in sql? So far I have been unsuccessful in finding said field. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. 
    Thank you in advance!

  • Dimension Codes Not Flowing From Supplier Record to Supplier Invoice

    Common Data >> Bps >> Supplier, Financial Tab, Analytical Dimensions

    Currently only codes listed in AX1 flow through to the supplier invoice (Supplier BP invoices).  How do I change the other dimensions to flow through to the supplier invoice…

  • Product Comparison - X3 vs 300 vs 200

    Hi Sage Community,

    I am looking for a product comparison between Sage X3, Sage 300 (Accpac) and Sage 200 (Evolution).

    Where could I find this please?

  • Lot Numbers

    I need to come up with a way to consume containers (what our product is packaged in) when a work order is closed.  I have thought keeping the current BOMs for the "master BOM" (bulk BOM if you will) for each product and then doing a second BOM that puts…

  • # in the screens evaluated titles


    I was manipulating the screens in the V12 (P24) and I have remarked that the # used in the beginning of formulas of the evaluated title is blocking the evaluation of the title in different languages.

    For example, in the screen BPR1, the evaluated…

  • Field error "Reversal date" Change of fiscal year prohibited

    Good Morning, 

    We are getting an error message when we try to set the reversal date to 01/01/2021. (The accounting date is 12/31/2020).

    This is only happening to some of our journal entries. 

    Would anybody be able to tell me why this error message is triggering…

  • Connect Existing DB Server to Brand New App Server

    Has anyone had to create a new V11 (or really any version) application server and connect it to an existing SQL Database server? Assume we don't have access to the old app server (although we might).

    I have some ideas, but I'd like to know how others…

  • Error during importing of large Sales Invoice data (@X3.TRT/ASYRSUB$adx (602) Error 50)

    Hi All,

    I am experiencing an intermittent error when importing large Sales Invoice files.

    During import the following error will be produced: @X3.TRT/ASYRSUB$adx (602) Error 50 : Function not defined for the value given ERR

    Thereafter, all invoices…

  • How to change average cost lot with code

    Hi everybody.

    I need found system to update average cost lot without Miscelaneos Receipt /Miscelaneos Issue. For example:

    I have product A with 100 units of lot LOT1, and cost is 10. This stock I create with an Purchase receipt.

    Now, i create a service…

  • Max Ship-To Addresses Reached?

    My company has encountered an issue where we can no longer enter any new Ship-To addresses for our account. It seems Sage X3 (v7 patch 8) sets a limit at 200 ship-to addresses per BP.

    ^200 Address Limit vs 1 Address^

    Is there a parameter I can change…

  • Is it possible to automatically receive product in at a different UOM than the 'Stock unit'

    Would like to automatically receive product in as a pallet, but maintain a stock unit in cases. 

    Thank you

  • Doubt to Sales order signature Workflow

    Hi Everybody.

    I try to active workflow signature to Sales order.

    I receive email with 2 links and the standard text of if I like Accept or Reject Sales order.

    When I click the link of Accept or Reject, system redirect to web who say : Your validation…

  • EDI

    Hi Sage Community,

    I was looking at the Sage EDI Module, and it appears that it only works with a select few EDI Partners out of the box and only certain transactions are covered depending on which Partner is used.

    Is this correct?

    Or can it be set-up…

  • Changing Time Zone of a Site

    Hello there,

    Could anyone please let me know the process of changing the time zone of a site?

    Please comment if there is any article regarding this matter.

    Thank you!

  • Sage X3 Warehousing (GEODE) Patch V12.0.22 has been posted (KB 105063)

    To access this download, log into and in the search field type 105063. Click Search.

    For a complete list of available Sage X3 full-product downloads and patch updates, see the Sage X3 Download Portal. To access the Sage X3…

  • Stock Valuation Report on Batch Server

    Has anybody put the stock valuation report (FUNSTVA) on the batch server. 

    I was wondering what the file box is used for and if somebody could give me an example path so I have an idea of what would go in there. 

  • How to change record by code

    Anyone knows if it's possible to change a record by code without leaving and entering the object?
    For instance, a button on a window that forces the current record to other than the one currently loaded.
    Is there any standard call for this…
  • Where does assembly put allocated units?

    Before somebody presses the create button on the assembly screen, we have to select a lot to consume for the new assembly product to be created. When we select the lot, what is happening to that lot in the backend of sage?

    I dont see an allocation record…