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  • Looking to build a report for Sales by GLCode by month

    Hi, as the subject says, I am building a report to pull sales numbers per company by GLCode in sql server. I'm having a hard time getting data that looks correct. I have tried a few different ways of joining SORDER table to GACCOUNT table. I've tried…

  • Connect Existing DB Server to Brand New App Server

    Has anyone had to create a new V11 (or really any version) application server and connect it to an existing SQL Database server? Assume we don't have access to the old app server (although we might).

    I have some ideas, but I'd like to know how others…

  • Upgrade windows server and SQL server from 2008 to 2016 and keeping sage x3 version 6 intact.

    I am running Sage X3 V6 and SQL 2008, on windows server 2008, want to upgrade to windows 2016, with SQL 2016, but keeping version 6 intact. Will there there be any problem?

    how much will be the cost and time required to perform, how much downtime? any…

  • Error: "[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Communication link failure : SQL Server Error"

    Cause : 

    Disk space could be running out.


    Review disk space, investigate SQL server health status.

  • How To Replicate Same Folder, Same SQL Database from a Production Server to a Data Recovery Server Automatically

    Hi guys,

    I need help!

    My client wants me to achieve an automatic backup from her Production server to a Data recovery Server on a daily basis

    Please how can this be achieved?

    Hoping to get a positive response



    Hi. I did a store procedure to explode BOMs up to the leaf level by saving the list of components in a table. The store is obviously recursive (it calls itself). Throwing it from SSMS works properly by exploding the entire BOMs to leaf levels. Launched…

  • Purchase Invoice billable quantity should be "A" status

    Hello Everyone,

    I want to create a purchase invoice for the receipts which are having only "A" status.

    For Q and R status receipts system should not allow us to create an Invoice.

    Just for your reference, I had done the following setups:-

  • Deleting Sage X3 folder from database

    Dear Fellows,

    As you may all know that when you delete a folder in X3 it will not be deleted from database with all its references which will eventually increase your database size, and therefore i created an sql procedure that safely delete the folder…


    Hello All,

    Please am having issue with PAYMENTH  description Table not flowing to GACCENTRYD description table.

    I did a transaction on payment screen which was ok and generated a journal number, so i tried designing a report (Supplier statement) which…

  • Data Purge Parameters


    We are a Blending & Packaging plant and have v9 Patch 5.

    We have 'never' archived/purged in our Sage X3 (EM) so we have over 10yrs of data (Since June 2008...)

    We've started to purge out some old data like the ATRACE and investigating…

  • Table Validation Error PAYMENTH Error No 76

    This error comes up anytime I try to validate any table. Please has anyone encountered this before? 

  • @X3.TRT/TRTLIC$adx(223) File nonexistant [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0] [SQL Server] Invalid object name ‘X3.AUDITH’

    Sage X3

    Version 6.5

    Patch 29

    We have done a server migration.

    Installed Sage X3 v 6.5 on new server.

    Imported the folders +svg from old server

    On the new server when we log on to Sage we get the error message below.

    “@X3.TRT/TRTLIC$adx(223) File nonexistant…

  • Consuming external webservice SOAP

    Hello guys, 

    Someone can tell me please if it's possible to invoke an external webservice (soap) using 4GL ? 

    I don't find any information here about this subject. 


  • Error on Setup > User - Pilot FOLDER

    Hello all,

    When I am in the PILOT folder trying to access Setup> Users, "GESAUS" function, the system presents this error:

    Error only on PILOT folder.

    I'm using Admin user, this started happening after validating the menu in the function…

  • SQL Data Report

    I am trying to pull data from three tables but running into a relation issues. Table1: Customer Table. Table 2: Invoice Table Table 3: Invoice Detail Table On table 1 the customer number column is "BPCNUM_0" On Table 2: The customer number…