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  • ALERT: Hotfix is available for the Runtime and Adxadmin component (94.1.14)

    - ONLY for 2021 R3 and 2021 R4 releases

    - ONLY if you use Java Bridge Server or VT Web Server

    Please install Runtime 94.1.14 and Adxadmin 94.1.14 to secure the communication between components.

    Runtime 94.1.14

    Adxadmin 94.1.14

    Before applying any Hotfix…

  • HOTFIX: Downloads for Runtime 94.1.14 and ADXAdmin 94.1.14 are posted

    To access this hotfix, log in to and in the search field type 113722 and 133723. Click Search.

    For a complete list of available Sage X3 full-product downloads and patch updates, see the Sage X3 Download Portal. To access the…

  • The Finance Round-Up #5

    Welcome back to the latest edition of the Finance Round-Up blog!


    There have been a couple of significant announcements in this past month; from the HMRC Header Change – which impacts all customers using the Sage X3 MTD feature, to our…

  • Critical issues in 2021R2 when PJM is deactivated

    A huge development was released in 2021R2 to improve PJM performances.
    Many functions which can be linked to projects (sales, purchases etc...) were impacted despite all the manual and automated QA tests.
    3 bugs are identified, we recommend to install…

  • ALERT: X3 Standard Cost Calculation Error in 2021 R1 - HOTFIX Available

    In 2021 R1 (12.0.25) release, user may experience an error when running the Standard Cost Calculation:

    Summary of the issue:

    When 2 components are used in a BOM and these components use the same overhead category, the calculation of standard cost triggers…

  • The Finance Round-Up #3

    Finance Round Up

    Welcome back to the latest instalment of the Finance round up!


    Firstly, although there are no functional updates this time, its worth noting that there are new versions of Syracuse for V11 and PU9. Please check this Alert for…

  • ALERT: X3 Warehousing functions error In 2021 R1 - HOTFIX Available

    In 2021 R1 release, users may experience issues when clicking on some of the fields in Sage X3 / Sage X3 Warehousing functions GESITF, GESBPC, GESBPS or GESREP.

    The function will be abruptly closed and the session will sometimes be lost.

    A hotfix has…

  • The Finance Round-Up #2

    Welcome back to the second instalment of the Finance round up!

    V11 P19 Released

    Firstly, Sage has recently released Sage X3 Version 11 Patch 19.  You can find links for the latest patches for all versions here.

    Please take a look at the Release…

  • Supplier BP Invoices (GESBIS) - Index incorrect issue on Sage X3 2020R4 (V12 patch 24)

    A critical issue on the Supplier BP Invoices (GESBIS) has been found on the release 2020R4.
    When we try to enter more than 20 lines, we face the error message below:

    SUBBIS$adx (558) Error 8 : Index Incorrect PURTYP(20)

    The problem has been fixed for Release…