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  • SageX3 - Left List Personalization

    Hi, how can I add custom  view fileds into standard (browser) object Left List ?

    It's easy to add other tables but , what about views ?

    Example:this is a standard object 

    I've added my custom view into Viste tab:

    But in Selezione tab (Selection…

  • Looking to build a report for Sales by GLCode by month

    Hi, as the subject says, I am building a report to pull sales numbers per company by GLCode in sql server. I'm having a hard time getting data that looks correct. I have tried a few different ways of joining SORDER table to GACCOUNT table. I've tried…

  • Trying to read the products of Magento from X3 using rest api integration and Node JS Error

    Hi All,

    We are trying to read the product of Magento from Sage X3 using integration methods such as Rest webservices, Node.Js for one of our client. The Magento API endpoints uses 'OAUTH1' type of authorization for authentication of the Rest API…

  • How can I go about joining the SINVOICED table to the STOJOU table?

    As seen in the subject, I am looking to join the STOJOU table to the SINVOICED table without the use of the ITMREF column. Data models show a one way arrow from STOJOU to SINVOICED with VCRNUM;VCRLIN. I am unsure of what to do with that, with VCRNUM only…

  • why i can't set query of VACITM facet to yes in ITMMASTER representation

    when i click on the query cell to change it to yes it just jump for initial state, but for some others columns it's ok

  • # in the screens evaluated titles


    I was manipulating the screens in the V12 (P24) and I have remarked that the # used in the beginning of formulas of the evaluated title is blocking the evaluation of the title in different languages.

    For example, in the screen BPR1, the evaluated…

  • Connect Existing DB Server to Brand New App Server

    Has anyone had to create a new V11 (or really any version) application server and connect it to an existing SQL Database server? Assume we don't have access to the old app server (although we might).

    I have some ideas, but I'd like to know how others…

  • Workflow Action Update fields

    I need assistance developing this workflow. 

    What I'm trying to accomplish:

    When a customer return is created, I need the workflow to look at a TSICOD(1) and if it = 003, I need to update the lines of that return.

    The trigger works, so I can assume…

  • Date syntax in GMAINT or diagnostic utility

    The correct syntax for the selection criteria for a Sage X3 date field is:  [DD/MM/YYYY]

     Classified as follows  "DD=Day", "MM=Month" and "YYYY=Year"


    Criteria using CREDAT in table for records with a CREDAT less than…

  • Error: "Connection to server failed : X3 engine error: <<masked>>\adxodbc : ini_com:SQL Server Error!(2)"

    Cause :

    There is failure to communicate with MSSQL server.


    1. Ensure SQL services are running 

    2. Ensure the servers can communicate if the system a multi tier. 

    3. Check firewall settings

  • Error: "Create session error : X3 engine error: <folder path>\FIL\ACLASSE.fde : File Non-existent"


    There are various possibilities including a corrupt ACLASSE table or an outstanding folder validation 


    1. Try to validate the ACLASSE table through Development > Data and Parameters > tables

    2. Test

    if the above fix fails, perform folder…

  • Cannot acces local file

    Hi, from Sage X3 v12 web, i use the editor ADOTRT. Open my src program and run. 

    local char zfile(255), CURLINE(20)

    zfile = "e:\temp\mb\test.txt"

    openi zfile Using [TST]


       Rdseq CURLINE Using [TST]

       infbox CURLINE

    until fstat <> 0…

  • How To Replicate Same Folder, Same SQL Database from a Production Server to a Data Recovery Server Automatically

    Hi guys,

    I need help!

    My client wants me to achieve an automatic backup from her Production server to a Data recovery Server on a daily basis

    Please how can this be achieved?

    Hoping to get a positive response


  • How to change record by code

    Anyone knows if it's possible to change a record by code without leaving and entering the object?
    For instance, a button on a window that forces the current record to other than the one currently loaded.
    Is there any standard call for this…

    Hi All

    Can someone please assist me with this issue. when clicking on the preparation plan function I keep geTting the error below, does anyone know how to fix.


  • Deleting Sage X3 folder from database

    Dear Fellows,

    As you may all know that when you delete a folder in X3 it will not be deleted from database with all its references which will eventually increase your database size, and therefore i created an sql procedure that safely delete the folder…

  • Packaging Consumption in Work Orders

    I'm looking for ideas as to the best way to consume packaging in work orders.

    We sell products in various packaging....totes, drums, pails, etc.

    Currently the packaging is relieved from inventory at time of sales invoicing.....packaging codes are…

  • How to modify the quantities of a delivery and its movements of stock through code or import / export template

    I have a validated delivery to which I want to modify both the delivery quantities and the quantities of the stock movements made; I need to do it by code or template.

    Would anyone know what template to use or how could I develop it?

  • A Pen Sign appeared in right list

    Dear Mates.

    I am working on X3PU9 with a fully customized screen, however, a pen sign appear in the right list and blocking me to do any action on the screen. The message showing "You only have viewing rights...". I am accessing with 'ADMIN' Id, which…

  • BPSNAM: key too long 505(500) error appears when trying to save a new field in BPSUPPLIER table


    Please I was trying to add a new field to a table when trying to save it pops up this error..please help me 

    Thank you


  • Accounting task issue after migration from V6.5 to V11

    PLease i need help.

    I m doing a migration from v6.5 to v11 on Oracle database.The migration went without error but the challenge is that i can't run the migration plan because the accounting task is still on progress.

    I tried to delete the value of…

  • 'Jump to' function navigate to Journal Entry

    Hi to all brothers & sisters

    I am currently working on X3PU9 navigation function (Jump to) in table (NBLIG) from customized screen to Journal Entry.

    I did realized the GAS object is using HAE3 as index key.

    However, when i apply the code, it not able…

  • What is a variable

    A variable is used to store information to be referenced and manipulated in a computer program. It can also be defined as a keyword used after a Subprog or a Func declaration, to define the type of arguments transmitted to the called code.

    A variable takes…

  • Misc. Table Value deletion

    Good day,

    Has any one encountered an issue where they try to delete values from a misc. Table and get a type incompatibility error? 

    When deleting the table, I know you have to remove the references on tables, screens and classes, but even then you cannot…

  • Sage X3 - Print reports to Email

    Good afternoon.

    With the need of one of my clients to send all kind of reporting by email we came across a problem.

    We used the ARP event to manage the workflows so they could send the message with their report as an attachment.

    This worked smoothly…