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  • Error in returning stock - Line movements are pending, please adjust

    Hi team,

    I am facing a challenge in returning a stock where as I have deliveries and I was able to create credit notes among the steps in returning the stock but I am facing an error as in below screenshot as soon as I select the delivery number so as…

  • Enable product design function GESNPI

    We are on Sage X3 v12 release R2 2021 (12.0.26) Version 90.26.63, running with ADMIN user on SEED folder.

    We have all the activity codes enabled including NPI, PJM and UML. but we cannot find any menu or functionality for the Product Design

    What is missing…

  • Le Club clients Sage X3 revient pour sa 6ème édition... Inscrivez-vous dès à présent.

    Rendez-vous le 16 juin pour la 6ème édition du club clients Sage X3, organisé dans un nouveau lieu à découvrir, dans l'enceinte de Roland Garros.

    Chers clients,

    Le Club clients X3, rendez-vous incontournable de…

  • Batch Server constant result 406 and consuming 100% CPU


    Sage X3 v12p25. All Sage X3 components match v12p25 specification.

    Sage X3's syracuse took over the whole CPU cores with this error repeating with multiple entries consistently. I have no idea on the case of what causing it to happen. This has…

  • Sage X3 2022R2 (12.0.30) has been posted (KB 115524)

    To access this download, log into and in the search field type 115524. Click Search.

    For a complete list of available Sage X3 full-product downloads and patch updates, see the Sage X3 Download Portal. To access the Sage X3…

  • I want to invoke New button

    I want to invoke the "+" (new) button programmatically so I can star a new page when I call a window through code.

    Can somebody help me?

  • Disponibilidad del parche: X3 2022 R2 (12.0.30)

    Producto: Sage X3

    Versión: V12

    Fecha: Mayo 2022

    Disponibilidad del parche: X3 2022 R2 (12.0.30)

    Los parches contienen las últimas actualizaciones para mejoras, estabilidad y rendimiento de su sistema, y se recomiendan para todos los clientes de…

  • Sage X3 2022 R2 (12.0.30) now available

    This delivery contains new platform features as the possibility to deploy Sage X3 without Apache, and to activate workflow email using Notification Server. 

    For more information on what's new  and changes to this release click here.  

    You can use the Test…

  • INFO : Version 12 : 2022 R2 (12.0.30) is now available

    Sage X3 2022 R2 (12.0.30) is now available. Please refer to the Sage X3 Latest Patches article for more details

    You can review the Sage X3 12.0.30 Release Notes here. Make sure you check the 'Changes' tab

    This delivery contains the following new…

  • Find Elimanated record

    Hello evrybody,

    In an intercompany flow, when the sales invoice is produced, the purchase invoice is produced and referred on the sales invoice.

    However, there are some sales invoices that are not refered in the purchase invoice.

    Within the purchase…

  • Default quantity


    Please, how could I put the quantity requested to be 1 automatically as you get on the line.

    thanks to those who answer,


  • How are Expected Costs calculated in Sage X3?


    We are finding that it's become near impossible for us to Close and Cost our work orders prior to our shipments. We run on average costs. To ensure our actuals are close to the expected, does anyone have a breakdown on how Expected Costs are calculated…

  • How to register city names that contains strange character as "ñ", "á" or others?

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to register a spanish city called A Coruña in the customer file but it does not register properly.

    Sage X3 identifies everything but this character "Ñ". Same happens with others character as "á", "Í" or others.…

  • Sage X3 Partner Expert Workshops Sessions scheduled - May 2022

    Sage X3 Expert Workshops have been added in SageU. Seats are limited, be sure to sign up today!
    Elevate your skills by attending new Expert Workshops delivered by the Center of Excellence team.
    May Expert Workshops:
  • Gestão das cobranças duvidosas no Sage X3

    O apuramento de faturas vencidas e o respetivo lançamento de imparidades e dívidas incobráveis, otimiza a gestão das empresas!
    Preparámos um eBook que o/a irá ajudar a parametrizar o Sage X3 para o apuramento…
  • Formação CIUS-PT via EDI - Emissão de faturas eletrónicas no Sage X3

    A partir de 1 de julho de 2022, todas as empresas fornecedoras da Administração Pública e as entidades públicas cocontratantes ao abrigo do CCP, estarão obrigadas a emitir faturas eletrónicas.
    O CIUS-PT surge…
  • Nueva versión del Add-on SII V1.13 (05/04/22)

    Con fecha 05/04/2022 se ha publicado la actualización del Add-on del SII V1.13 para clientes X3 y no X3 para la versión 11.

    Para más información consultar la documentación incluida en el Add-on.


    contacta con…

  • Sage X3 V11 Patch P22 is now available for download on our ftp site

    Mandatory components:

    • Syracuse Server 11.30

    Recommended components:

    • VT Web Server 2.40.1
  • Apple operating systems and Sage X3

    Hello all,

    I am the MIS manager for my company and have recently run into an issue with Apple devices and Sage X3. We have both Windows and Apple running in our environment. Our Apple users started reporting numerous fatal errors on their MacBook and…

  • Record Print options greyed out

    After posting payment, the record print option is greyed out only the list button is active. I need help.

  • Disponibilidad del Hotfix para la generación del Modelo 303

    Fecha 24/03/2022

    Este hotfix corrige las incidencias de acumulación del Modelo 303

    Debe ser instalado sólo en la Release 2022 R1 (12.0.29). No es válido para versiones anteriores de V12, por tanto, si necesitas disponer de él, deberás actualizar…

  • Formación activos fijos

    La semana que viene, los días 30 y 31 de Marzo por las mañanas realizaremos un taller online de gestión de Activos Fijos en Sage X3. Mortar board

    ¿Quieres aprender a gestionar los inmovilizados desde la compra del bien hasta la contabilización…

  • misc issue how to link an transaction entry or a transaction group to an analytical dimension?

    Currently we do misc issues of stock for multiple reasons

    Stock Adjustment, R&D, Scrap, Clinical trials etc. all these reasons are pointing to an account using a customization of the journal STKIS.

    I would like to go 1 step further and link each Transaction…

  • Sage X3 Partner Expert Workshops Sessions scheduled - April 2022

    Sage X3 Expert Workshops have been added in SageU. Seats are limited, be sure to sign up today!

    Elevate your skills by attending new Expert Workshops delivered by the Center of Excellence team.

    Below are scheduled classes through end of April, including…