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  • Payment Screen (BP AMOUNT) search bar not working

    Hello All,

    Happy new year.

    Please i notice on payment screen E.g Bank transfer - if i try to search for a transaction using amount field i get an error message. 

    Please kindly find screen shot below..

    Please help.

    Thank you.

  • Formações Sage X3 | Janeiro

    Temos disponíveis para janeiro as seguintes formações em Sage X3:

    • Working with Sage X3 and Web Scheduling •
    Lista de espera…

  • Formações à medida • Maximize o potencial da sua equipa!

    A Formação à medida é uma excelente opção para colmatar as necessidades de formação da sua equipa!

    Através da Formação à Medida, beneficia de:

    • formações específicas…
  • Report Stock Inventory -stock By site report

    D:\Sage\SAGEX3V7\X3V71\folders\TEST\TRT\WGWMSFCSTD.adx : File Non-existent

    How to resolve this error.


  • How to default the start and end date for reports

    In this blog, we will look at how to setup default start and end dates for reports. This "default" option is useful to save you time when running a lot of reports which will have the same start and end dates. The default start and end dates can still…

  • Field error "Reversal date" Change of fiscal year prohibited

    Good Morning, 

    We are getting an error message when we try to set the reversal date to 01/01/2021. (The accounting date is 12/31/2020).

    This is only happening to some of our journal entries. 

    Would anybody be able to tell me why this error message is triggering…

  • INFO: New content added to the Knowledgebase in December 2020

    New content added to the Sage X3 Knowledgebase. 

    To improve Sage X3 customers and partners' support experience, we are continuously updating and adding new content to the X3 Knowledgebase. 

    The Knowledgebase includes articles as well as how-to guides.


  • Changed AX3 Data Type from 30 to 140 Character but saving only 80 characters.

    Changed AX3 Data Type from 30 to 140 Character but saving only 80 characters.Also updated Data Dictionary 

    Table/View/Screen/Generated Screen.

    How this issue will be resolved.

  • Connect Existing DB Server to Brand New App Server

    Has anyone had to create a new V11 (or really any version) application server and connect it to an existing SQL Database server? Assume we don't have access to the old app server (although we might).

    I have some ideas, but I'd like to know how others…

  • upgrade Web_Scheduling_2016_SP9_UP4_1 issues (web service stopped)

    I am upgrading the new version of SedApta Web Scheduling,all installation procedures are fine and no error messages.

    Restart the VM and logon Web Scheduling with MODX3, it pops up " Unable to reach Web Scheduler Service, check Web.config connection…

  • While adding a bank account under BP accounting tables; error No interface code: XXX bank without treasury interface tracking

    When creating a Bank account under Common data->BP accounting tables I face the following error "No interface code: RLB06 Bank without treasury tracking"
    and I can't move away from this warning error and I can't add the Bank account.
    I have created the bank account under accounts…

  • Delete Sage X3 Folders you no longer use

    You may find yourself in a situation where you need to restore Sage X3 Folder data on a test server. In my case, the server already had a test Folder that was no longer required so to keep things tidy and to avoid a shortage of disk space I needed to…

  • Flash End of Life - Now what Part 2

    The following patches and hotfixes are available for download on our ftp site.  If you cannot find any hotfix mentioned in this blog, you can reach out to us using the normal support channel.

    Let me acknowledge  Stephanie Belasco who is the original author…

  • Sage X3 Webservice Call with javascript has been blocked by CORS policy (Cross Origin Ressource Calling).


    My client uses Sage X3 and has set up webservices so i can send data to Sage.

    I'm currently using javascript (with the jQuery library) and using an ajax call to send data to the Sage webservice.

    The problem is that the Ajax query is blocked…

  • Supplier BP Invoices (GESBIS) - Index incorrect issue on Sage X3 2020R4 (V12 patch 24)

    A critical issue on the Supplier BP Invoices (GESBIS) has been found on the release 2020R4.
    When we try to enter more than 20 lines, we face the error message below:

    SUBBIS$adx (558) Error 8 : Index Incorrect PURTYP(20)

    The problem has been fixed for Release…

  • Time to tidy up?

    With many of us coming up into a holiday period, this may give some of you an opportunity to do some housekeeping and maintenance on your Sage X3 systems.  If so, then where should you start?

    Luckily help is at hand, as I have attached my “Housekeeping…

  • Error during importing of large Sales Invoice data (@X3.TRT/ASYRSUB$adx (602) Error 50)

    Hi All,

    I am experiencing an intermittent error when importing large Sales Invoice files.

    During import the following error will be produced: @X3.TRT/ASYRSUB$adx (602) Error 50 : Function not defined for the value given ERR

    Thereafter, all invoices…

  • Formação Sage X3 • Year-end Processing

    Temos preparada para a próxima segunda-feira, dia 07 de dezembro, uma sessão de formação, onde terá a oportunidade de ver como usar os recursos e como aplicar os procedimentos para efetuar com sucesso o fecho de ano no Sage X3.…
  • Sage X3 Support: Installing the Microsoft Excel add-in

    Did you know Sage X3 has an accompanying Excel add-in that you can use to export data from grids in Sage X3 into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet? In this blog, I will run through the steps involved in installing the add-in and using it for a simple export…

  • Sage X3 Warehousing (GEODE) v12.0.24 has been posted (KB 108059)

    To access this download, log into and in the search field type 108059. Click Search.

    For a complete list of available Sage X3 full-product downloads and patch updates, see the Sage X3 Download Portal. To access the Sage X3 Download…

  • Sage X3 Enablement Webinar- Serial Number Traceability- 3rd December 2020


    Serial Number Traceability- Virtual Session


    Dear Sage X3 Consultant

    Please join us for a 45 minute session covering Serial Number Traceability

    Date: 3rd December 2020 

    Time: 10:30 am 

    Duration: 45 minutes

    Presenters: Andrew Vito & Alfred Nhira…

  • Erradic termination of webclient sessions after undefined times of user inactivity.

    Running Sage X3 V12, we are facing problems on all browser and computer platforms: while having open a user session running on any browser or network, useres get kicked out suddenly after a certain inactivity with varying duration.

    After cklick message…

  • Hyperlink to X3 Function from MS Office


    I am trying to understand why I cannot access an X3 function and (and record) from within a MS Office application.

    The hyperlink works when typed directly on the browser. It works from within my reporting application (SSRS). But it does not work…

  • U.S. and Canada: New and improved: Sage Knowledgebase for Sage X3

    Sage Knowledgebase (Sage KB) just got a major redesign—complete with an updated interface and additional features.   

    What’s new?
    In addition to a cleaner look and easier navigation, the improved Sage KB now offers:

  • Workflow Action Update fields

    I need assistance developing this workflow. 

    What I'm trying to accomplish:

    When a customer return is created, I need the workflow to look at a TSICOD(1) and if it = 003, I need to update the lines of that return.

    The trigger works, so I can assume…