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  • Download reports from the library

    Created by Sage Experts, the Report Library offers a range of downloadable reports that you can add to your software. You can even view a preview of the report before you download to make sure it gives you what you need.

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  • Sage Report Library

    Did you know that all customers with a Sage Cover membership can download reports and layouts from our standard Report Library?

    Our guide explains how to access these free additional reports. To help you decide which report or layout to use, we've included…

  • Running Profit Loss report with Department silos

    I am trying to get a report that shows each department to show up on the same report. So far, I can only choose from a drop down box and merges all the data. I want it broken out by department for my client. I believe in Sage 50n you could do this.


  • Calculate aging over time

    Where can I find the information I need to calculate customer aging over time? Usually when I get stuck I can copy something one of my predecessors did, but no one knows of any report like this previously. 

    I want to be able to show a sales person, for…

  • How to print TB for future year.


    The scenario is like this:

    The Financial year is Jan - Dec 2021 while the transaction that entered in the system is until Jan 2022. Note that the user is not yet create new year as the transaction of Dec 2021 is not yet completed. So, here, how to…

  • Include credit notes in supplier invoices due and overdue report


    I was wondering if it would be possible that credit notes could be picked up in the supplier invoices due and overdue report at all 

    i have included a screen shot of the report and the filter for the "type" as i am assuming this is what will need to…

  • Quantity on Sales Orders

    Hi, I have a number of similar assemblies on multiple different sales orders at the same time.  What I'd like is to make a report of all the individual components I need to order for them, but the problem is that all I see is the assemblies themselves…

  • Voided A/P Checks

    I just voided several checks for a vendor. How do I run a voided check report?

  • Leaver form P45 encryption report

    If Sage could add in the above report to payroll or even add a password protect option to the current P45 so the data is secure when sending via email. Possibly change from PDF format  to word document whatever makes it easier to encrypt.

    Many thanks Ri…

  • Renomer les états crystal report par numero de la piece


    je cherche la possibilté de renomer les états edités au lieu de garder le nom par défaut de cryctal report (Boncde2, Bonfactt2....),par nom de la piece ou le document (BL-xxx-yyy-aa)


  • Financial Statements fails to open in MS Office 2019 Pro Plus

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know a solution to this error when running G/L Financial Reporter to Print Financial Statements? We are using Sage 300 2022 and 32-bit MS Office 2019 Pro Plus on 64-bit Windows 10 Pro. I've enabled all macros and did a repair…

  • AP / AR Aging Report Shows Fully Applied Invoices


    When i run the aged trial balance it shows fully applied invoices and payments. It is matched already and customer wants to see only outstanding documents. Are there any way to remove all applied documents from aging reports.


  • Projects & Departments

    Hi All,

    I am after some advice. We currently use projects in SAGE 50 for costing purposes. We have, in the past had 5 or 6 projects (installation of different energy saving measures) under one contract for which we have separated out the costs & revenues…

  • External dashboards with Sage 100 Contractor?

    I am running Sage 100 Contractor and looking for an external dashboarding program that links into Sage 100 Contractor and pulls data automatically to update screens around the office.  Anyone doing anything like that with Sage 100?

  • Audit Report that identifies changes in bank details

    With so much fraud reported there is no way of easily checking if bank details have been amended in sage other than check each record manually against the last bank payment. A simple report that lists details of bank account changes would enable an audit…

  • Post Time & Date On Detailed Reports

    When running detailed reports it does not have a time and date of the report being ran, this makes it difficult to find which copy was an original and which is the "edited" version if you need to run a correction.

  • Export Employee Information

    An option to export employee information to CSV or PDF to make it easy to view all EE information at once. 

  • How can I search for quantities sold of an inventory item for years past based on invoices?

    I am looking to get the numbers as shown in the History tab of an inventory item - but over a range of time and not just the last 12 months.

    A sales order report does not work for me because we do not always create a sales order for the items if we have…

  • Supplier Turnover figures

    When running the report for supplier turnover, subcontractors who are nett and pay CIS tax, as it is a credit note automatically produced on your system, it is deducted from the turnover figure. 

    We need subcontractor turnover figures to give to the insurance…

  • Past time to update Report & Forms Designer?

    Form and Report Designer are still stuck in the1980's as text based editors. Isn't it time to upgrade them to a graphical UI?

    I'd like to be able to import an image of a preprinted form on a non-printing layer. This would make text and field alignment…

  • Custom reports

    Hello, I wanted to check if possible to have one report that has all information on the  Purchase order such as : (Good thru date, invoice date and when PO processed as well if possible all of the information from the "Purchase Order List" report and add…

  • Did you know that we have a library of reports that were not originally included with Sage BusinessWorks?

    Reports have been customized by Sage Customer Support Analysts and available to download and import into your software.  There is a list of available reports in our Customized User Reports Library. This article has links for our customized reports for General…

  • Revamp all the reports within Sage and the Advance report Library

    Over the last couple of years we have seen Post Grad Loan & Holiday changes done but customized reports to help report his is missing. Could do with making new ones and updating old ones.

  • custom report columns not lining up after update

    Hey Everyone,

    I updated to version from version 19.8 recently.  Everything was going well until I tried to run a custom form/report....My columns are all out of place could anyone give me some guidance please.

    Thank You!

  • P11d (b) Class 1A liability report for Payrolled benefits

    As payrolling benefits becomes more popular, can I please ask that a report to show the Class 1A liability due is considered.

    The only way currently to avoid a manual calculation is to use P11d software but that means inputting all the details again which…