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  • Monthly reports for Employer Liability

    Posting a suggestion from a customer - he runs payroll weekly for his employees and wants to be able to get reports of his monthly liability costs, rather than reports based on the weekly pay runs. This was a feature previously available in Instant Payroll…

  • Writing a formula in a report - Report Designer

    I am hoping that someone can assist me with this issue?

    In the past I have written a formula/calculation in a report, to "convert" info and return it to the report.

    It was something like this:


  • Reporting

    Hi everyone,

    1.  We are not happy with the standard Customer reports in Sage 

    I have had a look at Sage Intelligence reporting, but this only reports on the financials (Profit & loss and the Balance sheet) in various lay-outs - nothing on sub-modules such…

  • Third-Party Reporting/Analytics Connection

    Unfortunately both Sage Intelligence and the Business Cloud built-in reports aren't flexible enough for our cash flow forecasting and financial reporting needs, and we really need to be able to pull our data into a third-party reporting tool so we can…

  • Find the report you need, fast

    Your Sage 50cloud Accounts software has hundreds of great reports available, showing a wide range of information to help you run your business.

    With our Which report guide you can quickly pinpoint the report you need. Simply enter what you're looking…

  • Looking for a report?

    Payroll has hundreds of great reports available  to show a wide range of information to help you run your business. Use our great tool to find the exact one you need!

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  • Looking for a report?

    Payroll has hundreds of great reports available  to show a wide range of information to help you run your business. Use our great tool to find the exact one you need!

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  • Scheduling & Emailing Reports

    Does anyone have ideas (including 3rd party integrations) for scheduling reports to be emailed? For example, we would love to be able to receive a weekly transactions report by account so we can stay on top of them and make sure we've been allocating…

  • Bulk/Quick Updates of Analysis Codes

    Hello! We are a nonprofit and recently migrated from Pastel to Business Cloud Accounting at the beginning of 2021. At the time, we didn't know much about analysis codes and hadn't set them up. Because of our different departments, we desperately need…

  • Tip - How to find the right report...

    Sage 50cloud Accounts has hundreds of great reports available  to show a wide range of information to help you run your business.

    With so many reports to choose from, we've released a great new service that finds the best report for you!

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  • Can't Reset User's Password in SEI

    Received a request from a user that he could no longer access his account nor reset his password. Upon attempting to reset the password myself, I received the error message below: "Cannot reset password for an active directory user"

    I believe…

  • Employer Monthly Liability report

    To report on the totals for Tax (PAYE), Universal Social Charge (USC) and social insurance (PRSI) on a monthly or quarterly basis, you need to use the Employer Monthly Liability report.

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  • Help in Setting and amending a report

    please could anybody help me set up this report?

    Covid has played havoc with my brain and I need simple instructions. Step by step kind.

    I am using Sage 50 Cloud Accounts uk.

    I’m wanting to set up a new report with the following information shown on…

  • How do you create a report for Work Center Capacity Variation

    I'm trying to create a report so that the maintenance team can see how many "variations" they have scheduled across multiple work centers.

    the table CAPVAR is not at all structured like the grid in the work center page.  Does anyone have a…

  • Import report to include updating Annual Pensionable pay and Effective from date

    Within the Pensions tab for the Annual Pensionable pay and Effective date to have an import report where these fields can be updated globally. At present these have to be done individually and when there are global changes ie annual pay global increase…

  • Sage Intelligence's integration for Sage 50 CA is being retired

    Sage 50cloud is retiring the Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud solution on May 3, 2021. Keep in control of your business financials with a library of reports available within Sage 50cloud Canadian Edition.

    IMPORTANT: Effective May 3, 2021, Sage Intelligence…

  • Printing error for all folders including X3 folder

    Can someone please advise on how to fix the error below. it appears every time I try to print reports (Custom and Standard).

    error | Job 4 - ERR 262 from the publishing server: The connection to the file server has failed.

  • T&M reports

    I have a large project I am billing T&M.   I've been pulling reports from 6/1/4 thinking they would be the same as the T&M summary or journal.   Turns out there is a difference.  Can anyone tell me why these reports would not pull the same for…

  • Can someone give functionality, ease of use and pricing comparisons between Sage Intelligence and Libery reports when working with/from Sage 100 Contractor- Thanks

    I am a long time user of Sage 100 Contractor (formerly Master Builder).  I need more flexibility in data reporting from the system.  I have read that Sage Intelligence Reporting and Liberty Reports are two add-in options.  If you have experience with either…

  • Sage Payroll - Report Designer, how to?

    Hi if anyone can assist..

    I have taken the Analaysis of Employee Payments reports and save it as my own and changed which payments it picks up.

    How do you reduce the output of the report so it only gives you any of the payment details with a value ONLY…

  • Tracking VPO's

    I am looking for an efficient way to track VPO's on individual jobs and pull reports on many jobs to see where the overages are in the budget based on Variance purchase orders. For example if our company is spending alot of money on trucking over and…

  • Check Register Report - Voided Skipped Checks

    I ran a check register report today dated for 01/01/2021-03/25/2021 and it showed a lot of voided skipped check numbers, but also showed that same check number with a vendor and a dollar amount (which is correct).  Back on our 2/19/2021 check run we had…

  • Report Designer frequently asked questions - March 2021

    We've gathered the common questions you're asking us about reporting and Report Designer in March 2021.  This includes:

    • Adding reverse charge messages to your layouts.
    • Issues emailing documents.
    • Finding the best report in your software

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  • Pulling Calculated Values from One Report or Data Model Into another for further calculations.

    I have 2 different reports one is a Statement of Financial Position while the other is an Income statement, how can I get calculated fields value from my Income Statement Into my Statement of Financial Position noting that the IS has it's Data Model just…

  • Report Designer exporting Data to excel query


    When I export a bespoke report to 'Data to excel' the data columns are not in the correct order:


    Column G - PaymentAnalysis.Desc2

    Column H - PaymentAnalysis.Desc4

    Column I - PaymentAnalysis.Desc6

    Column J - PaymentAnalysis.Desc10

    Column k …