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  • Tanzania - New Workman's Compensation Fund rate effective 1 July 2022

    The Workers Compensation (Payment of Tariffs) (Amendment) Regulations have been amended to reduce the Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) contribution rate from 0.6% to 0.5%.

    Click here to read more.

    This means that the contribution rate for the Private and…

  • Tanzania - New Workman's Compensation Fund rate effective 1 July 2022

    The Workers Compensation (Payment of Tariffs) (Amendment) Regulations have been amended to reduce the Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) contribution rate from 0.6% to 0.5%.

    Click here to read more.

    This means that the contribution rate for the Private and…

  • Updated Africa Tax Country Reports (Ghana and Malawi) & patch file for July 2022

    We have deployed a patch file on 4 July 2022 with an update on the following Africa Tax Country reports

    The following message currently displays on your subscription page: 

    Country Report Details
    Ghana Monthly PAYE Schedule This report is replacing…
  • Reports printing with smaller font in PDF


    When i try to print a report via PDF, the font is smaller than if i do it directly to a printer.

    I don't know why this happens, the report is the same for the 2 options. Shouldn't the final document be the same for the 2 options?


  • Pending Leave report

    Anyone built a report that shows upcoming pending leave from ESS?

    Looking for solutions


  • Report Designer help

    Hi All 

    I am trying to amend the invoices and credits by customer report so that it shows the carriage charge invoiced. 

    I have added the expression to calculate the carriage charge which it has done but i notice that if the invoice has more than one line…

  • How to add Word Merge on other objects?

    Hi Everyone

    Currently the Word Merge functionality is available on Sales Quotes. I would like to be able to add this functionality to other objects ie Purchase Orders as the customer requires multiple documents to be created from X3 (but editable by…

  • Security Vulnerability fix for CVE-2018-8269? ('Microsoft.Data.OData' Denial of Service Vulnerability)

    Sage 50 appears to be using an older version of in it's latest release (2022.2), which makes it vulnerable to a Denial of Service attack. 

    Is there any plan for an upgrade to v5.8.4 or higher?

    Location: c:\program files (x86…

  • factura

    Hola buenas noches, después de dos años trabajados con sage 50 necesito unas mejoras de edición de factura y albarán, al hacer un albaran o factura y luego imprimirala veo que salen muy pocos articulos y enseguida pasa a una segunda hoja, quiero que respete…

  • Modificar plantilla Factura Venta Sage Report Desingner

    Buenos días,

    Somos nuevos en Sage 50 y estamos intentando modificar la plantilla de facturas de venta para adaptarla a nuestras necesidades. Hemos hecho varios cambios correctamente, pero hay dos opciones que queremos incluir y no sabemos como…

  • Report DE-GLGRP: Add field for tax code

    Add a field by default for the VAT / tax code of the journal entry lines (GACCENTRYD, field TAX) in the report DE-GLGRP (GL journal account details). This is a must have for many users.

  • Print Historical P11D's for one employee

    Is there a way to print P11D reports for an individual Employee? Has anyone been able to do this?

    Struggling to find the best way to do this especially as the data may not be viewed by older versions of the software. 

  • Financial Report UI is different between Microsoft 365 and older version of Office Excel

    Hi all, 

    my customer is generating financial report from Sage 300 web app as excel file and open it on Microsoft 365. However, the alignment is wrong. All the debit values in red color appears in Credit column.

    When opening it on old version of Office…

  • Depreciation Rate

    Hello All,

      Please i need your help on Depreciation.How to capture depreciation Rate when acquiring new assets .Please help this is urgent

  • How to prevent report overwrite with sandbox?

    Hi all,

    I have this situation below.

    I generate new sandbox to send to customer. In the sandbox, I have few reports, lets say Report A, B, and C. Report A and B is not modified on this sandbox. So lets say report A and B is version 1. I only modified…

  • Sales Invoice report stuck when printing for some users


    Since this past Friday Dec 17 2021 we have started to experience a weird behaviour where for some users the SBONFACP Report generated via printing on (Sales >> Sales Invoice) does not print out to PDF, it remains showing the progress bar moving and…

  • Códigos QR dinámicos en informes

    Buenas tardes,

    ¿Hay alguna posibilidad de generar un código QR con el contenido del campo de una tabla o de un campo calculado?

    Supongo que al igual que para los informes del Ticket BAI, sage lo ha tenido que implementar, podría liberar…

  • How to do styling with Sage.Accounting.Reporting?

    Hi all,

    on one of my report, I need to do get the column header and its value dynamically. So now, I need to generate the header by coding. But now the header is plain and default font. I would like to do styling on the header. How to do font styling…

  • Automatic/Periodic Export of Reports to a folder

    Sage 200 reports can be exported to CSV manually and saved to a folder.
    Is it possible to automate this process say once a day?
    As we have another piece of software that consumes the CSVs from Sage.

  • Finding the report you need....

    Sage 50cloud Accounts has hundreds of great reports available  to show a wide range of information to help you run your business.

    With so many reports to choose from, we've released a great new tool to make it even easier to pin down the report you need…

  • Reports, reports, reports...Fixed Assets

    Hi Guys, 

    So following on from our recent blog post on Reports in the General Accounting prints/group, we will be continuing in the series with the Fixed assets reports.  This can be located as below:

    Take a look at the table below, showing you all…

  • Report Design: Report detail area (gray box) ghosting (duplicating itself) in report

    What caused, or how can I prevent, the gray box (report detail area) in the report form from duplicating itself (ghosting), usually in the bottom right side of the report when the report is run. First thought is there is another gray box, even just a…

  • Sage Report variables

    Buenos dias,

    Existe alguna variable que nos de la suma de todos los impuestos de la fra?. Solo encuentro el total Base y el Total Documento. Si no existe, ùedo calcularlo de alguna manera a través de la diferencia de los dos valores mencionados?…

  • Más artículos en albarán y factura

    Buenos días,

    Acabamos de empezar a utilizar Sage 50, venimos de F+ y C+.

    Tenemos papel preimpreso tanto de facturas como de albaranes, con nuestros datos de empresa, logo y cuadros para los diferentes conceptos que hay en la factura. El problema…


    Hi, has anyone designed a report which can show Aged Creditors including Later Payments?  This is not available in the software under reports.