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  • Include the Ability to Copy Personal Preferences

    Personal Preferences are stored in the PREFS.XML file and are usually found in the main Timeslips folder on a workstation's local drive.  The initial setup of preferences in a multi-user environment is both tedious and clumsy.

    Please put a button in…

  • Slip Entry Preferences

    Hello fellow Sage citizens =)

    I've been trying to move the Client Field down under the Task Field on the Slip Entries. I see the field physically moving where I want it to it doesn't stick. I've also tried saving it under PREFS but it still goes back…

  • PREFS.PFS file location questions

    Running Timeslips 2016, server/workstation configuration.

    The PREFS.PFS file is stored on the workstation in C:\Program Files (X86)\TIMESLIPS.  This location requires administrator priveliges to access and save changes.  As a result, all my users…

  • Setting a DLL to be the default "Log me in to" screen.

    A customer had the need to use a DLL to bring together and display data as the first screen that the user saw when they logged on into Sage CRM.

    Below is a simple screen shot that shows a DLL built using the Sage CRM .NET API as the first screen a user…

  • Allowing a User to Control their own language, location and other settings

    A customer had a requirement for their users to be able to control some additional preferences.

    In Sage CRM most user preferences are held in the usersettings table. These are the settings that control the way in which CRM information is displayed…

  • Extending the DefaultToDo options

    One of the nice features that exists in Sage CRM is the ability for a user to set their own preferences for the opening screen the user is shown when they logon. This is the field "Log Me In To" in the preferences screen.

    A user can logon to…

  • Controlling List Size in ASP Pages

    How can we override the User grid size preference for a custom list on ASP pages?

    You may have seen that there is a List block property called RowsPerScreen

    ListBlock.RowsPerScreen = 5;

    On the face of it, this should allow us to change the list size…

  • Switch order of fields on slip entry


    I would just like to know if it's possible to switch the order of the fields in the slip entry window. I want to put the client field before the task. I've tried to do this by clicking preferences in the slip entry window and clicking slip…