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  • How can I purge the records from the Performance Index function (AIOBENCH)

    Hopefully you all know about and use the "Performance index" (AIOBENCH) feature to monitor your system performance.  (Development, Utilities, Verifications, Performance index)

    Whilst it is useful to be able to review the old data as a comparison…

  • Sage 50 Pro Canada

    My company upgraded to Microsoft Edge, and my Sage program will not open. are there any fixes?

  • Slow Performance After Upgrading to Sage 100 2022

    Recently upgraded Sage 100 from 2019 to the 2022 version. A 5 to 7 User system.  Users have been 'complaining' that the system is slower than what was experienced in the previous version. Example interactive response times in areas such as Sales Orders…

  • AccpacInfo Message : "Can't open InfoFile"

    Hi all,

    I keep getting this message when I try to Get Info from AccpacInfo.exe.

    "Can't open InfoFile"

    How can I fix this error?


  • Sage 300 loading slow to open form screen

    Hi all,

    today my client's user is experiencing slow loading to open Sage 300 desktop screens. It was fine previously but started to get slow in the past few days.

    How do I solve this?

    Thank you

  • Failure to renew subscription

    I receive information that our subscription renewal was not push through. I need help to check reason so we can settle the issue

  • Sage 50 keeps randomly kicking people off

    My Sage 50 US Edition keeps kicking people off at random times of the day, multiple times a day. We get common errors like 3110 or File system error number 96 in file. I don't understand why this happening. We are constantly having to just log back and…

  • Why are customers alerted when the system is down and when it comes back up?

    Why are customers alerted when the system is down and when it comes back up? Saturday 03-11-2023 was an unexpected outage and we all were left hanging with no support or acknowledgement. Customers we need to demand better than that from Sage. 

  • Remote data access kicks users out randomly


    In our environment, Sage 50c has been kicking my users off randomly. This happens multiple times per day with no warning. In most cases, users can get right back in and it appears that their session picks up without issue. However, the more these…

  • 'Save As' window panel suddenly Changed.

    Suddenly having a problem with my 'Save As' navigation panel. Normally the window displays the typical navigation panel displaying the split screen and the main file names on the left, while the individual files are displayed in main part of the…

  • Sage 100 Client kicks me out

    Has anyone experience with the Sage 100 client it just kicks you off and closes application? I has happened to me in the past and today I've been kicked out with no warning or error. 

    Just looking how to troubleshoot if it keeps happening today...

  • Persistent connection to Sage BOI with PHP?

    Our company is working on a locally hosted PHP web-server that connects with our local Sage 100 instance for our internal use. So far it's working pretty well, but it takes about 10 seconds to open up a session in Sage 100 with the BOI and execute a script…

  • Unable to Authorize Your Credential

    I have Sage 50 Quantum Accounting (Accountants Edition). I was logged in last night and shut down as normal. I cannot get in today. I keep getting an error saying "We are unable to authorize your credentials." All the companies I access in it are shared…

  • We are unable to authorize your credentials

    Why am I getting this message and can’t use my program ? 

  • Ship-to address not "sticking" on sales order form

    A \ client has been reporting for some time that, when they print a sales order with a different ship-to address than the default for the customer. the ship-to on the order changes back to the default, and then inserts that default ship-to address in the…

  • We re-upgraded to Sage 2023 last night. Here's the latest info.

    Original Post: We looked at printing quarterly reports today and we aren't getting our 2023 tax forms. Contacted Sage and they won't help us because 2022 is no longer supported. We're done with Sage. We are not going to put up with this anymore. 2023…

  • Error on SAGE HRMS

    any idea why i have these error on Sgae  HRMS and how can i resolve it.

    i am not very fmiliar with software and it is reported to my by some of my clients

  • Can't open new Sage file

    Yesterday I created a new Sage file for a new client... nothing special or unsual... a simple sole proprietorship looking to handle payroll for three employees.

    This morning I realized I needed to have the Sage file I just created moved to another location…

  • The "Creating Local Data Caches" process is broken. Can we get it removed?

    Is this where we give suggestions for product changes?

    The "Creating Local Data Caches" process started pulling in the records from syaudit after the Q4 update and now runs twice. It builds, finishes and then rebuilds. For one company that has…

  • Sage Not Loading customer list in shared environment

    It happening often. I load sage and find customer list empty. I have to close and re-open.

  • Trying to issue an invite for new user

    I have invited users for our accountant to have access before and never had an issue.  I am trying to add another and I keep getting a message that says the email is invalid, but it is a good address.  So they gave me another email to try, this one appeared…

  • Clarification on Payroll Subscription cancellation


    My client has received some conflicting information from Sage regarding cancelling their subscription including payroll that I would like to clarify.

    After a client cancels their Sage 300 subscription and  the software is in read-only mode can they…

  • Produits


    Je suis une technicienne comptable et j'ai quelques clients que je fais leur comptabilité d'entreprises, j'aimerais savoir quel produit est le mieux pour ma situation?

  • How about not outsourcing or replacing your QA department with paying Sage customers?

    Your paying customers must not be your QA department, and if that is your position/marketing strategy, how about we get credit toward the renewal for every hour we spend installing>reinstalling>installing your new release.

    Have the developers test…

  • Error 31: No more memory available, when conversion Sales Order to Delivery.


    As per title.

    Server Type: Single-tier, X3 v12p32 for demo use

    vCPU: 4, Intel Xeon Silver tier

    Memory provided: 16 GB, 8 GB locked to SQL Server.

    SEED folder details (using defaults).

    User list: Assume 10 at peak.

    When doing:

    sales Quote > Pro…