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  • Error 504 - Missing Parameters - Stored Procedure

    I have a stored procedure and crystal report I created.  I have reviewed the permissions on the stored procedure and the schema.  When I run the report in PILOT and also in PRODUCTION, I get the same message:

    Job 47636 - ERR 504 coming from the edition…

  • Max Ship-To Addresses Reached?

    My company has encountered an issue where we can no longer enter any new Ship-To addresses for our account. It seems Sage X3 (v7 patch 8) sets a limit at 200 ship-to addresses per BP.

    ^200 Address Limit vs 1 Address^

    Is there a parameter I can change…

  • Sage 2017 PU 2 Crystal Report parameter values do not display for Citrix users

    With the switch to remote this client's users are connecting via Citrix from home. Things are working in general. However, when we run a Crystal Report from the Sage desktop or a report that we have customized (the AR Aging report) and that Crystal report…

  • Button to go to receipting from Order Screen

    Is it possible to add a button on the purchase order screen to allow the user to receipt?

    Or even pass the values from the order screen to the receipt screen so they can receipt without having to dig out the supplier number and site etc?

  • Sage CRM 2021: Reading additional custom parameters using the Client Side API.

    In the article "Passing an additional parameter to a .NET dll or ASP page from tab and buttons."

    I discussed how you can add additional flags to URLs. These additional parameters may also be added to URLs when a page is redirected or as a button…

  • Sage CRM 2021: Using additional parameters passed from a tab or button in a .NET application extension.

    It is possible to pass an additional parameter from a tab or a button. Please see the article "Passing an additional parameter to a .NET dll or ASP page from tab and buttons".

    This article will consider two different approaches that for using…

  • Sage CRM 2021: Passing an additional parameter to a .NET dll or ASP page from tab and buttons.

    It is possible to pass an additional parameter from a tab or a button. The allows a developer to use a single main entity point within the application extension which can then use the extra parameter as a flag to cause Sage CRM to process the page differently…

  • Making the Best Use of a component Parameter Screen

    If you have created a set of customizations for Sage CRM the probably you do not want to spoil the users experience by presenting an empty parameter screen when a System Administrator comes to install the product.

    For example the System Administrator…

  • Passing Parameters and Automatic Logons

    Some time ago I wrote an article "Passing Parameters Directly to CRM on Startup".

    The example I gave in that post was a URL that could be sent to someone in an email. The URL hyperlink when followed would prompt the user for a log in and then…
  • Creating a report based on a view using parameters


    i have created a report based on a view. The where clause of the view containts a fixed value. for ex : where QtyDays = 5 and ...

    Our customer wishes that the fixed value becomes variable and act like a parameter.

    My tought was to create a…

  • How to link Parameter Codes to Equity Codes?

    Firstly confirm which Parameter codes are selected to be used for Equity reporting as per setup on Equity Analysis Code Link tab.

    Navigate to;

    Expand                     Company Management
    Double-click on         Company
    Double-click on         the applicable Company
    Click on                     Equity Information…

  • Passing a parameter to Crystal Reports using a button script

    Hi All,

        I have created a new report that is launched from a button script.  I have one thing left to accomplish & the syntax is killing me.   Several things to get "out of the way", this is being done is Sage 2015 Premium.  What we have wound…

  • Custom Crystal 11 Parameters

    We have a number of Custom reports that require some user paramaters to be inputted for selection criteria. these reports was originaly written in crystal 8 and accpac 5.4 over the years the reports has been updated without an issue and even the change…