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  • Paperless error message

    I am getting the following error message from Paperless when I try to resend an invoice using that module:

    (I've changed the names of the email addresses for privacy purposes)

    Error on 'SendMail'.



        DllDate: Jan 19 2…

  • Paperless Office Slow

    We are experiencing extreme lag when posting Journal and Daily Transaction Registry. This has slowed significantly in the last couple of months and would seem to be tied to Paperless / Adobe PDF. Our Test Company environment without paperless office is…

  • Printer not activated Sage 2022 - Normal fix not working

    Hello.  We upgraded from Sage 2020 to Sage 2022 and we are receiving the usual printer not activated or can not process lock files, etc.  Error 30, etc.  We have seen this and resolved many times by going into PL_Advancedoptions_UI and uninstalling and reinstalling…

  • OAuth Login Screen, Office 365

    Hello all,

    I constantly get a popup to log into my account with microsoft every time I try to test the Oauth email settings. When I do actually try to log in, the page fails as seen in below screenshot. Everything is filled in on the company maintenance…

  • Sage 100 OAuth Password Prompt...every time!

    I have a Sage 100 end users that is a long time Office 365 user for emailing Paperless Office Documents out of Sage 100.  I am in the process of moving them to OAuth (we are Basic still in our Live Companies).  I had their IT Group perform Steps 1 and 2…

  • Does SAGE 100 offer paperless for SO Picking sheets

    In the SO module we currently use paperless Output Office for printing SO's and SO invoices. 

    Is there a way to use paperless for printing the picking sheet "Pick Sheet"?


  • Paperless Office

    We have paperless office setup and it works very well but the only thing is once in a while an invoice is not printed correctly and so it's not in the folder is there any automated way to go back and to grab missing invoices and have them reprint to the…

  • Auto-Saving JE's Not Available in Sage Paperless Office


    We use Sage 100 > DM2 which has some additional journals that are not available with the standard Sage 100 product and therefore are not options to auto-save in the Journal and Registers Maintenance module. Is it possible using a user-defined script…

  • Customer Statement Emailing

    Hello All,

    I was wondering if there is a module that allows you to email statements to customers using the email already used in their respective customers account.. I'm sure this is an option somewhere, but i cannot find where. 



  • AES encryption in Payroll Paperless

    Does anyone have any documentation or support for the following question?

    Our IT group is asking this prior to allowing our us to send out  payroll DD stubs using Sage Paperless Office. The PDFs are marked to use the SSN as the password

    'For the attachments…

  • International Paperless Office Emails

    I have two end users that often email Purchase Orders Internationally...both to China.  On occasion both end users are unable to send their email, they get the long/cryptic Paperless Office error that ends with:

    Failed to read beginning of SSL/TLS record…

  • Paperless Office Email from AR Invoice History Printing Report through BOI


    I have an issue with automating invoice emails through Paperless from the AR Invoice History Printing report. The code below works fine in my test environment but fails (without an error) in the target environment.

    My test environment is v20…

  • Paperless Office Email Button script - Show Electronic Delivery for Forms Window

    I created a button script that sends out a Sales Order Form via Paperless Office. We are not using the regular printing interface because the users don't have to select the form code, and we are also writing the print/send date to UDF.

    I built the…

  • AR Customer Statements Issue

    AR Customer Statements are printing / pdf / paperless delivering blank pages.  

    There is a documented "work around" for printing to do a crystal suppression formula... but that does not stop the "pdf all" or other paperless output options from doing blank…

  • VI job to change all customers for a sales person to email invoices - Paperless Delivery

    I am trying to figure out how to create a VI job to be able to change all of the customers for a sales person to email Sales Order & S/O invoices.  I've tried exporting AR_CustomerDocuments and AR_CustomerDocumentsContacts, but neither of those seem…

  • Is it possible to create records in AR_CustomerDocuments and AR_CustomerDocumentContacts via BOI?

    Hi forum folks and Happy Friday!

    I have a customer that would like to CC a specific inbox any time we send SO Invoices and orders via Paperless Office.  We have been doing this by adding this CC email to the "To Additional Email Addresses" Field under the…

  • In Paperless Journal & Register Viewer, what does the "Updated" designation "X" mean?

    v2019.3.  The help files only describe Y & N.

  • Setup Paperless AR Statement Delivery SOP

    Is there an SOP available to set up Paperless AR Statement Delivery only for specific customers?

  • Error code 30 PDF Terminal Server

    We continue to get "error code 30 printer not activated" on a terminal server 2018, WIN 10. We have manually installed the PDF converter with all boxes checked, and ran Regedit on HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software. We've turned off UAC and all users have read…

  • Paperless Office e-mails not sending after June 1st using Office365

    We have not been able to send any automatic paperless office e-mails (Customer Invoices, Payroll Stubs) since June 1st. Our e-mail configuration in Sage 100 uses as the mail server.  We have not changed anything with this setup since…

  • Paperless Office-Emailing Invoice and tracking to different email

    Hello All!  Sage 2019 ERP.......We have used Paperless office forever and had relatively no issues but I fear we are not using it to it's ability (like most of this product).  I'm wondering if I can do the following:  I have a customer number in…

  • Separate Payroll between Office and Field

    We recently switched from Sage 50 to Sage 100. We have our Office Manager run the field employees payroll and I do the office payroll. Our Resellers told us that we could separate the two payrolls. We did that in department Maintenance but the office…

  • Paperless Error

    I like to know if anyone had experienced this 

    I have to delete the record and re-enter the Record to fix.

  • HTML code in Paperless Office?

    Is it possible to insert HTML code in the ‘Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance’ window?  We would like a nicer landing page for the employee pay stubs. 

  • Email Invoices from Paperless Office with Attachments 2019


    We upgraded our client to Sage 100 2019 so that we can take advantage of the new feature that allows for additional attachments when emailing invoices with Paperless Office.  However, we are receiving a Chilkat error where everything seems fine until…