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  • Display numeric field with comma

    I have a panel that I have added to the company summary screen using a dummy field.

    The data comes from CRM and an external database.  All the fields have the type numeric.  It appears that when the panel is displayed, it is ignoring the numeric preferences…

  • Hiding Panels in System Screens in Sage CRM

    Screens like the Opportunity Summary, Case Summary and Company Summary page are divided into different panels. Much of the page layout in the current version is controlled by HTML Tables.

    CSS styles are used to format the display of the tables and their…

  • Add Custom Panels/Blocks to Case Summary Screen

    Looking for some advice on the best practice for adding panels/blocks to the Case summary screen (this would also apply to some other summary screens). The requirement is that the panels appear after the second panel (Details) and before the third panel…

  • Sage CRM 7.2: How to hide or remove 'Opportunity Total' panel from Opportunity Screen


    I have some trouble here. I'm not sure whether this question had been posted but I tried to search for it and I found nothing.

    From our client's requirement, they would like to remove 'Opportunity Total' panel from Opportunity Screen. …

  • Panel Settings > Customizer.

    What do you do to disallow users to be able to right click and launch this?

    I don't see it in Role choices.

  • Changing Color of Highlighted Text?


    Our users are having problems seeing the invoice number inside of Customer Maintenance when clicking on an invoice, and then clicking away. The invoice number is all white on a grey background..I know that I can change the color of the panel in…

  • Add UDF to Item Inquiry panel

    Hi all

    I created a UDF in the CI_ITEM table, i want to add that to the item_Maintenance panel, and item_inquiry panel.  i have three UDF's called catagory1, catagory2, catagory3 .    i tried to right click on the panel and selected customizer but nothing…

  • Customizer not displaying columns

    I am on customer inquiry screen, under the sales order tab. How can I see what table/field is being used for a column being displayed -- in this case, customer PO #.

    Reason for the request is because for some records on the sales order tab, the customer…