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  • Quickbooks Conversion Loading Error Message

    I am trying to convert companies from Quickbooks to Sage 50. When it reaches the Loading step I get into an endless loop of error messages saying that I must log into Quickbooks. I log in and then the company file is open in Quickbooks and I must close…

  • Dac Easy Conversion to Sage 50 HELP

    I have a support ticket in with Sage but have not been able to make any progress with the changeover and I need to make payroll checks.  Any suggestions or guidance on the move would be greatly appreciated. I am currently waiting to get the converted data…

  • Sage 2020 Company Will Not Convert to 2021

    I updated my Sage 50 server from 2020 to 2021, and converted all but one company just fine. I receive two errors:

    Sage 2021 Conversion Error


    Database Engine Unavailable

    The problems are that no one is currently accessing the company I'm trying to convert, and that the Actian PSQL service is indeed running…

  • Unable to open files error message "You have opened a company using Remote Data Access. You cannot convert this company file because you are not in single-user mode."

    I keep getting this error message when I try to open clients files "You have opened a company using Remote Data Access.  You cannot convert this company file because you are not in single-user mode."  However I never use anything but single user…

  • Problem with Sage 50 2008 -> Sage 50 2015.3 Pro -> Sage 50 2019 Pro file conversion


    I need to upgrade some Sage 50 2008 (Lancement B) files to Sage 50 Comptabilité Pro 2019. I realised I needed to upgrade to 2015.3 first, before upgrading from 2015.3 to 2019.…

  • Sage 50 Pro Accounting will not convert from Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2013

    Totally disappointed.

    I have been using this product since the Peachtree days 20+ years.  Never had need for all the bells and whistles of the upgrade every year.  Last I was using the Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2013 on a computer with Windows 7.  Finally…

  • Moving from Sage 50 Canada to Quickbooks Desktop Pro - How to do it?

    We have to switch from Sage 50 to Quickbooks in order to be compatible with another customer management program.  We are happy with Sage 50 but using Quickbooks will save us tons of re-entering data from one program to another.

    Are there instructions…

  • Important: correctif est disponible pour Sage 50 Comptabilité version 2020.1

    Cher/Chère client(e) Sage 50,

    Cela est un suivi sur notre publication du 31 décembre 2019 concernant la mise à jour 2020.1. Un correctif est maintenant disponible pour les utilisateurs qui ont installé la mise à jour 2020.1 et ont rencontré…

  • Converting from PT-2011 to Sage 50

    I need assistance to convert  company from Peachtree Complete 2011 to Sage premium 2020.  I read on forum about stair stepping but I don't have the 'in between software'.  

  • Important : Retard sur la sortie de la mise à jour de Sage 50 Comptabilité

    Cher/Chère client(e) Sage 50,

    Certains de nos partenaires du Réseau des Comptables de Sage et certains clients ont récemment rencontrés des problèmes lors de la mise à jour 2020.1 de Sage 50 Comptabilité. Nous avons donc temporairement arrêté les…

  • conversion data services from DacEasy 2015 to Quickbooks


    The company I'm working for has a number of management and other changes which has prompted us to move from DacEasy 2015 into the Quickbooks environment. Does anyone know of a company or person who can convert our data for us? Thanks!

  • Starting sole proprietorship set of books from corporation books

    I am dissolving my corporation and setting up a sole proprietor business.  I want to use the same accounts, customers and vendors.  I need to zero out the amounts in the income and expenses, but not the bank amounts, account receivable or payables.  I need…

  • TableExceptionC in Slip Templates and SQL error code = -303

    Seem to get his error a lot when working within Slip Templates, trying to delete them etc. 

    When we try to convert the database with these slip templates:

    Converting Slip Template table
    Slip Template Records 3..4271


  • Have Sage 50 2018, but my bookeeper seems to have a 2019 version and I can't open my files

    I bought the 2018 version and I can't open my files.  My bookeeper has the sage 50 cloud version which seems to be the earliest version.  I can only access my files from his version.  I've tried downloading the trial version 2015 and its still not working…

  • Data Conversion - Quickbook Pro 2018

    Is sage 50 - 2018's data conversion tool compatible with Quickbooks Pro 2018

  • 2018 conversion - Aatrix Qrtly reports not recognizing any payrolls processed before the conversion

    After conversion to 2018 Payroll the full quarter information is not being populated by Aatrix.  Only payrolls processed after the conversion

  • 2018 conversion - Earnings tab in Employee Maintenance - skipping qtr 1

    2 upgrades this week and in both cases, Qtr 1 was added into Qtr 2 in the Earnings tab - Qtr 1 is blank.  WAD?  Bug?

  • Sage 50 2017.x expired; looking at Sage One?


    We've been using Sage 50 workstation for a few years now and the time has come to renew for another year at a cost of about $700. This is when I noticed that Sage offers a "Sage One" online product. I've searched some Sage sites and Knowledge base…

  • Converting Company File from Premium 2011 to Premium 2018

    I've read somewhere that I need to convert the file using a 2015 Trial Version of the US Premium Accounting but I'm unable to locate this anywhere! Can someone please help!!

  • Convert from 2011 Peachtree to 2017 Sage 50

    I am trying to upgrade a client from 2011 Peachtree Complete Accounting to Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2017 and I keep getting an error message that it cannot convert the files.  I have tried restoring from the 2011 .ptb file but then when I try to open the…

  • Installation & mise à jour

    Comment installer Sage 50 2020:

    • Comment installer la nouvelle version de Sage 50 (mise à niveau manuelle) ?
    • Comment effectuer une installation silencieuse de Sage 50?
    • Comment installer Sage 50 – Édition Canadienne

    Lien de Téléchargement…

  • New Company Conversion from Quickbooks keeps failing

    Looking for advice/help on assisting a Client’s Bookkeeper on a Quickbooks to Sage 50 Conversion.



    Here is what we are doing:



    #1. Open Sage 50 Premium 2015 (Using Right-Click, Run as Administrator) (Have also tried Sage 50 2014 Accountants Edition…

  • Converting from Business Works to Sage50

    I recently got a new client who currently uses BusinessWorks.  They want to convert to a different accounting software and were thinking of going with Sage 50.  Does anyone know how easy (or hard) it is to convert from BW to Sage50...?  Is it easier to convert…

  • Data Transfer MYOB to Sage50 Premium

    I have a very old version of MYOB Plus for Windows version 11 release 5.5.0.  Can I transfer the records e.g. customer and supplier names, addresses and the data e.g. receivables, GL straight into Sage 50 Premium?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Migrate from Unix

    I have a client who is on a unix server using a very old version of Mas90 (I believe 3.xx)

    What's the best way to migrate to a windows OS using Sage 100 ERP 2015?

    Is there a utility that I can use which will convert those files?