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  • Is Sage Intelligence 2015 and Microsoft 365 compatible?

    I'm running Sage 100 Premium 2020 version  6.2, and have Sage 100 Premium Intelligence 2015 installed.   Our IT department installed office 365 yesterday, and now I'm getting an error message in excel about the BI extension.  No values in cells in…

  • ODBC Error using MS Power Query (Office 365)

    ODBC Driver error in Power Query "Unexpected error: Attempted to read or write protected memory..."

    We are using the Sage 50 v25 32b ODBC driver.  The underlying query is "select * from ACCOUNT_STATUS" or specifically when querying date time…

  • Sage X3 PU11 - SOAP Call in C# Language - Is there a common library DLL which we. can attached as a reference.

    Hello Teams,

    We are creating an Interface to Sage X3 PU11 and would like to know if Sage or any other provider has  created a common DLL library for the C# programming language. Will be used to call SOAP or REST in Sage X3.

    Thank you,


  • Quoi de neuf dans la prochaine version 2020.2 de Sage 50 CA?

    Bientôt disponible! Une mise à jour du produit sera disponible pour Sage 50 CA 2020 commençant avec l'édition comptable le 29 juin 2020.

    Mises à jour de la paie

    Cette version 2020.2 comprendra des mises à jour sur…

  • Interface with Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Hi everybody,

    I am wondering if there is anybody out there that is using Sage X3 in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics GP (exporting data on a regular basis from X3 to GP)?



  • SAGE X3 - Outlook Plugin (Can't connect)


    Normally I'm able to configure the Sage X3 Outlook without any problems, but in one specific client I'm getting an error while testing the connection.

    After I insert all the configuration, I'm getting the error "Connection forcibly closed…

  • Quoi de neuf avec les Caractéristiques de Sage 50c?

    La science-fiction n'est plus la science-fiction. Cet été, les Sage Summit Tours ont démontré le meilleur de nos produits et de notre technologie déroulées dans le monde entier. La version Sage 50 2018 sera lancée avant la fin octobre 2017 aussi!…

  • Sage 50 CA 2017.2 Mise à jour! Decouvrez les nouveautés ?

    Outre la mise à jour des tables d'impôts, le niveau de productivité pour l'intégration de 50c Sage et de Office 365 est formidable ! Cette mise à jour (pour Sage 50 2017.2 Édition Canadienne) apporte des outils inestimables et a intègré certaines de vos…

  • Excel crashes printing A/R invoices through VBA - MSVCR120.dll

    I have some macro code that is printing A/R Invoices to PDF files.

    The code works fine on my laptop, but on the client workstation, it crashes.  Event Viewer identifies MSVCR120.DLL as the problem.

    The OS and Excel versions are identical on the workstation…

  • La puissance et la productivité de O365 & Sage 50c

    Saviez-vous que Sage 50c combine maintenant la puissance et la productivité d'une solution de bureau de confiance avec un accès en ligne sécurisé et une intégration transparente avec Microsoft Office 365 ? C'est vrai, Sage s'est associée à Microsoft…

  • Installing Sage Network Amazon AWS, Workstation Local - Sage Accountant Edition


    I am hoping you guys are able to give me some information. I have a new client that would like to use a remote server for their Sage Accounting to allow Multiple Users access to the same Sage Database at the same time. I was thinking for scalability…

  • How to capture the data returned wSDBSelectRecords in sage 50 2016 CA SDK with Visual Basic .NET?

    I´m using ConnectionManagerService.dll and I am using the function wSDBSelectRecords with this syntax: 

    Call wSDBSelectRecords(iDBLink, iTBLink, "", 0, True)

    But I do not know how to capture the data you are going to select in a DataTable…

  • Will Microsoft's free upgrade to Windows 10 affect Sage 50?

    I've got this question posted on a Microsoft forum, but so far I am not having any luck with getting a clear response.

    With the impending Windows 10 upgrade that Microsoft is strongly "encouraging," I have been trying to find out if Windows 10 will…

  • List of Invoice using API


    I would like to get all entered invoice into sage 50 accounting. 

    Filter: All / Date range 

    Does anyone have any Idea how to do this?. I'm using  Microsoft .Net Framework.



  • How do you keep from having to 'allow access' every time you run your app?

    I have an Application ID and I can start a new session and open our production company, but every time I (or anyone) runs this c# .net app it always says that I have to open Sage and allow access. I open Sage and select 'Always Allow' but we have to do…