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  • Sage 200 Costing Method

    Hi all

    We are a manufacturing company that currently uses Standard Cost for components, Standard Cost for Finish Items ( Batch production), and Actual Cost for Bespoke Finish Items. 

    The problem we are having is regarding the Cost of Sales. We have been…

  • Anyone know of any Performance issues with Sage 100c ADVANCED v2021 PU1

    I'm preparing my upgrade from v2019 to Sage 100c Advanced v2021 with PU1 (due to Scanco Operations Mgmt compatibility) and notice KB articles referring to slow performance issues with STANDARD and PREMIUM.  But nothing with ADVANCED.

    Does anyone know…

  • Sage X3 Manufacturing - Critical - Product Setup Time Matrix

    The patch for the mapping has not been installed correctly on releases 2021R2 and 2021R3.

    The releases 2021R2 and 2021R3 are not correct for customers who upgrade and for new customers, and this new functionality is not usable.

    To solve this issue in…

  • Sage WO vs PM Cross Reference?


    Is there a cross reference list of what the WO tables/fields are now called/located in PM.  I'm looking to make a new query for PM to replace what I had in WO coming from the WO9 table or WOO depending on Active or History.



  • Manufacturing costing report (MFGCOST) not showing actual and expected values in operations

    Hi all,

    Our client uses the Calculate Expected cost function (Manufacturing)

    That prints the Expected cost type report without the actual and expected costs for these workcenters. I've attached reports how it is blank in the first image. However a few months…

  • How to limit memory usage of PlannerOne pool?

    Hi all,

    To the Planner One users, I'm sure you might have noticed PlannerOne Pool using up alot of memory. 

    Currently using 35GB in my clients server. Anyway to limit this? This in turn is making the system very slow.

    Any advice on how you guys handled…

  • Light vs. Advanced Manufacturing

    Light Manufacturing provides an easy-to-use Production Entry screen where finished goods are reported after the fact. This single point of entry eliminates dozens of potential labor and production transactions by automatically issuing material quantities…

  • Is it Possible to Import Stock Assignments?

    Here's the background here:
    We have Sales Order lines tied to a finished good produced by a work order (link is via MFGITM.VCRNUMORI / MFGITM.VCRLINORI)
    Not all our sales orders and work orders are linked this way.  Say it's 50/50 linked and not linked…

  • ERP suitability for the business

     I am working with a small Liquid biofertilizer plant in Victoria. The current production process is managed on excel documents on dropbox which is a bit time-consuming.

    Would having an information system to manage the processes adequately increase efficiency…

  • Lot Numbers

    I need to come up with a way to consume containers (what our product is packaged in) when a work order is closed.  I have thought keeping the current BOMs for the "master BOM" (bulk BOM if you will) for each product and then doing a second BOM that puts…

  • Food Allergens Activity Code change from manufacturing to common


    When you view the activity code in X3 there is a module to say which one it is linked to. We ignored that, activated it, but the module stopped us then validating the window. When we changed the module to common (as it is a product screen) it worked…

  • Planner One installation

    Hi guys,

    We are facing a small issue during our Planner One installation. Previously we had installed with no problem. However this time during the Powershell installation an error pops up such as the image below. This is on a complete new server so don…

  • Bill of Material Glossary

    The manufacturing software industry has many industry-specific terms. We've compiled a short list of key manufacturing terms used with Bill of Materials in Manufacturing module. Here it is:

    Backflush The deduction from inventory records of…

  • NEWS: 2021 R2 (Version 12.0.26) Release Notes for Distribution & Manufacturing Module

    Please review the new features available below for the Distribution & Manufacturing Module on the Release notes for 2021 R2 (Version 12.0.26):

    Click on the link to Release notes at the bottom of the page


    Sage X3 Automated Data Collection…

  • Sage 200 Manufacturing - Standard Cost Variance on Works Order Operations

    Hi - When posting operation costs to a Works Order that make the actual completed costs different to the standard cost of the finished item can anyone suggest the best way to identify these variances? It seems they just get posted to the balance sheet…

  • Proper transaction for raw material, shipped, processed off-premise, then shipped back for assembly

    Hi everyone, 

    Could you share your experience on how to deal with a flow of goods like below?

    1. Raw material is shipped to a vendor
    2. the vendor processes it, charges service fee, which becomes a finished goods, then they ship it back 
    3. the returned finished…
  • Creating Multi-level BOMs

    We have a need to insert a BOM that we will make, and then put that BOM into another (higher level) BOM with other line items.  The sub-BOM has 9 line items, and when that is finished/manufactured, it will be part of a BOM with 18 additional line items…

  • Sage Task Scheduler - Mfg Module

    Can I set up an automated task to run the Daily Parts Usage log at night?



  • Outside Processing in Sage 500

    An outside process is an external process or service that is performed by a vendor outside your company.  Outside processing involves sending raw materials or manufactured goods to a vendor outside the company for processing. For example, if you manufacture…

  • SCHEDULING tables in X3

    Hi all,

    We have done a customization where an auto WO is created on another site, once created on original site. In a WO Scheduling when we click the ‘Schedule’ button the following data is populated usually:


    Can you clarify which tables in…

  • Export or Print existing Bills of Materials

    I am using Bill of Materials which I entered thought "Inventory & Service Records" "Build". 

    I have entered over 70 manufactured items each of which have Bills of Materials.   Is there a way to import the other 70 bills of materials…

  • X3 Manufacturing - 2020R4 - Critical bug : Work Centre modification

    The records in the table CAPVAR (Capacity Variations) and RPLWST (Replacement work centres) are lost when modifying the work centre in function Work Centre (GESMWS).

    This critical issue has been fixed in 2021R1 and can be solved in 2020R4 by installing…

  • Manufacturing document not printing for particular site

    Hi guys,

    So I want to print my Manufacturing - Work documents. I am able to print on sites I dont need. However for my particular site alone it always comes as blank.

    It is a manufacturing site. However under parameter values in manufacturing I have noticed…

  • Manufacturing table layouts

    link SO to WT .docx

    I'm trying to find a file that contains the quantity on WorkTicket shown on the Sales Order line if exploded. see attached word doc for screen shot.

    The SO detail file contains the work ticket number and the item number but not…

  • Screen related info

    We are creating a customized report for manufacturing. There is a particular field on the Routing screen (Graph>Show list) This displays the Start date which is displayed for the particular operation in date/time format.

    However we are unable to find…