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  • exporter liste de produits avec image vers excel


    dans le cadre de notre activité nous rencontrons depuis plusieurs années maintenant, fréquemment la demande d' export de liste d'articles vers excel avec les images des produits.

    A ce jour lorsque l'on sélectionne…

  • Adding a field to display an Image. e.g. Product Photo

    Below is a screen that shows the product configuration area in Sage CRM.

    To create this field I added a new field to the NewProducts table within the administration screens.

    I called my field 'prod_productImage' and used the Entry Type 'WWW URL'. The…

  • Sage CRM 2020: Displaying an Image on a Custom Entity Page

    I have assumed that you have created the new entity using the Advanced Customization Wizard. Since Sage CRM 2020 R2 the licensing model has been changed to allow all partners and customers to be able to use the wizard.  You can download the latest version…

  • Sage CRM 2020: The display of a photo or image in the person screen

    The idea behind this article is that you can use the normal document upload to upload a picture file into the library. That image can then be displayed on the person summary screen.

    You will have to change options on the libr_type top allow files of…
  • Adding Additional Images/Logos to your Documents

    With the use of the Sage Accounting Custom Layout Designer it is possible to add additional images or logos to your customer and supplier documents.

    Click here to find out more! Slight smile