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  • Budget Holder Authorisation for Invoices

    We would like to enable online authorisation of non-order invoices at budget holder level.  This would eliminate the need for physical signatures and speed up our processing.

  • Copy Filters on List Views

    It would be a good idea to allow Filters on the List View to be copied and then allow you to amend. We have a site that has a lot of filters that are very similar and it would be useful to allow them to be able to copy the filter and then adjust it and…

  • Batch deposits to individual invoices rather than customers

    It would be really useful to do a batch deposits by selecting individual invoices rather than customers. For example, where we have a group of customers that all pay via one payment and send a remittance that lists the individual invoice numbers that…

  • Keep item details/data entered if changing item code

    In the same manner that sometimes an order is placed on the incorrect customer code and we can use 'Copy Order' to change to a different customer, sometimes an incorrect item code is used. We list our items individually to capture additional data in the…

  • Function to Import Sales Orders

    Would be good if you could import sales orders and then generate into invoices. 

    We use a CRM and generate invoices into Sage manually as they have a product code and I know you can import customer transactions but there isn't a field for the product code…

  • Allow the home page setting to work on the first log in of the day.

    I have been informed that logged issue no 8176 was resolved as cleared because the marketing team have requested the change to prevent the Home Page setting from working the first time a user logs into Sage each day. It use to work on our old version…

  • Custom Roles For User Access

    Hi there,

    it would be great to develop the User Roles a bit more (Settings - Organisational & Financial - User Access), and have the ability to create your own. Although Sage has set up some default ones to use, none of them match the roles that I have…

  • API Catering to Close POs from Third party software


    We are a Sage Platinum Developer Partner and have made several requests for Sage For Education's API to allow 3rd party software to automatically match and close of purchase orders via the API. Even though several changes were introduced in the latest…

  • Change the references to 'Ideas Hub' in the 200 product to 'Sage City' or rename Sage city back

    Change the references to 'Ideas Hub' in the 200 product to 'Sage City' or rename Sage city back - ideas hub is by far a more common sense name for what it is after all. Even the training delivered this week has Sage staff calling it the ideas hub sti…

  • Expose analysis codes & 'CreateBy' to invoicing module

    The invoicing module does not allow entry of analysis codes nor shows who created the invoice. This is available as it is stored on the corresponding sales order entry created & hidden from users so can this be exposed to allow both amendment of analysis…

  • Foreign Currency Bank Feeds to have same Functionality as GBP Accounts

    Our client is using the Bank Feeds functionality, but is frustrated that when using Foreign Currency accounts the 'Save and Create Rule' functionality is not available.

    Can Bank Feeds Functionality be replicated across all Account types please…

  • Search the Ideas List

    I am trying to search the Ideas List for specific requests but you only seem to be able to do this by module - is there a way to search by key words?


  • Update the rapid invoice entry screen to include VAT description

    The rapid screen is very useful, especially when inputting a number of invoices for a single supplier  but at the moment there is no option to include a VAT description.  This means either the invoice or the VAT126 has to be manually amended later.  An additional…

  • Ability to copy an account within CRM

    In Sage 200 you can copy an account and amend the details after.  Within CRM you cannot do this.

    Customer would like the ability to take a current account, copy it and amend fields.  Then this will be linked to Sage 200.

  • Multiple suppliers for stock items

    We purchase the same items from different suppliers.  It would be great if we could add more than one supplier against these stock items so that when the item is O/S with one supplier, we can choose the next cheapest supplier on the list to maintain inventory…

  • Allow amendment of customer order number on Sales Invoices

    Very often sales orders are taken and the customer order number is either missed off or is not yet available, some customers will reject a sales invoice if this is missing & currently the only way to issue a replacement sales invoice with a customer…

  • Client would like to turn off the Recalculate Prices feature that pops up when leaving a sales order where the exchange rate has changed.

    The client would either like the option to disable this feature or have a tick box that says 'Do not ask again'

  • EDUCATION - Consolidation Database to retain prior year data

    Having just completed our first year end in Sage for Education we have found a problem that is going to cause us significant reporting issues going forward.

    The process for the consolidation year end produces a number of problems.

    Firstly the roll up…

  • Business Intelligence plugin for 64 bit versions of MS Office

    Since Microsoft is going to be deploying the 64bit version of Office by default soon, wouldn't now be a good time to get the BI plugin working with it? I'm sure 32 bit will be phased out completely one day, and we won't want to be running legacy versions…

  • Customer/Supplier A/C's - Middle Name????

    I think it would be better to replace the middle name field (does anyone actually ever use this) with the contact Job position/role. There is nowhere to distinguish what contact is for what at the moment. e.g buyer, accounts etc 

    Also, the website field…

  • EDUCATION - Rapid Invoice Narrative to Copy into VAT Details field

    When using rapid invoice entry there is nowhere at present to enter information that would fill in the VAT Details field as found on a standard invoice entry screen. (VAT Analysis Section)

    The result of this is that when you run a VAT126 report to submit…

  • Email Ideas

    I would like the ability to email an ideas hub entry to a linked customer.  This should: -

    1) Prove that I have submitted the idea to Sage on their behalf

    2) Allow them to vote for those ideas that we (as resellers) see as pertinent to their business

  • Slow Performance when adding items on Sales Orders - related to really poor coding of spimIMSQtyAvailable


    We have been having issues in SAGE2016 (we recently installed the May updates to see if it would help) when entering items on Sales Orders.

    The last suggestion we got from support seems to help alleviate the problem. 

    The suggestion was to run 'recompile…

  • Create Sage Ideas! Enter and vote on new features

    Today, Sage Services Presents “Sage Ideas”. At Sage, we realize that the world around us is constantly changing. And nowhere is that more obvious than the interface between business and technology.

    Business meets Technology

    As your businesses…

  • Coming Soon: Sage BusinessVision 2018 (7.90) Release

    Hello Sage BusinessVision Family,

    We are excited and anxious to release of Sage BusinessVision 2018 (7.9) version later this month.

    Our commitment to improving and enhancing the application's value to our customers is evident in the latest release of…