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  • How to adjust opening balances after exiting History Mode in Sage 50 CA

    We're coming up on year end and many of you may be working to update transaction entries into your Sage 50 CA company database. Have you been working in Sage 50 CA a few months, exited History Mode and realized that your opening balances need adjusting…

  • Top 10 trending topics - August 2021

    Good Day community,

    Want to keep up to date with the latest solutions to currently trending issues or just want to know how to process a specific function?

    Click Here to view out interactive info graphic with step by step KnowledgeBase Articles and YouTube…

  • Sage 50cloud Pastel Accounting Newsflash - May 2021

    Good day community,

    Please find the May 2021 Newsflash below:

    Sage 50cloud Pastel Accounting Newsflash - May 2021.pdf

  • Status 30 File 108 Error

    How can I fix the above error when trying to view a trial balance? I tried removing some files as per support recommendation with no luck. Really stuck now.

  • Setting up a Time Slip Entry user login for Sage 50 CA

    Want a better way to track employee hours for payroll? Tired of hunting down staff and reminding them to log their hours worked? A solution may be to create a Time Slip Entry user in Sage 50 CA.

    Every person working with your Sage 50 CA license should…

  • How to replace or re-share a Sage 50 CA company file for Remote Data Access?

    Is the file you are currently working on updated to version 2020.2 and includes your most recent work but cannot be made available for Remote Data Access?

    Is there another file already uploaded for the company, that you want to replace with your updated…

  • How to search for activity codes

    In this blog we will look at how to find activity codes. Not only how to find, but show all the areas where they are referenced and are being used. It's a great tool to help save you a ton of time. Let's take a look at how to search for activity codes…

  • Error 424 Unknown Error. Object Required

    Hello Everyone,

    I need your help, I'm having this error "Error 424 Unknown Error. Object Required" or in Portuguese "Error 424 Error Desc. Object Required" when processing Cash books.

    When I Click Ok to skip the error it keeps…

  • Sage Drive (now called Remote Data Access) 2020.2 release: Getting Started Q&A

    Sage 50 CA - Multi-user collaboration through remote data access – Sage Drive (is now called Point right Remote Data Access).

    The new naming now properly represents the functionality of this feature. And allows you and your accountant, bookkeeper or co-workers…

  • Pastel year end change - 15 months financial period

    Good day, 

    We have a unique case where one of our clients year ends changed from Feb to May. 

    We would like to have a financial period of 15 month, from 1 March 2019 to 31 May 2020. 

    Is there any way we can do this? 


    Hello All,

    I'm facing a strange Issue on My Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner NFR licence.

    One Of Credit Note Created in March just disappeared from the system and I don't know what to do.

    I searched for it on the Customer Detailed Ledger, Transaction…

  • Bookmarks

    Bookmarking your favorite groups, blogs, forums, or even posts, gives you quick access to this content via the Bookmark list in your profile navigation

    Page topics on bookmarking a:

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    1. Bookmarking a…

  • Finding Answers Fast: Resources for Sage 50 CA

    Sage has many resources to help you get the most value out of your Sage 50 Canadian Edition solution. Sometimes, however, having multiple options can be a little overwhelming. Now you can get quick access to all assets by remembering a single URL:


  • Exporting Dashboard Reports using the “Create Template” option via Excel


    What is the function of the “Create Template” option when Exporting Dashboard Reports via Excel?


    The "Create template" option is used to run an existing report and can pick which columns from the existing report you want…

  • Security Profile ESS User access


    If you Security Profiles are not setup Properly, ESS users have access to Editing the Role details when logged onto ESS and they view Role details > Select a role > select the action box > and click detail > And the Edit button is enabled on the…

  • Payment Slip Sizing Limit


    When running the Entry of Payment function, the payment slip only populates 499 employees and won’t populate more payment slips even if a site has more than 500 employees, and more than 499 payment slips must be created.



  • COVID-19: Handling Layoffs and ROE Creation using Sage 50 CA

    With the outbreak of COVID-19, we are focused on the wellbeing of our colleagues, families, customers and communities. Our thoughts go out to you and your families as we all balance navigating the challenging business environment, while taking steps to…

  • TRIAL Balance Pulls Dates out of selected range

    Good evening,

    When I pull up a TB it shows me details of dates out of selected range. i.e: If I choose to show me the TB from 10/01/2019 to 12/31/2019 it Includes balances of 01/01/2020 up to date.

    What can I do to overcome this?

    Using Sage 50C Pastel…

  • Top 12 QnA for Sage 50 CA during peak season 2020

    It's been a very busy year end for most of you. Have you submitted T4s for your employees? 

    Here's the top 12 requested Sage Knowledgebase artices for the past 3 months that made up peak season 2019/2020. 

    Please see this blog for a list of useful…

  • Part 2 of 2: Sage 50 CA Data Conversion Tips

    General TIP on installs and data conversions:

    Sage 50 CA requires full Windows access rights for update installations and data conversions. Even if  Sage 50 CA is a cloud-connected software, it's still a classic desktop installation which is designed for…

  • Synchronize Trial balances on stand alone companies

    Dear all,

    How to synchronize TB's from the last 2 FY to the current FY?

    We processed accounting data for FY2016, made backup then run Year-end to process FY2017 and again made another backup to run Year-end to process FY2018.

    After processing in…

  • What Sage 50 CA version update do I have installed?

    As you will see below, it can be tricky  to uncover which patch of an update you are on with regards to the hotfix and re-release of version 2020.1. The first place to check for clues, is directly in Sage 50 CA's Help menu. Go to About Sage 50 CA,…

  • Check list to jump-start your business preparation for Year End

    This year-end Checklist for your businesses will help  you order and jump-start your business planning for the year.

  • Prompt to stop someone forgetting to save

    I have a customer that is on v7.0 and ideally I'd like to get them onto v7.2. Does anyone know if v7.2 has the anyway of doing the following?

    In a communication screen, I'd like to have the ability to prevent the user from navigating away from the…

  • Instruction video how to import your customer, supplier and inventory master files

    You can import  information into the system click instruction to view the video