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  • UIF electronic declaration Pastel conversion

    Please can someone assist me! UIf has sent back the uif declarations with errors please can someone tell me how do I open that file in either excel or something ells so that i can edit or correct the errors on pastel as I cant seem to be able to convert…

  • How Sage University can help save time when reconciling

    Need some help using the BusinessWorks Bank Reconciliation?  We have an excellent course in Sage University to assist you with this process.  If you have a Gold support plan these classes are free to you.  Not on a Gold support plan, no problem the class…

  • Webforms

    Webforms allow you to submit a query or request online and is best used to investigate complex inquiries to find solutions for.

    Once their query has been received by the Sage team, users will receive a Reference number on email which ensures easy tracking…

  • How to manage old data in Sage 50 Canada

    Do you have several years of old data slowing your Sage 50 Canada software down? Here's some tips on how to clear old data:

    STEP 1:  Make a backup.

    Once data is cleared, it is no longer available for lookup and cannot be brought back. Make a back…

  • POS for Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner

    Hello Everyone,

    What is the procedure to setup POS for Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner.


  • Make setting up new users for Remote Data Access easier with just a few clicks

    Ever wondered how to create new user access to your Sage 50 CA company data shared via Remote Data Access?

    Head over to our article on how to set up users with Remote Data Access (RDA) to find out more!

  • Status 2 Disk Error

    Good day, I would like to know why this is happening to a company I restored first one month and then I restored an older copy. It works 100% and it rolls over. Then when you get to the last month it gives the same errors every time. How would we be able…

  • Customized User

    Any idea how to set up a customized user?

    I need to assign certain functions in the set up menu to an employee but not all of them.

    I have been advised to set up a customized user.

    When I try and do this I can only assign the whole setup menu or nothing…

  • Adjusting font size for Sage 50 CA

    Is the font, character sizing in your Sage 50 Canadian Edition small and difficult to read, even if you enlarge the characters in Windows? Below we'll go over what you can do to increase font size within the Sage 50 program. Note that there is no direct…

  • Sage 50 CA and Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

    Do you work with multiple currencies and need your accounting software to update foreign exchange rates automatically?

    Sage 50 CA & Foreign Exchange rates

    You may have noticed that Sage 50 CA requires a manual update of foreign exchange rates. Currently…

  • Clearing vat from the clearing account

    I in error posted the customer receipt from bank to Revenue instead of the customers clearing account. I did a customers journal to move the receipt from revenue to the Customers clearing account, but it has not moved the VAT out of the vat clearing account…

  • Failed to Import the ActiveX Control

    Over the last couple of years, some partners have had an issue where they were not able to add a VB OCX to a WinForms screen as they would receive a message from Visual Studio stating : "Failed to import the ActiveX control. Please ensure it is registered…

  • Sage 50 CA setup on a M1 MacBook Pro using Parallels to run Windows 11

    Its' been some time since our 2016 blog on how to get Sage 50 to work on a MAC. Over the next weeks, we'll review some of the most popular options for virtual Microsoft Windows Systems.  Virtualization software mimics the hardware of a PC which…

  • Signing Up & Migrating Data from Sage 50 CA to Sage HR and Payroll

    Do you want to manage your organization's Payroll from a pure cloud solution while working remotely?  Are you currently a Sage 50 CA or Sage Accounting / SBCA user? Or is your business growing and you're looking for a software solution that includes…

  • POS Installations

    Good day Everyone. I would like to ask if anyone has any Documentation on the installation of an POS Terminal with the SAGE POS Software. I know I have to install the  PARTNER 50CLOUD BASE on a Terminal Server so that the POS system can communicate. Is…

  • How to adjust opening balances after exiting History Mode in Sage 50 CA

    We're coming up on year end and many of you may be working to update transaction entries into your Sage 50 CA company database. Have you been working in Sage 50 CA a few months, exited History Mode and realized that your opening balances need adjusting…

  • Top 10 trending topics - August 2021

    Good Day community,

    Want to keep up to date with the latest solutions to currently trending issues or just want to know how to process a specific function?

    Click Here to view out interactive info graphic with step by step KnowledgeBase Articles and YouTube…

  • Sage 50cloud Pastel Accounting Newsflash - May 2021

    Good day community,

    Please find the May 2021 Newsflash below:

    Sage 50cloud Pastel Accounting Newsflash - May 2021.pdf

  • Status 30 File 108 Error

    How can I fix the above error when trying to view a trial balance? I tried removing some files as per support recommendation with no luck. Really stuck now.

  • Setting up a Time Slip Entry user login for Sage 50 CA

    Want a better way to track employee hours for payroll? Tired of hunting down staff and reminding them to log their hours worked? A solution may be to create a Time Slip Entry user in Sage 50 CA.

    Every person working with your Sage 50 CA license should…

  • How to replace or re-share a Sage 50 CA company file for Remote Data Access?

    Is the file you are currently working on updated to version 2020.2 and includes your most recent work but cannot be made available for Remote Data Access?

    Is there another file already uploaded for the company, that you want to replace with your updated…

  • How to search for activity codes

    In this blog we will look at how to find activity codes. Not only how to find, but show all the areas where they are referenced and are being used. It's a great tool to help save you a ton of time. Let's take a look at how to search for activity codes…

  • Error 424 Unknown Error. Object Required

    Hello Everyone,

    I need your help, I'm having this error "Error 424 Unknown Error. Object Required" or in Portuguese "Error 424 Error Desc. Object Required" when processing Cash books.

    When I Click Ok to skip the error it keeps…