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  • Delete Sage X3 Folders you no longer use

    You may find yourself in a situation where you need to restore Sage X3 Folder data on a test server. In my case, the server already had a test Folder that was no longer required so to keep things tidy and to avoid a shortage of disk space I needed to…

  • Time to tidy up?

    With many of us coming up into a holiday period, this may give some of you an opportunity to do some housekeeping and maintenance on your Sage X3 systems.  If so, then where should you start?

    Luckily help is at hand, as I have attached my “Housekeeping…

  • Housekeeping tasks in Sage Payroll

    With payroll year end (PYE) not too far away, there are some tasks you can complete to keep your Sage Payroll records in good order. You can do these tasks at any time but they're especially important in preparation for PYE.

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  • Like to update SHIP VIA terms & descriptions

    When set-up MAS a number of years ago, someone else put in place a choice of SHIP VIA's to select from in Sales Order & Purchase Order modules -- however now, despite researching old manuals & contacting support via phone, can not seem to find the access…

  • Cleaning up files

    It is my understanding that it is perfectly safe to delete the following types of files:

    1. files with the extension OLD (which used to be M4T files)
    2. copies of M4T files that were saved with username, date, and time appended to the original filename (ex…