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  • Tip - Work with lists more easily

    To make things easier to find when working with large lists of records or transactions, you can add gridlines and colour to the lists in each module.

    Read about gridlines >

    Read about adding colour >

  • Creating a compound filter (filterWhere) using the Client Side API

    This article is about the client side API.

    Specifically this article is concerned with how to write a script to handle the information within a grid and then apply an action to the cells, row or columns of the grid where more than one criteria is needed…

  • Control of Grids, Lists and Columns Using the Client Side API

    The Client Side API contains methods that make it much easier to select rows, columns and individual cells for manipulation. Properties can be set, new data displayed in tool tips and the style of each cell can be changed.

    The documentation contains a…

  • Returning a number of rows within a grid without changing the user preferences

    Hi All.

    I have an asp page that returns multiple iframe grids. I changed my preferences to a specific grid size to make it look good.

    However, I was wondering if I could use the client API side of things to control how many grid rows are returned or remove…

  • Compound filterWhere possible?

    Is it possible to perform compound filtering statements on grid rows? I've been trying without success. I want something like... crm.grids().rows().filterWhere('field_one', "le", new Date).filterWhere("field_two", "gt", 0).highlightRow("pink"); Perhaps…