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  • Income statement report


    All users suddenly began getting this error when generating income statement reports. How can I replace or find the missing class to solve the problem?

    Sage version in in use is 10.1.1. Appreciate the assistance in advance.

  • Chart of Accounts in Web Screens

    I cannot seem to find the "Chart of Accounts" screen in web screens.

    Is this not available or am I missing something?


    Ubaidullah Nubar.

  • Posting to previous FY


    we have an error batch as the error occurred because the user has  posting to a prior year (posting date 22 July 2021and value date 30 June 2021).

    The posting has to be done to last financial year (2020-2021). We have already done End of Year Processing…

  • Sage 300 2019 Data Conversion to 2021

    During data conversion of one of the three databases, I come across the following error message. The other databases were converted successfully.

    Description: You cannot upgrade because some of the features you currently use are not available in the Sage…


    My inventory valuation report is pulling around $9 million dollars and my GL account inventory is pulling around $ 1 million. anyone know how i can fix this or see what the difference is ? 

    Thank you, 

  • Incorrect GL account type Balance Sheet > Income Statement

    Our client has a few GL account configured as Balance Sheet account instead of Income Statement account.

    The account was incorrectly created as a balance sheet  account.

    We need to change the account type to income statement but firstly, correct the balance…

  • Export Multiple Trial Balance Report


    Thanks to this forum that I have learn a lot of skill and knowledge about Sage. Recently, I am working on a project, and I am wondering if I could do it in a efficient way.

    Here are my situations:

    1. We have more than 20 sage 50 files setup for all…

  • Rental Property


    Our company has built a rental property. The property will have one unit as a rental and the lower unit will be used for staff traveling at no expense to them. My question is how do I set up the accounts to keep track of the expenses for both the…

  • Missing "updated by" GL Journal Drill down

    Sage 100 2020 Premium (6.20.1)

    After deleting old users off a system, the GL drill down from Transaction tab "Updated By"  is blank for the deleted users.  The deleted user keys are listed in SY_UserHistory.

    Short of 'reactivating' the deleted…

  • ERROR " This batch will be retained because deleted entries exist" in General Ledger


    I tried to delete a batch in General Ledger, but I received this error "This batch will be retained because deleted entries exist". Has anyone had this error before? How to fix it.

    Thanks a lot!


  • Intracompany transactions


    I am very familiar on how to post intercompany transactions but not with intracompany. I am hoping someone can assist me.

    My business for privacy is called ABC. ABC has 3 locations, WV, KY, TN.

    We utilize the WO module to purchasing, including…

  • Trial Balance - Active Accounts Only

    How can I change my settings in the GL Module to only show Active accounts on my Trial Balance? Currently it is showing deleted and inactive accounts along with the active?  Thank you

  • Blank Fiscal Year and Period record in GL_PeriodPostingHistory

    Have had 2 clients in the last two weeks come up with mysterious beginning balances on accounts as of the first fiscal year in history.  Digging into DFDM, I've found a posting with a BLANK Fiscal Year and Period in both cases.  In neither case could…

  • Data error. Sage 50 Canadian Edition 2021.1 Advanced Check & Repair tool cannot adress the issue. data table TBRTR

    I am using Sage 50 Canadian Edition 2021.1 I used "open as an admin" to open the sage program. I am in the single-user mode and logged in as a system admin. I have some issue that cannot post into a future date. cannot add departments in payroll. when…

  • Reverse posted prepayment and credit memos

    We had a customer use a third party to pay for invoices. They asked for a dummy credit we could send them so they could zero out invoices on their account. 

    To do this, I was instructed to create a prepayment (as a positive amount) and then a credit memo…

  • PPP Loan Forgiven

    We had our PPP loan forgiven, and our CPA told me to book it in under "Non-taxable income".  I spoke with one person that set to setup account 950 to book this as non-taxable revenue.  It still shows up on the Income Statement, is this correct…

  • Changing the default Item Inquiry Transaction Dates to the current month rather than General Ledger Period

    My users are experiencing an issue where the accounting department is still performing month end closing processes for the previous month after start of the next month so the current General Ledger period is still last month and does not match the current…

  • How do change the fiscal year without adding Historical transactions?

    Hi.  Just setting up a new company from Dynamics.

    Their year-end is May 31st.  In order to have historical transactions, I started the company as of 2019.  Entered the GL historical amounts, then entered each month's adjustments for the year 2019~2020.…

  • Help Please with Sage BW 2019 General Ledger


    I am new to the product.  We are running BW2019 as a Cash Accounting system.  We have entered Cash Disbursement Journals for the checks we wrote, but we did not put a description so that we know who we wrote them to.  How do you go back and correct…

  • Sage 300 people - Sage 100c GL Integration Layout

    Hello All,

    I would like to have a seamless integration from Sage 300 People to Sage 100c.

    First of all is the seamless integration possible , If yes , which of the layout below should I use?

  • Actual AP vs. AP on the <Standard> BS is Extremely Out of Balance


         I've been looking through the forums for some time trying to find some assistance to our reports being out of balance, some posts and responses have helped me track down unusual information, but nothing conclusive to help fix the issue(s):

  • Is it possible to sort Transaction Description on General Ledger report?

    Is it possible to sort Transaction Description on General Ledger report?

  • Print line comments in the general ledger

    When entering a JE there is the individual line comment; is there any way to print that individual comment per line when printing a GL (or an individual account in the GL)?

  • Recurring Batch Entries

    Hello Team,

    I was trying to create a new RECURRING BATCH ENTRIES through the GL Setup >>> Recurring Entries >>> Filling the GL Recurring Entries screen and click Add.

    After clicking "Add button", this error comes up "…

  • My Reports / General Ledger / Adit trail report has no data to show

    Hi All,

    Suddenly my My Reports / General Ledger / Adit trail report  that I use to keep a record of journals posted is suddenly coming up with a message stating that there are no records to print.  This is part of our month-end process and they printed…