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  • Written Down Value method configuration


    Can anyone guide me to configure the WDV depreciation method in Sage X3 V12?

  • Prepare a report showing performing against budget for fixed assets.

    Whilst, in departments, the system allows a budget to be entered for fixed asset nominal codes, NC0010 - NC0099, the system does not allow management reports to prepared showing performance against budget.  

    The preparation of reports monitoring fixed asset…

  • Monitoring and reporting fixed asset expenditure against budget

    We have a healthy annual fixed asset budget which requires regular monitoring and the preparation of reports appropriate to the level of management. 

    We use advances departments in depth and the system allows for budgets to be applied to the fixed asset…

  • Grouping for Mid Quarter Testing

    We generally include all assets for a specific company within one "Sage Company", and run reports based off of a company code field within the general asset information. The issue we run into is that not all of the companies are to be included within…

  • Fixed Assets Module

    I'm coming to Sage Cloud from Sage 50 and am used to using the Fixed Asset Module which posts monthly depreciation via the month end routine. In the new cloud version is there anything equivalent, or do i just do it manually through journals? 

  • Database pointing to incorrect SQL Server


    We have two CITRIX servers in which we installed SAGE Premier Client.

    One of them points to the Production database server and users are able to work ok.

    However the other one maybe by mistake was installed and poinitng to the Development environmet…

  • Sage Fixed Assets Release 2023.1 is now available!

    We’re very pleased to announce the availability of Sage Fixed Assets 2023.1! This release includes important tax compliance updates for U.S. and Canadian companies to make it easy for businesses to stay compliant and take advantage of new tax benefits…

  • Error when unlink physical assets attached with an asset


    I got below issue when unlinking physical assets attached with an asset: "Asset quantity (1) not consistent with the number of physical asset (0)"

    This issue does not allow me to delete a fixed asset:

    Does anybody here know how to…

  • Webinar - Fixed assets ledger and depreciation - Recording now available

    This session looks at the Fixed Assets ledger that available in Sage 50 Accounts. You'll learn how to:

    • Add records, including the option to import
    • The depreciation methods
    • How to process depreciation as part of the month end process

    This session…

  • Ability to edit what accounts are included in the year end journal

    As you have the ability to add new nominal codes it makes sense, and would be helpful, if you could then have the option of where items are posted within the journal. For example, If there is a fixed asset account with separate additions and depreciation…

  • Key Codes

    Hello. We run a Tax Expense report and there is a Key Code Column

    The key codes I see are: m , mr , r , rm , rs , s, and smr  .  Would someone be able to tell me what these mean?  Would appreciate any insight or assistance.

  • Net Book Values on Fully Disposed Assets

    I feel like I must just be missing something obvious but I can't for the life of me figure out why I've got a bunch of old, disposed assets that have small residual net book values still remaining. These assets are gone, they are off our books in the…

  • Reducing Value of Fully Depreciated Asset

    Trying to reduce the value of a fully depreciated asset. When the change is saved, I get the notice "critical depreciation change" page with 4 options: 1) placed in service date, 2) beginning date, 3) period close date {this is grayed out}, 4) current…

  • Anyone using FAS Framework?

    I'm looking into purchasing the FAS Framework from FAS Professional Services and would like to hear who is currently using it.  Our ERP system is MRI Software and really could use some incite on anyone that is currently using this process.

  • Sage Fixed Assets Scanner App v2.1 is now available in the Google Play Store!

    For our Sage Fixed Assets—Tracking customers, version 2.1 of the Sage Fixed Assets Scanner app is available in the Google Play Store. 

    This release includes maintenance updates and a customer-requested enhancement to filter the Asset List by New…

  • Adding existing assets to Sage X3 FA Module

    In the past we did not use the fixed asset module.  I'm now moving our assets into Sage.  First, we were told that we have to use accounting method "RE", where we now use straight line, in order to input the existing accumulated depreciation.…

  • Announcing Sage Fixed Assets Release 2023.0

    We’re excited to announce the Sage Fixed Assets 2023.0 Product Release! Here are some of the key benefits the team has developed—many of them customer-inspired, to make managing the useful life of your fixed assets easier and more efficient than ever…

  • Fixed Asset Period Closing - No Log


    We are having an issue with the closing of a Period this month and cannot find out why, and I wonder if someone can help please?

    The Statement of Context shows everything green, and when we select the company in the Period Closing window, the Contexts…

  • How to run a report to show linked assets?

    I am wanting to sort reports to keep related asset activity together. 

    For example, we add an asset related to the original. We are referencing the prior asset # in the "Related to Asset #" field. 

    Is there a way to sort reports to group these assets…

  • Fixed Assets License

    Hi all,

    We made a copy of Production folder to a Test folder that is sat on a different server.

    However, the copy increased the number of assets number and reached to the licensed number, appearing now the message 

    "The number of fixed assets allowed by…

  • Error by disposing asset

    Hi all!

    A user tried to dispose of an asset with the component asset assigned to it.  

    After, the componet asset was disposed of as expected, but not the general asset.

    In general asset, even information exists record entry that it has been disposed of…

  • Fixed assets depreciation

    After upgrading from v7 to v10 the one asset which is the only one that depreciates by 30 years and has no percentage is not depreciating

    It used to do it in v7

    Refer attach screen dumpsAssets - Depreciation Calculation method - Pastel V10.docx

  • Reports, reports, reports...Fixed Assets

    Hi Guys, 

    So following on from our recent blog post on Reports in the General Accounting prints/group, we will be continuing in the series with the Fixed assets reports.  This can be located as below:

    Take a look at the table below, showing you all…

  • error During the Closing year end fixed asset

    During the Closing  year end (fixed asset -> processing -> period / year end) an error message appears (no company to find). please help me to find the solution

  • Fixed Asset calculation error: System error detected Description field type error file non existan

    When we run depreciation calcs for one of our companies we getting an error.

    System error detected Description field type error file non-existant

    It is a multi company folder and this happens to only one company the others work fine