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  • Having problems to efile Aatrix forms? Or having problems updating Aatrix?

    Firewall or antivirus softwares may block the updates from Aatrix, therefore, users cannot updating Aatrix or efile Aatrix forms. 

    Go to, then, go to Software Requirements at the top, try to download all the files ( Updater.exe…

  • Unable to connect to System Manager Database, BTRVLoginError(7025) or connection attempt timed out after installing Windows Updates

    A recent Windows update seems to be restarting the Windows Firewall if it had previously been turned off.  If after installing a Windows update your client workstations receive one of the following errors after installing a Windows update you will need…

  • 50cloud Loja Connection - criar exceção para serviço online na firewall do windows

    No Sage 50cloud Loja Connection da Sede para criar uma exceção na firewall do Windows para o serviço online Sage50c.ShopConnection.Communicator na regra permitir todas as ligações.

    Criar nova regra de entrada para o…

  • Peachtree mapped drives issue upon logging off

    I have installed Peachtree 2011 on a new computer and mapped a drive over the network to the server where the data is located. The installation seems to have no problems and the software ran completely fine afterwards. But when I log off my computer and…

  • Sage CRM 2021: An Overview of System Security

    Sage CRM is a product that has an expectation that its users are going to want to access the system from a wide variety of locations, both inside and outside the corporate network and that they will be accessing it using a range of different devices.

  • Sage CRM R1 Calendar doesn't appear from external access

    Hi community,

    we got an issue with the new calendar function. When a customer log on the crm from an external client the calendar wont appear.

    Is the calendar using a new service or does it use the tomcat?

    Are there new ports for the firewall or do we…

  • Antivirus / Firewall Exclusions


    Is there a KB or anything that lists the antivirus and firewall exclusions required for Sage 300?   

    I am looking primarily for those that apply to the application, but if there are any that also need to be applied to the SQL server (other than the…

  • Clients unable to connect after rebooting the server

    If you receive the error "Unable to connect to the System Manager database. [Pervasive] [ODBC] [Client interface] [client LNA] connection attempt timed out. The SQL connection manager may be inactive or using a different transport protocol from the server…

  • Which processes actually need to be excluded from the firewall now?

    I noticed in this article that there are far more processes included than are actually configured by Sage 2016 itself during installation.

    It configures simplyconnectionmanager.exe and mysqld.exe, and that's it.

    Given that, and that it does work over…

  • Is there an "inactivity" or "timed-out" setting on AccPac/Pervasive?

    Hi everyone,

    We are a small setup (with about 5 concurrent users) with an antiquated AccPac version 5.4A/Pervasive 9.6 system. This has been running well, until the network guys segmented the AccPac client-users to a separate VLAN from the servers.


  • RE: firewall

    Hi qmsintl,

    Network issue is usually related to firewall, security software and user permission.  If you have confirmed the following:

    1. Data opened locally in both server and workstation (Data and Sage 50 are not the issues)
    2. Add the necessary Sage 50 process…