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  • Networking Request - Service Company Using 100 C (US)

    Greetings All:

    Our company is in the process of implementing Sage 100 C. We are an industrial service company based in the Southeastern US (GA). We have a very motivated implementation team, and have recently brought an excellent Sage consultant on board…

  • Workflow - AWRKSIG - cannot pick up accept/reject from WRKRMTDIR

    Hi All,

    I'm having some problems with the accept/reject notifications from the workflow emails. The emails fire as expected, when I click the reject or accept link it puts a file in the directory I've specified under WRKRMTDIR, however the AWRKSIG job…

  • Customize the "Reply to" field of emails associated with workflows sent from mail server

    Hi there, 
    We are parameterizing and adjusting a Sage X3 V6 installation,
    We have different workflows configured in different modules of Sage, one of them corresponds to the module of purchases.
    The workflows are currently sent from the users mail client…
  • Workflow triggered from code

    I am triggering a workflow from code using the following technique:


     2 = Object type workflow

     GABREV = function name(i.e. GESSIH)

     W = operations(workflow button)

     XXX = key of the object or table(i.e…

  • Workflow email upon Delivery Creation via FUNPREDLV function

    I've created a work flow email triggering upon delivery creation with particular delivery modes.  I can see the email produce successfully when a delivery is created individually from a pick ticket, but when the FUNPREDLV function is executed I don…

  • Workflows and automated functions

    So, I created a action triggering workflow that triggers on the Posting of a sales invoice... Hit post in GESSIH and this workflow fires every time, does what it is supposed to do, and life is well.

    When i run FUNCFMINV to post a range of invoices, my…

  • How to create alert workflow after a batch task


    Does anyone know how to create an e-mail notification to trigger after a batch task is executed. In my case, it would be for "date change" function in Manufacturing - Batch Processes (V6.5), and it would display the log file generated with all the…

  • Workflow Question = Production Tracking


    I have a question with workflow. Basically, I'm trying to set up a workflow in the event that the amount tracked from the MTK object is either 5% above or below the expected quantity. Ex. If 36 units are expected, and only 30 are made (80%), a…

  • Workflow based on Action (Automatic PO Generation)

    Is it possible to create a workflow based on the occurrence of an action? I'm trying to have an e-mail notification pop-up to our purchasing team when a Direct Order (PO-Direct to Customer) is placed through the creation of the Back-to-Back order action…

  • SAGE Workflow in X3 V6.5 Patch29


    i would like to trigger a workflow approval at Supplier screen level for bank details, but we added an additional grid type tab at Supplier screen.

    So i need to trigger the workflow and approval for  both the grid tables level, it is possible.


  • X3 V6.5 - Basic workflows


    Does anyone have a good resource for which to build a basic workflow? I am trying to have a workflow within our company that notifies by e-mail/message our pricing analyst whenever the sales invoice price deviates by a certain %. This would be…

  • email address of user in workflow


    I'm calling a workflow from within a SPE process on the Sales Order using this:


    this works fine and all pre-configured email addresses in the workflow get emailed.

    However, I need to add in 2 other…

  • Email pdf of purchase order directly from workflow

  • Workflow email address not pulling from default address

    We have a workflow set up to send Invoices.  The Recipient is set as [G:BPA]WEB(0).  We have found that if a customer has a Ship-to addresses set up, the workflow is picking up the email from the ship-to and not the default address - the "Bill-to" address…

  • Workflow Messages in basic text format


    Can you please confirm for me that the Setup>Workflow rules>Messages  are all basic text format and there is no way to utilise HTML to improve their formatting.

    If so is anyone aware of any planned changes to this area, we are finding that it…