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  • Workflow Rule - Operations

    Good afternoon Folks 

    Does anyone have a good guide to what the operations all mean?  I'm trying to have this send 30 days before the date in the field, but I dont think create or modify will work for an even like this.  

  • What are the steps and documentation required for a post implementation support of a SAGE X3 ERP?

    Hello Guys,

    I am just a newbie here in this forum and hoping to get along with you all.

    Moreover, I am about to support a newly implemented ERP system in-house through a post implementation phase and am just wondering what are the proper steps and documentations…



    Can someone provide step by step on setting up workflow or notification in sagex3. I looked online and could not find anything. I just want to start from the basic like a PO is created, it needs to be approved before it is posted/finalized. Or when…