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  • Workflow rules: mail notification after create QC analysis requests


    Im looking for solution to create Worfkflow rule/Notification that will return email after create "Analysis requests" from production declaration or receipts.

    Everything what i get so far is email notification only from modification or…

  • Signing workflow without login

    Hi all,

    Why Sage X3 opens login window when a user sign an SOH from an emailed workflow message. How could this be omitted.


  • Product Status definitions

    Hello, the on line support list product status definitions as follows:

    • First value: Active — The product is available for all the processes.
    • Second value: In development
    • Third value: Shortage — The product does not appear in search results, but can…
  • email content format


    Anyone having idea on email content format using workflow rule. We can able to format the text like below screen shot using "ASYRMAIL.ASEND_MAIL" .

    But we can not send approval URL links to email from above function .

    Is that possible…

  • What are the steps and documentation required for a post implementation support of a SAGE X3 ERP?

    Hello Guys,

    I am just a newbie here in this forum and hoping to get along with you all.

    Moreover, I am about to support a newly implemented ERP system in-house through a post implementation phase and am just wondering what are the proper steps and documentations…