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  • Approve/Reject link in Workflow Email

    We have configured X3 workflow for Purchase Request and Purchase Orders. On the email, its gives a link to 'Approve', and link to 'Reject'. Instead of showing up the two line link for each, can we replace it with button called 'Accept' and 'Reject…

  • Customize the "Reply to" field of emails associated with workflows sent from mail server

    Hi there, 
    We are parameterizing and adjusting a Sage X3 V6 installation,
    We have different workflows configured in different modules of Sage, one of them corresponds to the module of purchases.
    The workflows are currently sent from the users mail client…
  • email address of user in workflow


    I'm calling a workflow from within a SPE process on the Sales Order using this:


    this works fine and all pre-configured email addresses in the workflow get emailed.

    However, I need to add in 2 other…