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  • How to default the start and end date for reports

    In this blog, we will look at how to setup default start and end dates for reports. This "default" option is useful to save you time when running a lot of reports which will have the same start and end dates. The default start and end dates can still…

  • Change the default reports directory from local to company location ?


    How do you change the default reports directory from local to company location ?

  • Set Territory to User Home Territory

    I would think that when a user creates a new person, company, communication, etc. that the territory field would be set to the users home territory. This doesn't seem to be the case. Our default territory is set to Worldwide. I found a couple of posting…

  • Classic Outlook Integration Default Team Sync

    I'm a system admin who is fairly new to Sage. Our company uses the Outlook integration plugin versus the exchange integration for security/server reasons. When users sync appointments or tasks from Outlook to Sage, it automatically defaults the "team…

  • Default Nominal Accounts Including Cost Centres


    I am currently testing foreign currency on our training company.

    FX Profit/(Loss) revaluations are done automatically once Invoice and Payment have been allocated.

    I have the FX Nominal account set up against 'Exchange Differences' in the Default…

  • Report export defaults

    1.  I would like to be able to change the default format for exported reports from pdf to csv. Ideally I would like to have a csv default for some reports and a pdf default for other reports.

    2.  I would like to change the default name for all reports to…

  • Re-Enabling List views on Sage 200 2013

    Within Sage 200 2013, the main views that are available are workspaces.  If you want to bring the list views back, then you can amend the settings in Tools > Options > Tick the Show Legacy List and Dashboard Views.  Then press Apply and Save.  You…
  • How to set T1 Code as default in Sage while making payments to vendors?


    I have recently moved by Data to a New Sage File as the old file was so heavy after years of data on it. The Company credentials were created as per the original file but when I am adding Opening Balance and adding payment to suppliers, it is picking…

  • default printer - how do you set

    Hi using Instant Payroll for first time since year end = my reports keep hanging as no default printer - where is this set ?

  • Set Default Selection not working

    I had created a bunch of assemblies that included items to be selected at takeoff.  For those items I had selected a "Set Default Selection" so that in the takeoff window the list would automatically go to the appropriate phase and item.  Now…

  • Subcontract Location for each line

    On the subcon order screen, how can I put a default value for each line on the order. 

  • Default Order Type

    How can I make the type not default to anything and make the user pick an option. 

  • Bill Layout - No Charge time - don't want it to show on the invoice

    Is there a way to keep the "No Charge" time from appearing on an invoice?

  • Setting a default payment structure?

    I'm using Timeslips 2008 and running into a problem. We typically bill clients according to a pretty straightforward tier system. National clients get one rate, locals another, and indigent clients yet another rate.

    How might I set up these default…