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  • How to create a new index that supports the "Include" option on an X3 table?

    It's always the way isn't it?  You don't see any articles about creating indexes then several come all at once!   Chris Hann recently wrote the article "How to use the Database Optimization function" but what if you want to create a new…

  • Error when update company database with custom sql query

    Hi all,

    I have a sql script and previously successfully updated to Sage 200 company database. Now I add the following line

    EXECUTE spCreateColumn 'UnprintedInvoice', 'FormNumber', 'bigint', '13', '2', 1, 0, 0, 1, '0', 'None'
    EXECUTE spCreateTable …

  • Error when query table from custom database

    Hi all,

    I have a custom database(not company database) to store information to be retrieve by all companies in a custom form. I am able to query its table using plain query in MSSQL Management Studio.

    With Sage 200, I am able to make a connection to the…

  • Is it possible to do an insert, read, update, delete on tblParameter on configuration database

    Hi all,

    I see there is tblParameter in configuration table, I would like to store my key value such as custom database name, servername, username, and password in tblParameter to be used in my custom form.

    In Sage.MMSAdmin.DBSchema.Others, I see there…

  • Create custom database using AddIn.sql failed with SQL error

    Hi all,

    I want to create a custom database using addIn.sql file from an Add on, so user do not have to go to MSSQL to create himself. But I have problem installing the add on because of this error:

    "CREATE DATABASE statement not allowed within multi…

  • Accessing custom database from company after login

    Hi all,

    I want to create a program where all companies in Sage 200 should be able to access and the data provided in this program should be stored in a custom database, not individual company database. I assume for the create database query, I can add…

  • How do I find out where a data inconsistency is between debits and credits?

    I ran a data integrity report and everything is balanced except my total debits and credits.  I have run an "ALL JOURNALS" report going back to our first year of operation in 2011 and every year shows a balance between total debits and credits.…

  • BKENTD LINE field keep updating every update

    Hi all,

    I am doing customization on Bank Entry Screen using ISV module called Extender. But that is not the problem. 

    I notice that, on the Bank entry grid, every time I add new line, the LINE value will auto decrement -1,-2,-3. if I remove -2, and add…

  • Custom Database Tables

    I've done a little work with User-Defined Tables (UDTs), but I've read they have limitations:  Single-column primary keys and no support for indexes.

    If I want to use tables that don't have these limitations, what is the correct approach?  I…

  • Complex database password causes fatal error after installation 2021 R1

    A too complex database password will cause this error after installation.

    - Access violation at address 1A90D5A3 in module 'eware.dll'. Read of address 00000000 -

    Why is it not possible to set complex database passwords?
    Why doesn't the installation…

  • Need help with Taxable vs Nontaxable discounts on invoices.


    We are trying to set up an invoice report for a 3rd party company to help us manage our taxes. They require that we put taxable amounts on one row, and non taxable amounts on another row per invoice as we have some invoices that have both taxable…

  • Set existing field unique

    Hi all,

    I want to make the email field in AR Customer unique, means only 1 email for 1 customer only.

    How can I do that? I assume I just set the email to be unique in database level, is there any implication to expect? Thank you

  • error system.OutofMemoryException creating report in Report Writer


    Knowledgebase article says:

    "Error: Exception of type System.OutOfMemoryException was thrown running the 6-1-2 report (version 19 and earlier)

    Enhance export to MS Excel engine Exception of type System.OutofMemoryException was thrown Job has more…

  • Question regarding Invoice Table relationships.


    I am trying to put together a report for tax purposes and am not confident I am pulling paid invoices correctly. 

    My initial thought was that all invoices in the ar_invoicehistoryheader table were paid, but I was told that these invoices are 'completed…

  • change Sage CRM Company/database back and forth for demonstration purposes

    Hi all, 

    my colleagues and I are having a problem during the demonstration for different prospect. We would like to create a different CRM Company/databases for every business field so we can kick off the demonstration at the right angle and show how we…

  • "Updating Job Cost Phase" Database From Estimate

    I have updated few "JC phase"  items in the estimate and then tried to update these item in "DATA Base" with utilizing


    I have gone through all steps from inserting "Update DB" col and check make the items and also followed all…

  • Connect Existing DB Server to Brand New App Server

    Has anyone had to create a new V11 (or really any version) application server and connect it to an existing SQL Database server? Assume we don't have access to the old app server (although we might).

    I have some ideas, but I'd like to know how others…

  • Cannot Start a New Year

    I am running Sage 50 Premium Accounting with Payroll version 2021.1 and trying to roll over to a new year.  When I go into Maintenance -> Start new year.  The error that comes up is:  Sage 50 - Duplicate Entry.  You have entered a value that has been assigned…

  • Column name for Invoice and Credit notes same/separate sequence selection

    Hi all,

    I am looking for the column name of
    "Use the same sequence of numbers for both invoices and credit notes" and
    "use separate sequences of numbers for invoices and credit notes"
    from Sales Order Processing>View Invoice and Order…

  • Historical Item Sales by customer - using SQL

    Good morning, 

    I am using the below SQL statement to get a sales per item number from my Sales History tables (OESHHD and OESHDT) as well as item cost in my Sales Posting Journal tables (OEAUDH and OEAUDD). However, when I compare my sql output my Sage300…

  • Connection to the Sage 50 Accounting 2018 Database

    Good morning everyone

    I would like to know if it is possible to make a connection to the Sage 50 DB, I currently have the US 2018 version.
    The reason is because I would like to be able to get information with a separate development and if it is possible…

  • Sage 50 Cannot open the database

    Environment : 

    Sage 50 version 2021 ( Canada ) recently upgraded from Sage 50 version 2020 ( Canada ).   

    The .SAI and .SAJ files are stored on Microsoft OneDrive. My has been activated and the Microsoft 365 Integration feature…

  • Connection errors multiple times a day


    I have a client who keeps getting connection errors multiple times a day on multiple workstations.

    They only get these on workstations (not on the terminal server). The terminal server, app server and SQL server are all VMs on a host. They are…

  • EIR Excel Integration

    Hi All,

    I am running Sage Accounts Production 18.40 and trying to connect to excel (Microsoft 365 64 bit) but neither the Sage tab nor the COM Add Ins are appearing in excel to make the connection.

    Does anyone know what download is needed to make the…

  • Multiuser issues

    I was recently added as a user on Sage 50 premium CA and we have discovered that anything I post/enter is not updating/transferring to the other users and vice versa.

    We have installed the new update and refreshed multiple times, but nothing seems to…