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  • Sage 50 to JobBoss Integration ? Help ?

    We recently purchased "JobBoss" an ECI manufacturing ERP software. Have any Canadian users with Sage 50 used this software?

  • Upgrade to batch invoicing (Customer module) needed to enable much quicker invoicing


    These days majority of us use Excel templates to upload data to SAGE 50. The issue I would like to raise with SAGE is uploading 'batch invoices' (Customer module). Invoices uploaded via excel spreadsheet (or just posted on SAGE as batch) do…

  • Credit Control for Customer in Sage x3

    We have enabled Credit Customer for Customer in Sage X3 V11. When we run Credit Hold /Credit Release function, it reinstates the 'Credit Check', if its 'Hold' customer, if credits are cleared. If the user wants to 'Hold' a customer for another business…

  • Promote to Sage 300

    Hi we are having an issue with our Sage CRM and promoting to Sage 300.

    We haven't used this function before resulting in a lot of duplicate customers being in CRM. This is because we have them entered as prospects and then we sent them up as actual customers…

  • Switching between multiple Contacts within a single customer when creating Quotes and Invoices

    When creating quotes and Invoices we regularly need to switch between customer contacts to ensure that the correct name appears on the invoice. This is usually for larger organisations where the cost centre is the same but the department or person requesting…

  • Adding my account number with a customer onto an invoice

    I'm new to sage, so this may be obvious but I can't find out how to do this.

    I have created a customer, and when I invoice them I have to include my "supplier reference" they give me on all invoices etc.  This reference is longer than…

  • Why is the 'Use Default Tax Code for Sales' tick box greyed out?


    On a couple of my customers, the tick box for 'Use Default Tax Code for Sales' is greyed out, when T22 is selected as the Default Tax code. Does anybody know what may be causing this? I've never seen it greyed out before and don't know what could…

  • Get All customers, vendors details using .Net SDK


    How can i get data of all customers and vendors using .NET SDK ?

    In Development Guide I can see there is a method "Load by name", which can only return 1 Customer/Vendor. 

    But I want to retrieve all the Customers/Vendors. Is it possible…

  • "Credit status" field on the open order / "credit control" field on the customer

    When creating an open order, the "Credit status" field is populated according to the value of the customer's "Credit control" field :
    If the customer "credit control" is set to "Hold", then the open order "Credit status" field is…

  • Debtors Manager: Follow up on payments

    Debtors Manager: Follow up on payments

    Stay on top of late payments with a deeper analysis of who owes you cash, how much, and by when.​ Setup an automated workflow that helps track and facilitate the collection of outstanding payments. This gives business…

  • Debtors Manager: Follow up on payments

    Debtors Manager: Follow up on payments

    Stay on top of late payments with a deeper analysis of who owes you cash, how much, and by when.​ Setup an automated workflow that helps track and facilitate the collection of outstanding payments. This gives business…

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting : Refunds in more than one part for partially paid sales invoices

    I have some refunds to enter in two parts ie the refunds will take place at 2 different dates.

    The initial invoice was either paid in full or partially paid by the customers.

    This is what I have done so far:

    1. Invoice raised for £500 for Accommodation…

  • Peachtree 2011 Customer Stopped Payment on Check already Applied to Invoice in Previous Month


    Had a customer stop payment on a check that has already been applied to the customer's invoice last month. Our bank did charge us a fee, however; the customer is not planning on paying for this invoice or any fees associated with the stop payment…

  • How to Add Multi-currency

  • How to Add Multi-currency

  • How to Edit Customer Invoice

  • How to Edit Customer Invoice

  • Peachtree 2011 Question pertaining to a credit on a customer account


    I would like to know if there are different results when a credit to a customer account is created by generating a new sales/invoice with a negative quantity & negative amount as the invoice amount vs creating an actual credit memo as per the typical…

  • Age Analysis 150+ Days

    Good day,

    My client is using Sage 50cloud Partner.

    They need their Customer Age Analysis to show up to 150+ Days.  At the moment it only shows up to 120+ Days.

    The report needs an extra column to show 150+ and then 120+ must change to just 120.

    Is this…

  • How do I find my customer and base serial number?

    You will require these details for many things like:

    • Registration
    • Acquiring support via email, chat or telephone
    • Logging into the customer/reseller zones
    • Purchasing new modules etc.

    In order to find these very important details in Sage 50cloud Pastel…

  • Format of BP Site tax ID - help

    This is the set up for France in my X3.

    Please help guide me on an example of how the tax ID should be formatted for the CRN field in BPARTNER

  • Suggestion about the note management for the products, customers, suppliers.

    The notes of products, customers, suppliers are only displayed when manually entering their codes in a distribution voucher (order, delivery, receipt, invoice).

    For example, the note of a product can be displayed when entering the product in a delivery…

  • Edit a customer CODE in TAS Books 2

    I would like to Edit a customer code. The only suggestion i could locate for this is to use the 'Maintain Customers' option

    2. Sales >  1. Customers >  1.Maintain Customers

    However in doing so - it seems the CODE cannot be edited.

    in fact…

  • Show only outstanding transactions in customer and supplier activity

    To quickly see only outstanding transactions in your customer and supplier activity windows, you can click the O/S Only check box. 

    Watch a quick demo > 

  • Is your company experienced enough ?

    The April 23rd seminar with Management Today was very interesting - in a number of ways.

    Firstly, it was a fabulous venue for a briefing - One Alfred Place in Bloomsbury, filled with sofas & deep armchairs - was a stunning contemporary setting for…