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  • Add subtotal and total tax to bottom of invoice

    I have already figured out how to add the subtotal as a separate line item, but is there a way to get the subtotal and total tax to appear at the bottom of a custom invoice? Somewhere just above the total instead of as a line item.

    I don't like how it…

  • What is a System backup and why do I need to make one?

    System backup frequently asked questions:

    When backing up I notice that there is a company listed called System, what is this company? 

    When selecting the System company you are choosing to back up your users and passwords, security settings registration…

  • Add a searchable field to the invoice form?

    We have customers that use Purchase Orders.  I see the DO/Quote No. field, and I have added it to print on our invoice form, but it is not searchable as is.  Is there a way to add a searchable field in the invoice form?

  • Crystal Reports for custom invoice

    Does anyone have any experience with creating a custom invoice, perhaps using Crystal Reports?

    The native forms designer does not seem to allow the addition of additional columns on the invoice to separate by transaction type (i.e. labor, items, equipment…

  • Need Help in connecting sage50 to crystal report


    I need help in connecting sage50 to crystal report. I have some problem in configuring the ODBC Administrator in the crystal report.

    I noticed that before, in the ODBC Administrator window, you can easily choose options such as Sage50: Last opened…

  • Accounting your way: Sage 50 customization with Sage Expert Services

    How do you know when you need to call in an expert?

    Have you ever been running reports but can’t seem to get the information you’re looking for? Printed an invoice only to find the details aren’t showing up?  Or sent out statements only…

  • Introducing Sage Expert Services for Sage 50

    Sage is proud to introduce our latest service offering: Sage Expert Services for Sage 50—U.S. Edition

    Designed to deliver an extraordinary customer experience with personalized results at a competitive rate, Sage Expert Services gives you scheduled…

  • Sage100 - Copy Custom AP Check Form to all company codes.

    I was trying to use Report Manager to copy the form from the company code that I created it in to all companies.  It shows in the Report Manager and after I create the form code in the other company it is using the standard form.  I have 250 companies that…

  • Default report directory

    Do the later versions still use C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage 50 Pro Accounting XXXX\Forms ?

    i.e. I keep mine in my \Documents\SageForms\ because they are customized, I want them backed up daily along with the rest of my documents.  Program Files is backed…

  • Summer school starts June 02!

    Check out our lineup and save 15%!  Enter code 50UKB0616:

    06/02 – Reconciling bank accounts

    06/03 – Closing your fiscal & payroll years

    06/07 – Time & Expense ticket essentials

    06/09 – Job Costing

    06/10 – Accelerated…

  • User defined cheques


    I've created a custom form (cheques).  I've gone into reports and forms and changed to "user defined" and attached my custom form file and clicked "ok".

    It doesn't seem to take. When I go back into reports and forms it…

  • creating a custom Income Statement

    I have the following 4 revenue accounts: Part (4010). Labour (4020) Paint (4030) and Rentals (4040).  I also have the cost of goods that correspond with these: Parts (5010), Labour (5020) Paint (5030) and Rentals (5040).

    Is there any way I can generate…

  • Setting up invoice problem - multiple units need to be calculated

    I'm setting up the company for the first time in Sage 50 Pro. I need to set up the invoice so it can multiply a number of units by a number of miles and by base price per mile to get the milage cost.

    A standard invoice I will have to run would be…

  • End of Crystal Reports

    Our company is one of those that have our forms running through Crystal reports.

     I understand that this feature is going to end as of the June update.  I have been looking at the built in Sage 50 form customization feature and I find that we are not given…

  • Print a Description on Cheques


    I would like to print the item descriptions on my payment cheques.  I can't see any way of Customizing a Sage 50 Form for this.  

    I have looked in the forums and found a suggestion to use the "OCR Multip-Purp AP Detail Laser" form.  This…

  • Custom Forms for sales invoice.

    While customizing a form for a new client, I accidentally deleted the box that showed the terms (net 30 days). Is there a way to get this back without starting over because everything else is perfect on this invoice.