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  • Forecasting

    Our company needs to report on forecasting by client rather than by sage crm user. Does anyone have ideas on how we could go about this as we have been told that we would need to look at customization, which comes at a cost? We have about 12 blue chip…

  • Removing (or Hiding) the Quick Appointment Bar

    Out sales guys are required to create an schedule with companies attached. Previously they created them in Outlook, and upon syncing it would be on their calendar. Well they're required to attach a company to these appointments (and person if available…

  • Checking Opportunity Fields On Save Button in Workflow

    CRM 6.2.i

    We have MAS 200 integrated with with our CRM. So when they create a new opportunity, they click on the "New Quote" button (in the Quotes tab) or "New Order" in the Orders tab and MAS pops up to allow them to fill in the information. After they…

  • Getting Field generated Case Reference ID in CreateScript


    Is there a way on the New Case screen to get the generated Case_referenceid in the CreateScript for another field.

    What I need to do is have a caption link to an external site. The link will for instance be

    This will…

  • Starting a New Opportunity from One Workflow to Another

    CRM 6.2.i
    Let’s say I have two opportunities (prebid and postbid). Each has their own set of fields that are displayed depending on which is chosen. I’ve done this with an if statement (for example):
    var oppoType = CRM.GetContextInfo("opportunity…

  • Setting field values on screen


    What I'm trying to do is to set a range of fields from one field's oncreate script.

    I have an address line 1, address line 2 ...

    I want to do a SQL lookup on address 1 and from there set the value for address line 1 and address line…

  • Adding Filter Screen to Company Entity

    CRM 6.2.i

    I created a new tab with a list to show opportunities that are related to a different company.

    The next hurdle is getting that filter guy to pop up on the right. I found a post for it, but I'm still muddling…

  • Creating a Tab to Show Related Company Opportunities

    CRM 6.2.i

    The word has been passed down to me that in addition to the opportunities tab in a company; an engineering tab needs to be added.

    Management LOVES the pipeline (you can see some of my other posts of projects that I need to get done) and…

  • Entities based on Custom views

    Good day

    This is so trivial thing but I could not find anything on the community.

    What I want to do is to create a view in the CRM DB and create an entity in CRM with that view as the basis. I need to expose the values I get from this view in an…