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  • Sage CRM Opportunity Custom Content - Get current workflow ID

    I'm preparing to migrate our opportunity workflow to a new one, and need to include a bit of javascript in the screens custom content to hide/show some fields based on the workflow the opportunity is following. 

    I have no issue with the hide/show part…

  • Having issues with OnChange Scripts

    I've been trying solutions recommended by similar posts on the forums, verifying to the best of my knowledge that my Javascript syntax is correct, and I'm still having issues.

    I'm trying to display a field "Duration of Rental" only if the Opportunity…

  • Workflow Calculated Currency Value Not Saving


    I am having issues with saving a read only calculated currency value to our database from a workflow screen.

    I have a custom JS function that is updating all of the values on screen.

    The screenshot below shows the section of the workflow action screen…

  • Change the colour of text in a field.

    Hi ,

    In our company screen, I'm trying to figure out how to change the colors of the contents of a RAG Status field we have (comp_rayg) based on the field data. For instance, if a RAG status is set to Green, I want the word "Green" to be Green, and…

  • Multiple selection drop down

    I have a need to create a field (to be called Trade) within the Company entity that will allow the user to select multiple items from a predefined list of up to 100 items.

    This Trade field will be used by users to find companies that provide specific…

  • How do I add my custom report in Report Menu - right click panel area list using jQuery?

    Dear All,

    I want below result using jQuery to add highlighted sublist item(name could be say - Team Report 1).

    Kindly let me know how can we achieve above ? - not using sage customization way.

  • Sage ERP 300 or Sage CRM Barcode Add-on (ACCPAC)

    Dark Fibre Africa requires an Barcode Add-on for CRM to enable us to manage our assets. Android and iPhone Barcode Scanner Apps which will integrate into CRM/ACCPAC is needed when scanning the barcodes in the field. Please help with any recommendations…
  • Sage CRM 7.2 - Adding 'New Person' link/button on Enbu CRM Resource Planner screen


    I'm very new with Sage CRM development and now, I'm trying to achieve to put a button on Customer entity screen.

    When you go to 'Communication' -> 'New Appointment', there's 'New Person' link on screen which when you clicks it, it will pop…

  • Sage CRM 7.2: Set DefaultValue not update at the first time


    I'm doing calculation to find remaining day of the membership. Everything looks find except when I set 'DefaultValue', it was not updated at the first time.

    For instance, today date = 21 Feb and membership expiry date = 28 Feb so Days…

  • Gender & Salutations Script


    In regards to Gender & Salutations, I'm looking to create a script in which, for example, if "Male" is selected then it only shows "Mr, Sir, etc".

    Would anyone know where to start with this?

    Thanks in advance.

  • add link image to panel or screen


    How can i do this in .net SDK i try but not work

  • HTML rendering in support.js file email.body in case_details field in Cases

    Running into a issue with the support.js file and incoming tickets. We have a issue where the html is not getting parsed out and is being displayed on the case and is showing the html and headers from the email making it very hard to read. I know there…

  • Getting Field generated Case Reference ID in CreateScript


    Is there a way on the New Case screen to get the generated Case_referenceid in the CreateScript for another field.

    What I need to do is have a caption link to an external site. The link will for instance be

    This will…

  • (Solved) Disable an Advance Search Field

    Hi all,

    We are customizing out Opportunity Summary Screen and would like to disable an advance search using an on change script.

    The script is attached to the oppo_location field and appears to work with standard text fields, but has no effect on an advanced…

  • Hiding Workflow rules from certain territories


    I am trying to hide a workflow rule from certain territories, but the scripts I am running end up displaying for all, or hiding for all.

    Please could someone take a look and advise where I am going wrong?

    Some of the scripts I have used are belo…