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  • EOleException in Custom Email Preview Gadget


    currently we are working on building a custom gadget for one of our customers to help him process incoming emails inside the crm.

    The gadget we are working on alows a user to preview the incoming emails and assign them to a team and user.

    On the…

  • Issue Time In Dashboard


    Issue about "Date\Time" field inside the Dashboard.

    The time in dashboard different the time in summary screen.

    Example: Date/Time in the dashboard is : 11/03/2017 9:00 AM in the summary screen is : 11/03/2017 11:00 AM.

    Notice: The

  • Viewing schedule in Team CRM

    I am unable to view my team's schedule in Team CRM for the current week. When I go back one week or farther I can see the scheduled appointments but not for the current week. But when I am viewing schedule in All Teams I can see the current scheduled…

  • Duration Field

    Good afternoon,

    I was wondering whether it was possible to have a field which displays the length of time a case has been at a certain stage? Unless there is a way to pull through the information from the tracking tab? The end result would be to get…

  • Change shown Field after select in Advanced Search Field (f.e. in new communication)


    i've got a simple question. After you choose a - f.e. - Company from an advanced search field (like in any communication) there's always their full phone number under the text field.

    How can i change data is shown when i select a company…

  • Interactive Dashboard Custom URL's

    We have developed an Interactive Dashboard to show a variety of information that is driven by the user selection of a customer.

    One of the gadgets shows a list of Future Commodity prices by Customer Address.

    We have a custom asp page that shows the…

  • Forecasting

    Our company needs to report on forecasting by client rather than by sage crm user. Does anyone have ideas on how we could go about this as we have been told that we would need to look at customization, which comes at a cost? We have about 12 blue chip…

  • Current CRM User and external webpage

    I created adashboard gadget that is a HTML page displaying Sage100 information. What i would like to do it have the HTML page redirect based on the current user that is logged into CRM.

    Is it possible for me to extract what the login is of the current…

  • Sage CRM CloudCall - Be part of the SYNETY Partner Network

    Partner Account Manager of an extremely exciting, cutting edge cloud services software company. SYNETY CloudCall enhances your existing Cloud Services by integrating voice communications.

    SYNETY provides CloudCall Partners and their customers fantastic…