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  • Add the ability to add a credit line to a purchase order

    Sometimes if we receive quotes for products they are individually discounted by percentage, sometimes they just have an amount deducted off the bottom. This leads to PO's and importantly VAT not being correct. For example, i have a quote in front of me…

  • How do we enter/record Cash Deposit to checking account & credit job cost/cost code? (Sage 100)

    We received a $ refund from a deposit we made on a water meter. We originally coded the full cost of the meter to a job. How do I record the cash refund we received back to our checking account & also credit the job cost the amount of the refund? Thank…

  • Customise your invoice and credit note layouts

    In Sage 50cloud Accounts you can use Report Designer to customise your invoice and credit note layouts.

    You can make basic changes such as adding your company logo and bank details, or create a completely bespoke design.

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  • Credit

    I am posting a credit for a client (before being billed)  and it is not accepting the entire amount.  I played around with the Apply Details but did not find a solution.  This seems to happen every so often.  Thank you.

  • Blocking sales orders for overdue invoices (Due Date Exceded)

    Just a quick one related to over due invoices. Lets assume, there is a customer who has not exceeded the credit limit, but his outstanding invoices are overdue (Exceeded the due date). Is there a possibility to block sales order in this instance similar…

  • Purchase Return and Customer Return

    Accounting has validated a Purchase return where on the grid the option to generate a credit memo was set to "NO". It needs to be set to "YES"

    The purchase return also creates customer return that has not been approved.

    How can…

  • Control Credit Limit when in MRP Suggestions SO

    Hi guys,

    Is there a way to control if SO are not considered in MRP Suggestions when the credit limit of the sales order is not OK? We don't want the POS to be generated if the Sales Order is not Credit OK.


  • Sugestões do MRP influenciadas pelo controlo de credito do cliente

    Olá a todos!

    Para a seguinte situação:

    Encomenda de Venda com artigo que é composto (nom. produção) por outros 3 artigos;

    Corrremos o MRP, e aparece a Encomenda de Venda como sugestão e as respectivas PO como…

  • Return Freight Credit from original original invoice

    I'm needing some help with crediting freight back to the customer from a return. It seems like the system can do this without me having to manually add in freight charged to the original invoice.

    My question's:

    Do I need to create a default reason…

  • Crediting Loan Invoiced Shipments

    Is there a way to credit, having the stock also returned, for loan invoiced shipments in X3?

    Scenario, all sales for this client are done as loans.

    Once the stock is consumed, they are notified by the customers and then the client invoices the customer…

  • Expense Credit Doesn't Show on Expense Report

    We accidentally charged a client twice for an expense. We are not able to undo the bill. When we do a Memo of Costs for the court it does not show that we applied a credit for the expense that was accidentally billed twice, therefore we always have to…

  • electronic billing -- third-party processor reduced our payment

    Our new third-party processor cut out $210.00 of fees we billed on our first electronically generated bill.  Is there a "standard" out in the world about how to handle this situation?  Do we go ahead and approve the original bill, then show CREDITS…

  • PO Return and PO Debit/Credit Note Entry

    1. Does PO return entry just return items back into inventory? Or does it also change the amount of the invoice by the amount that was returned.

    2. Does PO debit/credit note entry add/subtract from the cost of inventory? or just from the A/P invoice…

  • Cash is King - Part 4 or Money Out!

    Stacked coins

    Principle # 3 of Good Cashflow Management involves the careful consideration of how you parcel out your money. No, I’m not about to turn you into a tight fisted Scrooge, but some of what I’m about to say will seem like the polar opposite of what I talked…

  • Historical Transactions and Credit Note

    For this year...

    Dec. 24, 2012  =  service charge on RBC chequing account for $1.50 and entered in Sage 50 as a historical transaction for RBC

    Jan. 11, 2013  =  the service charge of $1.50 is credited to the chequing account

    What is the 2013 entry to show…

  • How To Track Borrowing

    I'm wondering if someone can help me.  My business will be borrowing $25,000 from our personal credit line, but I'm not sure how to track it in Sage.  We will be paying the money back with 6.31% interest.  Can someone tell me how to put all this…

  • Processing AR Customer Refunds

    How do you process a Customer Refunds in AR? Do you simply enter in an AR Credit or cut a check?