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  • Need some help with possible data inconsistency

    Hi Everyone :),

    First time here so please go easy on me.

    I am in charge of IT at this institute and yesterday my CFO called me and said that the accountants told her about a wrong entry that has been made couple of years back (3).

    the entry is to the…

  • Can't start new year

    I spent the day reading forums and trying to find a solution and I don't know what to do even though I think I isolated the source of the problem.

    The problem : 

    I can't start a new year. When I do so I get this error message : 

    An error occurred…

  • HELP! Timeslips Errors

    I am trying to support a client running Timeslips 2006 (I know, I know), and he is received error messages when opening the program: "your database has an error in an index file. This is not dangerous to your data and can be easily corrected"...and so…

  • Urgently need assistance with a Business works 2011 data corruption

    I have a client who I just started with. They are seeing lots of issues which look like bad data corruption. The previous guy recommended they reboot the server whenever things hung up, so I think whole batches of data have been lost. BW still functions…

  • Assets Database is getting corrupted about every 6 months


    We have a client with Sage Fixed Assets. This is based on SQL server. They access the program right on the server through Citrix Terminal Server, but twice this year,

    they got mysterious corruptions in the database.



    They normally do not log in directly…

  • GLJED CompanyID field with incorrect company ID

    We have noticed that the CompanyID field in the GLJED table does not tie up with the actual company AUDTORG field.

    The bulk of the record have the correct company ID, however many have either blanks or random company ID's

    I have checked this at several…

  • SQL Database corruption

    While trying to restore a SQL server backup for one of our Sage databases, the process returned a restore error. Upon research i found out that the DB may have been corrupted. What can be done to recover from this?


  • Sage 100 BoI corrupt records with extended ascii

    We're currently on Sage 100 2014 (Non SQL) and we're currently running into the issues where we are being sent names containing certain ranges of extended ascii characters.

    For now, we are going to limit ourselves to the first 127 in the ascii…

  • Providex ODBC Invalid Date - Corrupt Date?

    Have an issue with what I believe is a corrupted date value.  It resides in purchase order detail required date and PO header PO date.

    Running the open order report on "required expire date" for date greater than 12/30 will result in "Vendor Code 9" database…

  • Rebuilding Key Files

    Once every 1-2 weeks I rebuild all sort files and am wondering if I should also be rebuilding the key files? Is there any risk/downside to rebuilding the key files? Also, when I am running the utility do I want Integrity Check and Optimize File checked…

  • Key File Rebuild and Optimize removes all records.

    Our Sage 100 version 4.40 server had a few files fail the integrity test with either read or write errors.  I selected OK to rebuild them but now all the records are gone.  The log file shows all the records were recovered.

    Is this normal?

    I can import…

  • Rebuilding Sort Files Automatically

    Once every 1-2 weeks or so I have to get in after hours to rebuild sort files, in our old business system a similar process was scheduled to run each night. Does anyone out there have a script or other method that would allow for scheduling a rebuild of…

  • Business Vision 7.53 - Error 000002 - GL.btr - also fails when rebuilding

    So I had a some power issues last week on the server, fixed that but it seems GL.BTR is corrupt.
     (i think)

    Basically cant post invoices.

    The error is in GL.BTR

    Tried this:…