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  • Moving Blocks on CRM

    Hi All,

    On the 'New Company' screen on CRM, one of our customers have asked to be able to move the blocks to that the address block is at the bottom:

    How can we best achieve this?

    Kind Regards,


  • Error creating new company after upgrade from version 2017 to version 2019

    Hi all,

    after upgrading from sage 2017 to 2019, I have problem creating new company as in image below. What could be the problem and how to solve it? Thank you.

  • Company Library Directory Missing

    I imported a bunch of company records, but none of them have a Comp_LibraryDir value. Any ideas on how I can get that to populate or fill in myself through SQL?



  • Get all companies returns bad data for first page

    Hello All,

    I'm having this issue when running the endpoint "http://{{server}}/sdata/{{install}}j/sagecrm2/-/Company" with no variables or with "startindex=1&count=10".

    For the first page I'm getting the id's (424,425,426,427…

  • Run a report/search of all companies/clients who have not been communicated with from a specific date

    I want to know if it's possible to run a report or run an advanced search to find all companies/clients where my company has not filed a communication in the company record since May 1, 2018. Is this possible to do without writing a SQL code? Is there…

  • Update GL_ActiveBatchComment Script Help

    Hello everyone, apologies if this has been asked before but I wasn't able to find something quite like this.

    We're on SAGE 100c 2018 v6.00.6.0

    I have a script I want to run on a table to update the batch comments based on a few conditions.  I…

  • Sage CRM Import Customers


    I have an issue when import customers from import Sage 300 ERP A/R Customers, all customers in the CRM updated to the customer imported.


  • Sage 50 CA Clean Re-Install Tips

    Does your machine have lots of old installs of Sage 50CA? Are you looking to wipe your system to "start" fresh? Below are resources on how to backup your data, wipe your system of Sage 50 install history and then re-install and restore your company data…

  • Year End run in wrong company.

    Good Morning community,

    Year End is in full swing and as such there are some common FAQ's and errors that are coming up. 

    One of these is that after running the Year End the wrong company has been rolled over.

    For a step by step guide on how to resolve…

  • How do I Indicate Employment Equity Organ of State on Company?

    From the navigation pane:
    Expand                         Company Management
    Double Click on            Company

    In the EE Organ of State field, tick the box to indicate EE Organ of state:

  • How do I Indicate Employment Equity Organ of state on Company?

    From the navigation pane:
    Expand                         Company Management
    Double Click on            Company

    In the EE Organ of State field, tick the box to indicate EE Organ of state:

  • Create new company

    I'm trying to create a new company but copy all the information from an existing company.  Like company info, vendors, payroll employees, etc.  I can't figure out how to do it.

  • Calling Workflow in an ASP Summary Page

    This is article is based on a customer need to display workflow buttons in a an ASP page that handles company records.

    Below you can see that I have created a partial rebuild of the company summary screen.

    Since this example is based on the Company Summary…

  • Hold the Phone! A round up of articles that discuss Phone Numbers in Sage CRM

    In Sage CRM development around phone numbers and email addresses needs careful thought. This is because Sage CRM "entities" can be complex. For example, the information for a Company consists of a company record, a default person record and a default…

  • Why do Phone numbers appear in the Company and Person screens when they are stored in the Phone table?

    This is a follow-up to the article I wrote previously called "Understanding the CRMEmailPhoneData table".

    That article explained that the CRMEmailPhoneData is a utility table and that its job is to speed up reports. It holds a row for each company…

  • Understanding the CRMEmailPhoneData table

    If you have spent time looking at the way in which views are constructed in Sage CRM then you may have found the CRMEmailPhoneData table referenced and wondered what is the table's purpose.

    I asked a colleague in our development team for some help…

  • Creating a Codeless Extra Entry Tab for a System Entity using Runblock.

    A customer had the requirement to add a new tab option to the company tabs next to the summary tab option. The tab would contain additional fields that have been added to the company table. In addition the tab and the fields should only be available…

  • Working with Default Company Addresses

    If you need to list company default/main addresses you can link from the Company to the Address table. You don't need to link to the address_link table. The address link table is used to keep details about the alternative addresses that might…

  • Using A Company Interactive Dashboard to Create a Person Summary Screen

    A customer had the requirement to create a single screen with the basic contact details for the person plus information relating to that person's opportunities, case etc.

    By creating a Company Dashboard we can drill down into an individual person…

  • Using a Create Script to control a Search Screen

    The screen below shows the default company search screen. You can see that a user can search for "Inactive" companies.


    A customer might have the need to stop users from including "Inactive" companies in their searches.…

  • Add an Additional Address to an Existing Company and Person using SOAP Web Services

    Below is some simple C# code that shows how to add a new Address to an existing company. The address is inserted and linked to the company and the default contact for that company.


    • The webservice object is called CRMbinding.
    • The Company…
  • Interacting Table Level Scripts: A Chain Reaction

    Consider this scenario.

    There is an UpdateRecord() event function in a TLS on the Company. When the Company assigned user is changed (comp_primaryuserid) then all the 'In Progress' opportunities belonging to that company are reassigned to the new…

  • A Table Level Script to update Opportunities when a Company is Reassigned

    A customer had the requirement that when a company was reassigned to a different account manager, the opportunities that belonged to that company that were still in progress should automatically be reassigned to the new company account manager…

  • Creating your own Import Scripts using the COM API

    Please read the article "Some thoughts on Importing Data" as background.

    The previous article discussed the different programming techniques that can be used for importing data into Sage CRM.

    • Web Services
    • COM Based Mechanisms
    • .NET API