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  • Duplicate Meeting Records

    Hello dear community,

    I have the "old" problem in CRM that communications are displayed multiple times.

    Since I installed the plugin "Component: UI changes to External Attendees (Sage CRM 2021)", the external attendees also appear as duplicates…

  • Changes in the CommunicationList have no effect

    Hello community,

    In my demo (2020 R2) I would like to customize the list of communication in the company entry and add more columns.
    However, changing the list (Administration → Customization → Communication → Communication List) has no effect.…

  • Sage CRM 2020: Suppressing Display of Duplicate Meeting Records in Company and Person Context

    A component that implements this feature can be found in the download folder "Example components and developer resources". You will need to be logged on to the community with the correct rights to be able to access this library of resources.…
  • Changing Communication list fields

    My company is using Sage CRM 7.2.e.1.

    I have had an employee ask me to change the fields included in the marketing/waves/communication list. I see that in the communication tab, it simply calls communicationlist. How can I change what columns are shown…

  • Highlight the last record viewed on the Calendar (list view)

    Is it possible to keep track of the last communication record that was viewed on the calendar in MYCRM? The users are having trouble finding the last record viewed when the list view shows 50 records per page.