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  • Deleting Nominal Codes

    I recently imported Sage 50 into Business Cloud and would really like to tidy up my Nominal Codes in the Chart of Accounts. It seems I can't delete nominal codes (even if empty)? Is there any way round this?

  • Locating your serial number

    Want to know how to locate your serial number so you can finish installing the latest Sage 50 US 2023.0 version?

    Head over to this article

  • Fields Available in Email Templates

    Email templates can be designed for use in different contexts.

    The creation of Email Templates is covered in the online documentation.

    In the image above you can see that templates can be designed for usage with certain entities. For example, if you…

  • Controlling the availability of a Company tab based on products purchased

    This article considers how the availability of a tab in the company context maybe controlled so that it is only displayed when the customer has purchased a particular product.

    The general availability of a Tab for a user is controlled by the tabs SQL…

  • Some thoughts on accessing the eMail Templates in the COM API.

    Sage CRM allows you to build email Templates and it offers 3 options for sending out emails. But only one of the options allows an obvious way of using the templates.
    1. We can use the internal email client which offers us access to the email templates…
  • #Code Usage

    The #Codes are a set of codes that indicate to CRM as the dll parses the Meta data it should substitute these references with internal function calls. These are for use where SQL is used directly as the control mechanism to limit the data returned.

  • Adding new field 'country' to Phone/Email screen

    Hi ,

    I would like to add a new drop down field country onto the Phone/email screen of the company. The phone number field of the company needs to be validated upon the country entered. As european numbers differ from other numbers, this would be better…

  • Adding a new field to 'Proposal Submitted Page'


    I am a beginner to sage crm. I played around with the application but I wanted to add a new field "probablity%" onto proposal submitted page. I tried for inline customization,but I am not able to see inline customization that page, whereas it was…

  • Sage EmailManager - error while setting eMail.body value

    Excepion: jscript error: [SafeCall Exception]: List index out of bounds (0) Line: 270 Char: 1

    Three weeks ago we upgraded our SCRM to the latest Version 2018.R2.
    And since forever we are using the Sage EmailManager to send replys to our Customers, that…

  • [SafeCall Exception]: eWare.Init not called.

    Hi Friends!

    We are working on upgrading an existing Sage CRM 7.1 to 7.3. We performed the initial upgrade for us and now we are going through all of our customizations to verify that they work and fix as needed.

    We are having trouble with our Customised…

  • Change the colour of text in a field.

    Hi ,

    In our company screen, I'm trying to figure out how to change the colors of the contents of a RAG Status field we have (comp_rayg) based on the field data. For instance, if a RAG status is set to Green, I want the word "Green" to be Green, and…

  • Library Record Creation - Sage 2017 R2 - SOAP /WEBSERVICES - Question


    Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have an issue with creating a library record via web services.

    AIM : Create a library Record -> Populate fields with data.

    Sample Code:

    ewarebase[] CRMBase = new ewarebase[1];//Allows reference to …

  • cumulative field value display in summary page


    How can I add two field value from quotation table and display in opportunity summary screen any help?



  • .net dll clears values after validate

    Good day,

    I created a simple dll to test the the validation of all required fields on a entryscreen. The validation works fine but the issue is that once validated all fields values clears and I have to fill everything in from the start. Am I missing…

  • Dynamically change captions possible?

    Currently on CRM7.3 SP1.1 - I love the new Client-Side API and know how to change field and caption appearance using crm.fields() commands but now I'd like to override the normal caption of a field based on the Opportunity Team (if oppo_channelid==8 change…

  • Case count in breach of SLA


    I am looking for some help setting up SLA's that keep count of the number of cases (regardless of the status) that a specific company has within a timeframe. (contract start-contract end).

    This being said, our clients has SLA agreements that…

  • Sage CRM with Sage Etendue

    Hello everyone,

    I am creating a quote from Sage Etendue, sometimes he adds me lines to my quote and sometimes he posts me the error below without knowing the cause!!!

    Can you help me please.

  • Date/Time Picker trouble following upgrade to 7.3 in Internet Explorer


    Since upgrading to 7.3, we've found that our time-picker has stopped working for appointments and tasks. it used to display a list with each half hour interval, but it will no longer display. This pop-up worked previously in IE11 when we were on…

  • Issue with Validating Email/Phone in Table Scripts

    I have a need to validate Phone/Email data in Sage CRM 7.2d and found a help page using Entity Level Table Scripts to validate the data.

    I took the code from the post originally written by Jeff Richards. The article can be found here https://community…

  • Bulk Opportunity edit/Save


    My sales team want to update their Open opportunity certainty value only.Is there anyway to update list of all open opportunity with editable certainty field and save with just one click.




  • Is it possible to increase the return record count value from Webservice query/queryrecord

    I am to import data using Sage CRM for that i am using the SageCRM.

    It's working perfectly ok for me but when the umport data count is huge like 500K-800K it's took so much time and seems to be waste of time.

    So is any other alternative that…

  • SageCRM QueryResult into Datatable

    Is it possible to covert queryresult or queryrecord result to convert into datatable ?

  • Export option in customize page


    I have a customise page with the data from Quotation list element.User want to export this data into excel.How can i do this?

  • Opportunity Action Buttons


    I want to provide the action (Approval,Reject,Update,Lose) links of opportunity in related primary Quotation page(Means From Quotation details page they can approve the opportunity)

    Is it possible ?any help?


  • Phone and Email Data

    Need some help. I need to understand the purpose of the table CRMEmailPhoneData. We are using 7.2d

    I am setting up Sage CRM to sync with our accounting database which is also a Sage product. However, it does not have built in sync. The product is…