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  • Recent update to Microsoft Edge affecting Chrome browser?

    Hoping someone can assist.  We have a client system where one user is experiencing issues in Sage CRM.  However, no other users in the organization are experiencing issues.  The issue is that the screen appears to be freezing in some way.  When the issue happens…

  • Enable/Disable modification of an entry

    Normally, whenever you want to create any entry in sage X3, there are two ways,
    1. either by clicking the "New Button"
    2. "Modifying the existing entry", just need to remove the entry number, press TAB, and all of the attributes of the existing…

  • SAVE button ACTION


    I need to know the $ACTION name associated to SAVE button event.

    Moreover, into my program I have an action called FIN_PICK: is this action a standard action?

    Or FIN_PICK is a custom action? In this last case, how can I find the object or event…

  • Using buttons to link to a tab created by a custom entity

    Hi everyone!

    I created a custom entity using the Advanced Customization Wizard and subsequently created a new tab that shows up in the main opportunities screen. To keep it simple the whole navigation is supposed to happen in roughly one place so that…

  • Change caption for Save button

    I have a requirement where I want to change the "default" Save button on a custom ASP page to "Confirm" rather than "Save".  Is it possible to do that?

    Can someone point me in the right direction? 

    I know that I can go into…

  • Creating a button that only shows up inside a specific workflow rule

    I am currently working on implementing a workflow in Sage CRM 2019 R2 and wanted to add a button that creates a new Quotation inside my Proposal Submitted rule.

    When creating a button group the "Proposal Submitted" screen is not an option when picking…

  • Button to refresh the screen after save

    Is it possible to refresh the current page with a button?

    I know that a user can refresh the screen by clicking the refresh button up by the URL.  However, is it possible to put the same functionality in a button on an ASP page.

    Sadly, not all users are…

  • Button to go to receipting from Order Screen

    Is it possible to add a button on the purchase order screen to allow the user to receipt?

    Or even pass the values from the order screen to the receipt screen so they can receipt without having to dig out the supplier number and site etc?

  • Identifying and controlling buttons by image names in the interface.

    The client side API allows us to remove buttons from the screen.

    Note: The 'name' of the button is case sensitive so that 'executesummaryreport.gif' is not the same as 'ExecuteSummaryReport.gif'.

    Each button can be identified…

  • Hiding a button on a Dedupe Screen in Sage CRM

    A customer had the following requirement. They wanted to be able to hide the 'Ignore Warning and Enter Company' button for all non-administration users when dedupe was turned on and when Sage CRM flags that the user is entering a duplicate company. The…

  • New Company and New Person buttons in a Custom Entity screen.

    A customer had a requirement for a summary screen for a custom entity to provide a new company and new person button similar to the core system entities within Sage CRM.

    I have assumed that the custom entity pages have been built using the classic ASP…

  • A short round up of articles about using Button Groups

    Sage CRM has a feature called Button Groups that allows a system administrator to add buttons to System Screens.

    You can add buttons to most system screens by using the Button Group feature.

  • Adding a Print Screen button to a system page using the client side API

    In this article I would like to consider 3 examples of adding a custom print button to a system screen.

    The button to be added will open a new version of the current screen that has minimal formatting which will allow the relevant information on the screen…

  • Controlling the properties of New Buttons adding using the Client Side API

    The previous article "Calling Extensions (ASP pages and .NET assemblies) from Buttons added using the Client Side API" discussed how new buttons can be added to system screens.

    This article will look at how we can add the button exactly where…

  • Calling extensions (ASP pages and .NET assemblies) from buttons added using the client side API

    The new Client Side API adds a very easy way of adding new buttons.


    The new Client Side API allows application extensions to be called. This would typically mean calling either an ASP page or…

  • Hot Keys in Different Browsers

    The article "How Sage CRM Hot Keys work" explained how Hot Keys are implemented using the hyperlink AccessKey property in a browser. That article explained how the Case Summary screen has a series of Hot Keys associated with the different actions…

  • How Sage CRM Hot Keys work

    Previous articles have discussed how Hot Keys can be added into Sage CRM.

    What these articles have not explained is how the Hot Keys…

  • Adding a Hot Key keystroke to a Custom Button (added using Button Groups)

    Sage CRM uses Hot Keys to allow users to access some screen actions using Key Strokes rather than just using the mouse. This has been discussed before in the article "Get to your data quicker using shortcuts".

    We can add new custom action buttons…

  • Adding a Button that Passes Contextual Information to an External Webpage

    You can add a button

    • In a custom ASP page
    • In a the code of a .NET assembly
    • In a an existing system screen

    Buttons in an ASP Page

    If this is in an ASP page then the code for a simple button to call an external ASP page looks like

    var strCallASPButton…

  • Controlling Button Positions in ASP pages

    A customer had a requirement to add additional buttons to a custom ASP page. These buttons had to be displayed at the bottom of the screen in a way similar to the buttons in the marketing area.

    But you can have the buttons appear anywhere you like…

  • Controlling Buttons in Self Service

    Self Service in Sage CRM v7.1 and earlier uses the COM API.

    Much of the use of the API in Self Service is very similar to the creation of ASP pages as extensions to the main user interface.

    I have noted in previous articles the Self Service API…

  • Adding Extra Buttons to the Group Details Screen

    I have written another article that discusses how to add an extra button to the Saved Search Screen.

    That article discussed how most system screens can have additional action buttons added to them using the Buttons Group feature. But two important exceptions…

  • Adding Extra Buttons to the Saved Search Screen

    Sage CRM has a feature called Button Groups that allow a system administrator to add buttons to System Screens. I have discussed Button Groups in several articles.

  • Some thoughts on Sage CRM, FOP, PDF and Reports

    Sage CRM uses Apache FOP (Formatting Objects Processor) to generate its reports in PDF format.


    FOP is an example of a print formatter that uses XSL formatting objects (XSL-FO) and is in theory not tied to outputting…
  • Action buttons on Custom Entity Find Screens

    Below is a picture of the Company Find screen.. This is the standard system screen. But can this screen be duplicated for new entities such as "Project". The answer is very nearly yes.

    In the code for a Project Find screen that I have presented…