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  • Custom Entity - Section below the summary

    Is it possible in a custom entity to add a section below the summary that shows a list? I have it as another tab at the moment, but the user would prefer it be below the summary. Thanks!

  • Moving Blocks on CRM

    Hi All,

    On the 'New Company' screen on CRM, one of our customers have asked to be able to move the blocks to that the address block is at the bottom:

    How can we best achieve this?

    Kind Regards,


  • Are your Sage X3 blocks missing?

    Are blocks missing from your screens all of a sudden?  What is a block anyway? In this blog, I will review where to check you have areas(blocks) on entry screens that are suddenly not there. Let's jump right into this. 

    First, what are these blocks to…

  • List Panel on Summary for a Related Entity

    Hello Everyone. I would like to know the best method for adding a functioning list panel to a summary screen.

    Methods I have tried:

    1. Container Block - add screen (Work Order) and add list (Work Order Items) - This resulted in the display of only one…
  • Adding a new Panel to a Summary screen e.g. Company Summary

    A screen like the company summary screen has a very particular structure because it is partially defined in meta data and partial has its structure hard coded into the system action being called. 

    But imagine the business case where you have added new…

  • Metadata in Sage CRM. A round up of essential articles.

    Sage CRM is a system that controls its user interface using settings contained in the database. The database doesn't just hold the information about the contacts, companies, tasks and opportunities that are vital to the business, it also holds data that…

  • Step away from the SQL and put your hands where I can see them!

    Amongst Sage CRM developers there are two almost irresistible urges. The first is the itch to write code and try to solve all problems with "if, else" statements. Those of us who are experienced with Sage CRM will eventually learn that much coding can…

  • Access violation at address 1A7F37EF in module 'eware.dll'. Read of address 00000000

    We have a customer who has a custom page (asp) on the Company tab showing Order Items filtered on the current company (a very simple list block).

    This works fine when clicking on the tab after navigating from the Company Summary screen. But when then…

  • Lead Summary Screen vertical limitation of space

    Oh powerful brains of the Sage CRM community...please lend me your brain. :-)

    I am having an issue with the Lead Summary Screen (system screen) as I add some custom panels/blocks to it. When adding panels/blocks to a system screen, is there a vertical…

  • Reports vs Blocks in Dashboard


    I see that you can create a block based in a list, and show it in the Dashboard, and use SQL Conditions in the block (as a report search). I also can do a report based in the same view than the previous list, and show it in the dashboard (but only…