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  • X3 Automated Folder Backups

    X3 Automated Folder Backups.

           1. Why is it important?

    We have noticed in the field that very often there are little to no DR in place. To Bridge this, we have decided to share with everyone a quick, effective and straightforward way to get a solid DR in…

  • Sage 50 Backup Message Upon Opening

    Hi all,

    I am a total newbie to Sage 50, I think it's a GREAT program so far though!

    I have a question about a start up message we received every day.  It always says:

    "The last backup date for your data was 07/31/2022. It was backed up on 08/02/2022…

  • Using back up manager to backup to a mapped drive

    Is it possible to use backup manager to schedule the backup to a mapped drive on our network?

  • April 2022 Backups not under retrieve option

    On SBCPP it seems like the April 2022 backups are not under the retrieve list anymore? Currently in May and backup retrieve list is only till March 2022? Where is April?

    Happened with another client of ours as well!

    Urgent feedback please

  • Reduce the size of your backups

    Help improve performance by using the Optimise option. This compacts your database to reduce the size of your backups. It also helps to maintain organised and error-free data.

    Find out more

  • Sage 50 Backup Questions


    I just wanted to confirm if the way we are doing backups is the optimal way to do them. Right now we have a secretary that does backups a few times a week. However she will often at times backup multiple companies at the same time -- is this advisable…

  • Unable to do automatic backups since upgrading to the latest version

    Ever since upgrading to the latest version of Sage we are unable to use the automatic backups (error attached)

    I've submitted a support request and was told to post here.   this is going on several weeks and would like to get it resolved.  any help…

  • error, "SqlDateTime overflow. Must be between 1/1/1753 12:00:00 AM and 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM"

    In Database Admin, restoring a Client's backup, I am getting an error, "SqlDateTime overflow. Must be between 1/1/1753  12:00:00 AM and 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM"

    What is this?

    I write reports, and get client databases to work in. This is the…

  • Huge backups - how to trim?


    Our backups are becoming huge - 42GB's at the moment. I believe this started happening when we started attaching pdfs/scans. Is there anything we can do to decrease the size? Trying to run a data verification and it takes 1 or 2 hours to do the…

  • Making a backup: Which backup to make when

    Backups are important as they are a compact file containing a copy of the payroll system data files or the entire payroll system. The only way to return to a previous period or to retrieve payroll information, should current data become corrupt or the computer…

  • Automatic Backup Schedule

    I am trying to set up a backup schedule for Accounts 50 - we are running v25 and the guide seems to suggest I should be able to choose a server location to back up to - however, when I go to the drop downs in edit folder I am only getting a choice of…

  • Globally disable Scheduled Backups


    We have a large environment which consists of multiple Sage 50 Accounts installations, with application servers running the Sage Data Service responsible for housing the Sage Data and then numerous client installations accessing the data. This set…

  • Upgrading to the 50cloud

    Hi All,

    so we are looking into migrating across to the 50cloud from the standard line 50.

    I have a few questions I wanted some advice on.

    1. was the process easy? how long did it take you?
    2.backups - does the auto backup take a full backup or incremental…

  • How safe is my payroll data backups?

    Your Payroll data is backed up daily. Backups are stored for up to two weeks. Data is stored in two alternative locations, accommodating multiple points of failure.

    User instructed backups are kept based on the following timelines:

    • Ad Hoc Daily backups…
  • Back up issue - says not backing up but does seem to be

    Hi all,

    We're new to Sage and are still figuring everything out. We have set our back ups to take place every night at 10pm, and this does seem to be happening as there are files for each day at 10pm in the appropriate folder. However, when I click to…

  • Need Help? Here's our top 4 tips for the 2019 update & year-end season

    Updates are in the air and coming to a Sage product near you.

    It's a tough job to keep data secure and software packages compliant and online. 

    Be assured that we've taken the steps to mitigate potential issues, as much as, possible.

    To keep fires…

  • Question R egarding types of backups that can be ma de of sage databases

    Hi  All,

    I was wondering I could ask the types of the backups that can be made of sage databases. So for instance; could I keep a paper backup of all sage dabases or is only disk backups of these files available.

    Many Thanks,

  • server crash

    had a server crash-have crashplan backup of businessworks 2018 data-have moved all data to new server, have new copy of bw2018 installed, just need to put the data into the bw 2018 program-what is the procedure?

  • Windows Update File Problems

    We just went through the latest Windows 10 (forced) update.  We run Businessworks 2017.  We are now getting intermittent file errors--failure of DFInitialize function; [Pervasive{{CQBC Client Interface{,{Client LNA} not available protocol for the Pervasive…

  • Q&A: What to consider about storing your data in the cloud

    On the mind of everyone lately is privacy and data protection... Where should you keep your data backups? Does Sage hold cloud data in Canada? What are the Canadian/Provincial laws for this? Can data location and sharing be a liability? We've got the…

  • Should be able to set simply to backup each exit...

    The tech on the phone today told me setting the "backup daily" option will backup on exit if you go into the file numerous times a day... THIS IS NOT THE CASE. But it should be. 

    Backing up on the first exit each day is hard to track. we have…

  • No Backup Warning Message

    If your workstations are receiving the "No Backup Warning" message when they log into Sage 100 Contractor 2016 (version or less) it may be caused by...

    • a missing component of Database Administration for Sage 100 Contractor SQL (DA…
  • Problem backing up upon exit

    Hey Sage Support Team!

    One of my clients just updated to Windows 10 yesterday.  One desktop in particular has always been a little quirky with the backups, so I thought it was user error with a hyperactive clicker finger. 

    At the end of the day, client…

  • Fail To Do Year End Wizard

    I using the Peach Tree 2009. At the beginning of this year, I want to do "Year End Wizard" close 2014, but at the last step "begin close", the progress is stop and non any respond. After I force close the program and reopen it, some data have problem…

  • Things that every Sage 50 user must know to avoid downtime

    It's Friday today. This is a re-post. Hopefully this document will save you from doing any extra unneeded work this weekend. Have a great weekend!

    1. Make a backup of your company file locally on the C:\\ Drive by going to File > Backup. Do not do File…