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  • do I need both tax updates

    I just installed sage tax update 

    about sage shows Tax update version 20211002

    Do I need to install the October 2022 Tax update Release 2022?  It's confusing as we are still on Sage 50 2021,  Build…

  • Payroll.

    I am having trouble writing payroll checks for January.  Every time I open Sage 50, it asks if I want to download the new program.  I have already done this several times.  I also keep getting a message that the TAXTABLE.DAT is missing or corrupt.

  • Merging files taking 2 hours or more when updating Sage 100 2019 Premium

    I recently installed Payroll 2.20.1 and the PR hot fixes to an installation of Sage 100 2019 Premium.  Today I installed the Fixed Assets module and the Canadian Zip Codes to an existing installation of Sage 100 2019 Premium.  In both cases the "Merging…

  • Sage 300 version 2019.3 release notes

    What's new in Product Update 3

    2019.3 Release Notes.pdf

  • Sage 300 version 2018.6 Release Notes

    What's new in Product Update 6

    2018.6 Release Notes.pdf

  • Can you roll back a Product Update?

    Venturing an educated guess that the answer is no. I am trying to test if a product update (PU4) would address general performace issues in my production Sage 300 Build 0. I have a test system updated to PU4 but it is not a fair comparison since I cannot…

  • Install 1st January 2019 Sage 50 Payroll solutions Update R2018 without installing the upgrade to R2019

    Can I install the 1st January 2019 Sage 50 Payroll solutions Update R2018 without first installing the upgrade to R2019?  I need to run a payroll this week and do not have time to install the full upgrade right now on the server and all the workstations…

  • Canadian Payroll Update (July 1, 2017)

    I have two clients operating Sage 300 2016 and other Sage 300 2017.  Both are experiencing the same problem when installing the July 1, 2017 Canadian Tax update.

    During the update a message appears, "Sage 300 Signon Manager is running or in use.  

  • Sage 50 Cdn Edition won't open because "api-ms-win-crt-runtime-I1-1-0.dll" is missing.

    Can someone tell me how to fix this.  The problem may be I am still working on Windows 7.  And advice would be very much appreciated.  Thank you. 

  • Payroll Download taxes...Completed with errors

    We did the product download from Notice 16-B (Payroll update 3, and Accounting update 4).  Afterwards we downloaded and updated the Payroll Taxes.  The report  said it was "Completed with errors."  how do I fix this?

  • Code Changers don't work after Payroll 7.2 upgrade

    Sage 300 2014 PU4 (also 2012 with PU4) with Payroll 7.2 

    none of the code change products work, system says 'newer version of Canadian Payroll was detected. XXXXX Code Change must be upgraded!' Is there an upgrade available?????

  • Version 2015 - Product Update 3

    Does anyone know what the next product update for Version 2015 will be? Will there be a PU3 release or maybe just a year-end IRD?

  • Sage 300 ERP 2012 PU5 now live

    Sage 300 ERP 2012 product update 5 is now available. Please login to and view KB 57976: Download Sage 300 ERP 2012 product update 5 to install.