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  • Post year end adjustments - After running year end - Question on 'Ledger Year End' journal posting


    I'm trying to find an answer to my question, but somewhat struggling.

    I need to post some year end adjustments to our accounts, normally the accountants advise us to post these on day 1 of the following accounting year, but this messes up my accounts…

  • Your payroll year end update is available now

    Install your software update

    We’ve made the payroll year end update available early so you can get a head start, before we make it mandatory from 6 March 2022.

    There's no need to wait until after year end, as the update contains legislation for…

  • T4 options

    Hi, Can you add box 13 and box 83 to the drop-down lists that you have available?  These are required for the hairdresser's T4 and currently, I need to generate them manually as those numbers are not available in the drop-down selection.

  • T5018 printing individual

    Is there a way like T4 you can have it print each subcontractor on one page when you generate?  We do not print and cut in half and hand out anymore.  You have it currently putting two different companies on one page.  I give the customer a copy of the PDF…

  • data integrity amounts do not match,

    my AR outstanding today is $396,2029.27 on the data integrity screen the AR balance says it is $41,975.09 , the unpaid invoices says $396,029.27 that is exactly what is outstanding, how do I fix this, no journal entries have been made to change anyth…

  • Top 5 Q&A Live Topics for Sage 100 Contractor

    We've compiled the top five questions and answers seen by the Sage 100 Contactor support team during recent Q&A Live sessions.
    Find them below:


    Overall Topic




    Aatrix update failed

    Aatrix is not updating automatically…

  • Removing Closed Jobs


    I am wanting to know the ins and outs of removing jobs with closed status when archiving the company file.

    1. Can you remove closed jobs that still have an A/R balance?

    2. Can you remove closed jobs that still have A/P balances (retainage still needs…

  • When to contact the Sage City Mayor

    Happy New Year, fellow citizens of Sage City!

    With the New Year comes the busy payroll tax season, and with that, increased support and customer service volumes.

    How can Sage City help?  Well, chances are good that your question has already been asked in…

  • Financial year end – Everything you need to help it go smoothly

    The approach of Spring also means the approach of the end of the financial year for many businesses, and the need to run the year end routine in Sage 50 Accounts. In this blog, we’ll link to some steps to guide you through the year end process and we…

  • Why is there not a form for 1099 MISC or NEC Instructions?

    Now that we have to use Aatrix to print our 1099's we only have the option of printing to blank paper without the instructions.  No way to get around this.  So we either have to send to our recipients without the instructions or print a 12 page form…

  • Payroll 2022 Archive Error

    I'm getting the error that is attached when I run the Sage Payroll Archive for 2022.  It seems there's a file already there, however when I checked I don't see it.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!

  • Install

    I am unable to install update 22.2.  Is anyone else having issues?

  • What to know for year-end 2022

    Year-end is quickly approaching.  Today's blog is going to cover some tips, tricks and resources to help make your year-end a success.

    • Ensure that your version of Sage BusinessWorks 2020 or 2021 is update to date.  For instructions on installing updates…
  • Tip - Financial year end support

    For many organisations, the end of the calendar year coincides with the end of the financial year as well, so the end of your financial year may well be approaching.

    The good news is that Sage 50 Accounts is date sensitive, so you don't need to close…

  • Is Payroll v2.23 required for running Payroll year end?

    It's kind of short notice for trying to get all of our Payroll customers notified and updated.  What will happen if they try to run Payroll Year End without installing v2.23?  

  • Webinar - Running your year end in Sage 50 Accounts

    This webinar explains the year end process from start to finish, including how to prepare for and run your year end and the optional post-year end tasks.

    Join us for a live session on Tuesday 28 March @ 2:00pm

    Open the booking form now >

    Cant make…

  • Confused about Year End + Payroll Updates for v20.5.X - Do I need to upgrade to v22.2U1 before 1/1/2023???

    I have read a lot of the posts on this forum, and all this said I'm personally new to dealing with Sage. I'm the new IT person for a construction firm and they're currently running v20.5.1,21.  (by new IT guy I mean I just took over their IT…

  • Tip - Financial Year End

    For many small businesses, the end of the calendar year also signals the end of their financial year, and it will soon be time to run year end reports and tidy up the year's accounts.

    We know that it's not always possible to close the year down as…

  • Suspense Account 9999

    We use nominal code 9999 (or used to) to temporarily hold clients money before it was released to them. Last year 2021 for the first time we had a credit balance of £9500 which we now realise does not roll forward with the end of year. We are now looking…

  • Ability to edit what accounts are included in the year end journal

    As you have the ability to add new nominal codes it makes sense, and would be helpful, if you could then have the option of where items are posted within the journal. For example, If there is a fixed asset account with separate additions and depreciation…

  • New for Payroll year end 2022 – Chat to Pegg, your virtual assistant

    Chat to our new and improved virtual assistant Pegg.

    Pegg can take you through each of the year-end steps, including:

    • How to install the year end update
    • How to Complete the tax year
    • …and… How to set up the new tax year.

    Find Pegg on your…

  • T4 Box 77 for WSIB reimbursement

    How do I add monies reimbursed by WSIB to an employee's T4 under Box 77?

  • Catch-ups for multiple year ends


    I've come back to work doing bookkeeping and I have two clients that need their bookkeeping records caught-up, both use Sage 50 Premium (2022).  Their accountant told them to get Sage Accounting, wouldn't have been my choice given the restrictions…

  • Free Training - Run your year end webinar

    This webinar explains the year end process from start to finish, including how to prepare for and run your year end and the optional post-year end tasks.
    Join for a live demonstration and a chance to ask a Sage expert your questions on Tuesday October…
  • Documents on Hold stops Rollover

    I am unable to do a roll over as pastel keeps insisting there are documents that needs to be placed on hold. The only open batches are sales orders and quotations that pastel will not let me put on hold.