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  • Sage X3 XML parser

    I looked for a solution to parse XML files in Sage X3.

    I found some posts that suggest to use external application, stored procedure or the XML import feature of Sage, but I needed a more flexible solution.
    So I decided to implement a program to parse any…

  • HMRC Stopping XML submissions


    Letter received today saying HMRC from the 8th April 2021 will no longer accept XML submissions 

    just checking sage have this in hand and that online or sage50 doesnt use XML to submit VAT?

  • Error en archivos XML

    Buenas tardes,

    En todos los ficheros creados en Septiembre para comunicar los periodos de actividad de los centros de trabajo, muchos empleados salieron con código de actividad >2<, hemos logrado contactar con el SEPE y nos dice que este código…

  • How to generate/download SEPA Credit Transfer XML file

    Hello Everyone,

    Can anyone let me know that how to download SEPA (FRA legislation) XML file after posting payments through manual remittance. I am not sure whether any other software required to download SEPA XML bacs file or any special setup required.

  • GCRM Logging for Sage CRM

    Sage CRM has a logging mechanism in place that when creating an account, quote, contact or other entities from a Sage accounting product integrated with Sage CRM a lot of detail is added to the log files.

    For example, the 'GCRMSyncEngine.log' file which…

  • How a WSDL Changes when Changing SOAP Web Services configuration

    I have been updating some Web Services code and was trying my test application against a new install of Sage CRM. I needed to change the setting in

    Administration -> System -> Web Services


    Dropdown fields as strings in WSDL file: No



  • A Trick to expose an External Table through Sage CRM's SOAP Web Services.

    Sage CRM has the ability to link to external databases. Once an external database table is linked to Sage CRM the External Access settings of the linked table can be changed to allow both SData and Web Services access.

    I have discussed in previous…

  • Security and the SData Gadget and ReadOnly SData provider

    For an introduction to SData REST based web services then please see the article "Accessing SData Provider"

    Another example of how SData is used in Sage CRM's Interactive Dashboard feature can be found here: "An SData Example — the…

  • The Design of Web Service Applications and Performance

    My hope is that if you have attended any of my presentations about the Web Services interface for Sage CRM you will have taken away with you an impression of the importance of the design of the client application and how this would affect performance…

  • More about XML creation and the Record.XML property

    Another way of creating XML feeds from Sage CRM is to use the XML property of the COM Record object.

    The XML property is available in all currently supported releases of Sage CRM.

    Example Usage

    var myRecord = CRM.FindRecord("person","pers_companyid=24…

  • Creating XML feeds from Sage CRM

    In this article I want to think about the creation of an XML feed from within CRM.

    The structure of an XML feed may look like this:

    [code language="xml"]


    To test this XML do the following

    1) Create an empty text file.
    2) Save the file as myData…

  • QFX Export from Capital One Credit Card not importing "Error End Document Tag"

    I have successfully imported transactions from several banks and credit cards. However, Capital One credit cards are giving me an error

    "Error End Document Tag" 

    Which means there is some kind of problem with the xml file. Anybody run into…

  • Importing Invoices (.imp) does not contain compatible tax information

    I am getting above error that is Importing Invoices (.imp) does not contain compatible tax information

  • Webservice Problems with create work order

    Hi everybody!.

    I must use webservice to create an work order.

    I create a web service script with  MFG object, and WJMFGXL1 program.

    I create a XML parameters with the fields that value is INPUT, but always when I run webservice and invoke this xml, returns…

  • Move file creation path to local user settings file in Citrix


  • Importar NF-e XML - Estabelecimento selecionado não condiz com CNPJ/CPF do destinatário


    Acessar a função de Recepção de compra (GESPTH) e realizar a importação de XML pelo botão abaixo.

    Após realizar a importação a mensagem abaixo é apresentada…

  • Lost my RTI XML files

    I reinstalled Windows 10 and hadn't backed up RTI XML files. The FPS for Month 10 wants to submit all the way back to Month 1. My processing back ups had RTI files included but the restore didn't bring back my XML files. Is my only option to submit this…
  • Sage Ent. Mgmt.: Find examples of using SOAP web services with XML and JSON formats in the Sage KB

    Sage Enterprise Management provides the convenience of being able to use web services which can provide real-time interfaces between the ERP and external applications. We can expose custom or existing Enterprise Management objects and functions as web…

  • Rejeição - nfe:nro element is invalid


    Bem-vindos a mais um Café com Rejeição, pois o tempo não para mas caminhão fica parado esperando nota.

    Hoje vamos falar de mais um erro simples de validação de Schema

    The '…

  • Rejeição - nfe:IE element is invalid


    Bom, todos nós já tomamos uma rejeição ou iremos tomar uma rejeição na vida, mas quando se trata de SEFAZ, existe uma rejeição para cada gota chuva, um caminhão parado para cada estrela cadente.…

  • Handling of CDATA commands in XML files

    XML files from external sources and other software can contain CDATA commands.

    CDATA is used to tell the parser that data should be treated as textual data, not as markup.
    See also:

    When importing…

  • Collaboration sought for Import of SO Invoices from XML file with BOI

    I am hoping there is someone out there with an ability and willingness to help me.

    As a Master Developer with have not really had much need to develop things using BOI since we can always modify the code if needed. We have taken the class and we are successfully…

  • XML export: Mandatory fields should be exported even if they are empty

    In an export template (GESAOE) you can define fields as mandatory. When you export data using an XML template, these fields are not exported when they are empty or "0", even if they are marked as mandatory.

    Expected behavior: Fields that are…

  • Where stored the data returned by the function wSDBFetchRecord ?

    I'm trying to extract data from tables in the database Sage 50 CA 2016, with a Visual Basic application that uses the SDK Sage 50 CA (Simply.ConnectionManagerService.dll). 

     I'm using the function "wSDBSelectRecords" to extract the data And then I 'm…

  • Creating an invoice using SData

    Hello. We are trying to create a bridge between our custom rental management system and Sage 300. The goal is to push data from our system to Sage using SData to create invoices. Based on what we have read on Stephen Smith's blog and found on Sage Guru…