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  • ALERT: PU9 support phase has now transitioned to "End of Maintenance"

    Sage X3 PU9 is now in "End of Maintenance" phase of support since 1st July 2021    See KB article Id 105518 "Sage X3 Lifecycle Policy" for more details

    You can find details of all the latest patches and support status on our "Sage…

  • Fixed assets error : "Operation impossible. The ""fiscal & accounting"" context of the company must have been defined beforehand"

    Operation impossible.  The ""fiscal & accounting"" context of the company must have been defined beforehand

  • Packaging Consumption in Work Orders

    I'm looking for ideas as to the best way to consume packaging in work orders.

    We sell products in various packaging....totes, drums, pails, etc.

    Currently the packaging is relieved from inventory at time of sales invoicing.....packaging codes are…

  • Data Purge Parameters


    We are a Blending & Packaging plant and have v9 Patch 5.

    We have 'never' archived/purged in our Sage X3 (EM) so we have over 10yrs of data (Since June 2008...)

    We've started to purge out some old data like the ATRACE and investigating…

  • MRP not suggesting to build to safety stock

    When I look farther out in my projected stock inquiry, the WOS suggestions do not seem to be suggesting to build the stock to safety stock, but just a reflection of the demand.  What settings influence this behavior ? How can I ensure my stock level is…

  • Has anyone used the Change Control Module?

    I have a change control module and I'm wondering if there are any knowledge documents that describe how to set it up.  I'm currently getting an error about the sequence number not being set up and I'm wondering what else I'm missing.


  • Inter-site transfer query

    We are running a query to show inter-site transfer movements (currently in X3V6). When I run the query in PU9, although it shows 2100+ results, I am only able to view 100 lines. We have tried expanding the number of results per page, tried selecting additional…

  • Saving a Report to Favorites in PU9

    We are currently going through the upgrade process from X3V6 to PU9 and are looking at the different ways that we can make certain reports easier to access. In the past using V6 we were able to favorite Reports>Reports and simply change the "Variant"…