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  • Include the shipment requests (open orders) in the On order field of the customers.

    The general parameter OSTORD is used to specify whether the order book value must be included in the Total credit of the customers.

    But, the shipment requests (open orders) are not included in the On order field and thus are not affected by this setup…

  • Fixing Mandatory Dimensions issue

    As suggested by the title of this post, this error is because the system is looking for the dimensions.

    When this error occurs, it is because the company parameters for dimensions have been set to be Mandatory.

    Error message


    To correct this, please see…

  • Correcting a memory issue Error 160: Object memory space full *:

    This issue was observed while generating the Licence plate.

    Getting this error is related to the class memory field.

    To correct this error, you need to navigate to the following location within X3

    1. Setup > General Parameters > Folder Generation…
  • NEWS: 2021 R2 (Version 12.0.26) Release Notes for Distribution & Manufacturing Module

    Please review the new features available below for the Distribution & Manufacturing Module on the Release notes for 2021 R2 (Version 12.0.26):

    Click on the link to Release notes at the bottom of the page


    Sage X3 Automated Data Collection…

  • Suggestion about the note management for the products, customers, suppliers.

    The notes of products, customers, suppliers are only displayed when manually entering their codes in a distribution voucher (order, delivery, receipt, invoice).

    For example, the note of a product can be displayed when entering the product in a delivery…

  • Packaging

    Hi all
    Hope everyone is doing good .
    I seem not able to run the packaging process correctly.
    After Picking ticket done, I will click the Packaging.
    In the packing screen, the Product block is always blank. Furthermore the Preparation lines on the left…