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  • Running W-2s and receiving an inconsistent totals message?

    You may be receiving the error "INCONSISTENT TOTALS. The check totals for one or more employees do not match..." if  you are processing your payroll tax forms for last year (2022) and your payroll module is in the current year (2023). If you have…

  • 2022 W-2 and 1099 forms are now available through the Enhanced Tax Reporting update

    The 2022 forms update is now available through Enhanced Tax Reporting (Aatrix).  To get the update

    1. Select any form showing a prior year date
    2. Click OK to continue processing the tax form
    3. If a mandatory update is available you will receive a message with three…
  • 2022 year-end tips guide is now available

    The 2022 year-end tips guide is now available.

    Items of importance:

    • 2022 Aatrix forms update will be released around December 20th - for more information see Enhanced Tax Reporting shows prior year forms
    • The Sage BusinessWorks 2023 tax table update will…
  • What W-2 and 1099 forms do you need to order for year end?

    W-2 and W-3 Forms

    Employee Copy

    Printed on blank 4-up perforated paper with instructions on back

    Forms available thru Sage Checks and Forms Item Number LW2BLANK4 and LW2BK4DWS bundle with envelopes

    Federal Copies

    Print on blank paper and print…

  • W-2s and 1099s for 2022

    What versions of Sage 100 and Payroll will customers need in order to process W-2s and 1099s for 2022?

  • Federal 2021 Tax Tables

    I work in Payroll. An employee showed me their W-2's from 2020 and 2021. In round numbers, they made $42k in 2020 and $52k in 2021. Ever since they started here in early 2020, they have claimed Single, $8,000.

    In 2020, $2,500 was withheld for Federal…

  • Top call generators, 1099 info and W-2 info

    As we hit the middle of January we are noticing a trend in top call generators.  Below you will find a list of the top call generators as well as a link to the corresponding article from the Sage KnowledgeBase.

    Top call generators:

    • How to install service…
  • Year end is quickly approaching, find out what forms are needed for W-2 and 1099 processing

    Let’s take a look at the forms you will need to print your W-2s and 1099s in Sage BusinessWorks. Forms can be ordered through the Sage Checks and Forms Website ( or by calling 800-617-3224. Avoid the last minute rush and order…
  • where is the Required Notice for Sick Pay that must accompany the W-2 for 2020?

    IRS issued a notice, # N-20-54 that includes on page 9 the suggested language that must accompany the W-2 for sick pay reported in Box 14. How do I know that these notices will be included with the W-2, as the IRS notice says is required?

  • W-2 for non-resident alien

    Hoping someone else out there has dealt with a non-resident alien employee.  We have one employee who has a J-1 Visa and is exempt from Medicare & SS with holdings, but who must pay a higher rate for Federal Income Tax.  

    Ever since we started processing…

  • Payroll earnings don't match W2

    I am not sure if anyone else has had this issue or not but I am trying to process our W2's and the dollar amounts aren't matching.  The W2s wages match what the autogenerated 941s but neither of them match what our paycheck actually shows or the…

  • Enhanced Tax Reporting (Aatrix) 2019 year-end release is now available

    The 2019 year-end release include the 2019 940 as well as the 2019 W-2 form update.  To update your software:

    To get the mandatory forms update from Enhanced Tax Reporting:

    1. Select any form showing a prior year date
    2. Click OK to continue processing the…
  • Now's the time to check your W-2 figures

    It's never too early to start preparing for year end.  Your final payroll may not be complete yet but now is a great time to start reconciling the W-2 figures to your Sage BusinessWorks payroll to help ensure you will have a successful year end.  

  • Are you prepared to run year-end tax forms?

    With year-end quickly approaching now is the time to ensure your computer is set up so you will receive the year-end Enhanced Tax Reporting (Aatrix) update.  Enhanced Tax Reporting is the reporting system used for State and Federal payroll tax reporting…

  • How Do You Print Current-Year W2s For A Company That Is Going Out Of Business?

    We must produce W2's for the current year for a company that is going out of business. Is there a way to do this within Sage? If not, what alternatives do we have?


  • Edit/Reprint 2017 W-2s

    Anyone else having issues editing and reprinting 2017 W-2s?  The interface for reprinting/editing is stuck on warning message and will not allow me to continue without making corrections.  Yesterday it did allow me to move forward, today, no luck. 


  • 2017 W-2 Forms

    I am trying to print my W-2 forms but when I go to select the W-2 form there is on 2016 forms? How to I get the 2017 W-2 Forms?

  • W-2 Error for SIMPLE IRA and AFLAC for Virginia and West Virginia State Wages

    I am using BusinessWorks 2017 SP2.  I tried to print my 2017 W-2s and when I got to confirming the state wages the program gave me the following error.

    The error appears to be the reduction in taxable state wages caused by a SIMPLE IRA deduction or a Section…

  • Address changes on W-2's

    I am looking for instructions on processing address changes to the W-2's.  My client is using Aatrix so I though it would be in the eFiling and Reporting guide, but I didn't see it.  Does anyone have a link to how to process, additional charges…

  • w-2 history file

    My W-2 history file seems to be missing.  I processed and printed my W-2's myself.  I have Aatrix filing the W-3.  I had to correct one W-2 and when I went to find the correct file to edit, it doesn't exist.  Will I have to reprocess all of the W…

  • Oh no I printed W-2s and my W-3 did not print!

    Not to worry, the W-3 will only print after printing the Federal (2 per page) W-2s for all employees.  It is likely that this copy of the W-2 has not printed and therefore you have not yet had the option to print the W-3.

    To print W-3 if any copy of the…