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  • Proforma Invoices

    Currently we create a proforma so that we could send an invoice to a customer in order to receive payment before the items ship.  However, we are not posting these proforma invoices.  We receive the payment and it sits on their account until the product…

  • Auto Sales Order Allocation

    Good day,

    Question regarding sales order allocation.  Near as I can determine, each sales order is manually allocated and there is no functionality to be able to perform a batch allocation to sales orders.

    Does there exist an add-on that facilitates this…

  • [x3v12p33] Notification server: Microsoft 365 with OAuth2 authentication (Modern Authentication), how?

  • Work Orders

    Hi Team,  

    I would like to understand the difference and impact between using a *** (Work Order Planned) and a WOF with status 'Planned'.


  • queries

    why people should use sage and not their normal accounting platform?

    also people should pay and learn this new accounting platform?

    and what is the price?

  • Purchase Receipt - Multiple lines same Lot for Barcoding


    I want to receive a purchase order scanning the barcode of each box even if they have the same LOT and product code.

    Exemple : I receive 4 boxes of a product Code A with same lot #  and different quantity (Receive by box scanning) 

    Want to have 4…

  • Sage CRM - New 'Company' not showing in search

    I'm new to Sage CRM and would like some help.

    I've added a new Company to Sage CRM but when I do a 'Company' search it doesn't appear. However, it appears under a Person search. I double checked that I had entered the new record under 'Company' and…

  • HTML email text in workflow rules


    Need a small help, where's the how-to guide link:

  • Accusé réception


    Avons-nous une possibilité dans X3 d'avoir un accusé de réception d'un mail envoyé via Workflow ?
    Ou au moins un témoin d'envoi réussi ?
    Ou de remplacer le moteur mail d'X3 par un moteur gérant…

  • EI & CPP Payble & Expense

    Okay, so I am a new learner to Simply accounting and was taught to input payroll deductions in GJ in the following steps:

    (1) debit to 5410 Gross wage (2)credit to 2190 Tax ded (3) credit to 2185 CPP ded (4) credit to 2180 EI ded (5) credit to 1060 Net…

  • ADSC Testing

    Get to "create " button and this error message pops up "An error has occurred(connexion or webservice error). Please contact your administrator"

  • Sage 100 Contractor for a rental company

    I am setting up an equipment rental company in Sage 100 Contractor and curious who else uses it for a rental company.  What is the best way to track and invoice?  Divisions, cost codes, etc.  


  • Inventory and Production BOM vs SubContracting BOM

    I am looking to convert a raw material to a subassembly part, via a purchased service.  In this case, we have inventory on hand of a raw item, that is then shipped to a vendor, modified by a service they provide, and then it is shipped back and is now…

  • Create automatic follow up tasks for Quotes?

    Hi All,

    I am trying to create an automatic follow up task when a new quote is created. A developer created a table script but it doesn't work, I actually can't see anything happening in the log myself, not sure how to tell if it's being logged properly…

  • Date Tracking - Bonds and Liens

    How is everyone using Sage to help track dates as it relates to sending required bond / lien notifications for unpaid AR? Thanks!

  • Purchase Orders: Is there a way to prevent "Ship To" information from auto-filling?

    When I create a purchase order, the "Ship To" information automatically fills from the job record.  But sometimes we want items to be shipped to a different address or will-called.  Is there a way to prevent "ship to" from auto-filling, so that…

  • Quality Status Auto-Update based on Length of Time


    I'm hoping someone could guide me in the right direction or tell me if this is possible.

    For our Finished Goods, our Quality team would like to create a new status that's essentially a "Provisional Approval but wait 7 days before A status"…

  • Purchase request line level approval


    When a 10 line purchase request is created and we approve purchase request at line level, is there a way to approve the lines in the purchase request per line instead of going back to the workflow monitor?


    Is there a way to add additional info…

  • Copy tab 6 from customer maintenance to Job Maintenance panel in its own tab

    Is it possible to move tab 6 (invoices) in customer maintenance over to its own tab in Job Maintenance? Where to start with accomplishing this? Users are just tired of needing to open 5 or 6 modules every morning and keep them up all day, so we're looking…

  • Bill of Materials - Parent & Component Serial Numbers

    The Bill of Material allows a parent item with components. 

    Is there a way to create a serial number for the Parent Item and then assign serial numbers for the components?  Thanks!  

  • Purchase Request to Sign Mobile App

    Good day

    We added additional workflow rules in purchasing, where the standard rule is PSDSIG for purchase request line approvals, is the news ones called PSDSIG01 and PSDSIG04.

    Now the mobile app only display the records from table AWRKHISSUI where CODWRK…

  • Payable (invoice) audit process

    Is there a process in Sage100 Contractor to input job invoices for tracking purposes but need to be marked approved (after a separate internal audit process)? Ideally invoices would not be valid in any reporting until approved.

  • quality control- workflow when active status

    would anyone know how to create a workflow for when a product is updated from Q--> in quality control?  Our logistics users are asking for this request so they know when the material is available to be used.

    any help appreciated



  • Looking for input - Tracking available lengths of hose in a part number (Lot Tracking?)

    Just looking for some ideas on where to start looking.

    We sell hose and fittings.  For the most part, we don't separate each hose into different part numbers based on their lengths.  Example - we could have a 1.5" red hose (NL1322-150).  We could…


    Sage X3 does not support any security features for sending email, you are only able to specify SMTP server and Port. Using any security on email such as TLS or SSL or even basic authentication is not supported in Sage X3, this is why SMTP relay was configured…