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  • Purchase Order field connections

    I notice purchase orders do not seem to tie to much. 

    • If I enter a scheduled date, it seems to do nothing.  I use the scheduled date of a purchase order to get an idea when the invoice will arrive to forecast Cash flow.
    • If I enter a Delivery date, it shows…
  • Is there a way to automatically assign sales order invoice number from sales order number?

    I can think of a way using VI, but it's a bit laborious. I'm sure a script could be set up to do it, but I would think there is a way within the program to set it up to just keep using the same number from Sales Order Entry in Invoice Data Entry. Probably…

  • How to setup a Sequence number definition using type Database Sequence type?

    We are having problems with frequent locks on table AVALNUM

    Most of the time the locks are for sequence numbers WRG, WRK (used for various Workflow activities).

    We hoped that changing these two Number series into the type "Database sequence" might…

  • Approval with Attachments Sage 100 v 2021

    First, Happy New Year.

    Second, though I have not tried it myself, yet, I'm wondering if anyone has used to create a workflow approval routing?  Any gotcha especially around email…

  • How to best enter and track restricted grants

    I need step by step easy instructions as to the best way to enter and track a restricted grant. We have a Grant account. I have seen suggestions to use sub accounts or departments. Not sure how to use departments.  Any forum I have read seems not clear…

  • PO Workflow by user supervisor

    We are using V11 and have been asked to create a PO workflow for users Line Manager / Supervisor

    I can see under parameters > users > users, and then Organisation we can add in a Supervisor for a user. The field is CHEF(0)

    When in User Assignments…

  • Customer consignment stock management

    Hi all,

    we are using X3 V12 and for selected customers we do keep consignment stocks. Work flow is as following:

    1.) We sell certain products (full pallets) to these customers (fully invoiced) out of our normal stock.

    2.) These sold articles are being…

  • BOM and Routing

    Hello, I am fairly new user to X3, so please forgive me ahead of time for my terminology and how I word and explain my questions. Also if I have not started this in the correct discussion area.

    My question or problem I am trying to solve and understand…

  • Tax Exempt Forms tracked in SAGE 300 CRE?

    I was looking for a way to upload Tax Exempt forms in the AR Application or Job Cost.  Right now we are tracking the actual forms offline and we've grown substianlly and I would like to be more organized in case of a Audit.

    Thank you

  • Why are the identifiers disappearing from the Pick Ticket after Delivery?

    Hi all,

    We have an issue where the identifiers 1&2 are entered on production tracking screen.

    Once the preparation is completed, the pick ticket displays the identifiers 1 & 2 in the order line, however once we go to the next step of delivery, it disappears…

  • PO Invoice without receive of goods

    Hi All,

    We noticed that Sage100 enables us to create an AP invoice based on PO, although the goods haven't been received.

    My question is if this is acceptable system behavior or is it based on setup?

    Thank you,

  • Sales Kit Part Pricing (BOMs)

    I am looking to utilize sales kits to add and remove parts on sales orders. However I want the sales kit pricing to be a roll up of the part prices and not have to put a price on the sale kit parent part.   Individual part prices can change and I don't…

  • Help - Using the Web API to generate prepaid orders?


    We have transactions that our customers have paid for using a credit card. We'd like to get those processed transactions brought in to Sage as an order that has a prepayment applied to it, so that the invoice that is automatically generated shows…

  • SMTP Auth. failed error: Approvers are not getting email for POs generated from Purchase Workflow Order


    We are using SAGE 300 Premium 2019 for our enterprise. Our users are grtting SMTP Auth. failed error while generating POs from Purchasing Workflow module.

    I logged in to SAGE as Admin with admin creds and I have updated email password from this setting…

  • workflow- to sales order lines cost center

    Hi- have a request that I'm not sure is possible.  Our user is requesting a workflow be sent to the user associated with the cost center on the sales order line.   Since the SORDERP table does not have the cost center field I believe would need to enter…

  • Voucher not processing with workflow enabled

    Am having issues seeing the process,process and print button

    When voucher management is set to use workflow

    Pls any reason why this might happen

  • Earmark part of a LOT Number not for sale

    Trying to figure out if there is a way to reserve a portion of a LOT Number for Make to Stock finished goods. For instance:

    The company I work for makes paint. If we make a batch of a particular color, give that batch a LOT Number and enter it into Inventory…

  • X3FC: Workflow - Configuração do link no segundo email

     Aplica-se a:

    Sage X3




    Funcionalidades comuns


     Aura Biléu

     Versão doc.:





    Quando temos um Workflow de aprovação com dois níveis…

  • Workflow rules - Limited to 10 answers, this limit should be increased

    Hello Team,

    The answer tab of the workflow rules is limited to 10 records. A client's desired setup for one particular workflow requires at least 25 records.  We get requests like this very often but are limited by the standard.

    It would remove the…

  • What is the best way to add equipment charges to a work order in SSO/SM.

    We'd like to add equipment costs, such as heavy equipment, to a work order.  The price and cost would be fixed with no additional markup, no tax.  We want the techs to be able to add the charge from SSO.  Trying to find a way to do it starting in SSO…

  • Switching Billing/Cash Receipts to the AR Module from Job Cost

    We currently bill and enter cash receipts in Job Cost, but I want to transition it over to the AR Module. How would I go about setting this up?  

  • Acuse de lectura email workflow

    El envío de emails mediante workflow en versión 12 de Sage ¿es posible realizarlo a través de Outlook? Los clientes requieren acuse de lectura y esta opción estaba únicamente disponible si el envío se hacía a través de mensajería cliente (Outlook). ¿Ya…

  • Escalation workflow rule in CRM to send an email is sent to the client and the assigned consultant.

    Problem details:

    A user requested assistance with setting up the escalation workflow rule so that once a case is logged in crm,  an email is sent to the client and the assigned consultant.

    Solution Details:
    One could create a quick notification but then…

  • Inter-site Orders


    I am fairly new to Sage X3 and I have a question regarding the use of inter-site orders. The way our system is setup we have 4 different stock sites but one financial site. We want to move material from one site to another via an inter-site order…

  • auto affect header field to all lines

    hello everybody!!

    in the purshase order i made the CCE field of PREQUIS mandatory ; now i want to affect this CCE to all lines in PRESUISD and after modification in the header all the line will be modified!!!!!

    thank you