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  • Check if a transaction is VAT reconciled

    When you reconcile your VAT Return in your software, all transactions that were included in that VAT Return are flagged as VAT reconciled.

    If you later need to check if a transaction has been VAT reconciled, for example, for audit purposes or error corrections…

  • VAT code for supply of services to the UK post Brexit

    Hi there,

    Could someone advise the correct tax code in Sage 50 for an Irish company invoicing customers for supply of services in the UK?

    Pre-Brexit we have used the tax code T22 Sales of services to VAT registered customers in EC.

    Thanks in advance

  • Changing VAT on a previously VAT reconciled invoice - how to?

    I have just discovered that VAT was missed off a bunch of import invoices, which have already been included in previous VAT returns.  My question is, now I have copies of the invoices showing correct VAT breakdowns (which are within the 4 year amendment window…

  • Uber Eats VAT adjustment

    I have been trying to figure out how to post the VAT adjustment for Uber Eats for a while now and have only got as far as knowing that I need to use the Reverse Charge mechanism, but to do this I need Uber Eats VAT number which is a struggle in itself…

  • Tip - Check for non-standard tax codes on sales and purchases

    To help make sure your accounts are accurate, you can use the Accounts audit option in Sage 50 Accounts to quickly check for sales and purchases posted with a non-standard tax code which may be incorrect. Useful to run before calculating your VAT Return…

  • Temporary (6 months) Standard VAT Reduction Ireland

    Irish revenue had announced in the July stimulus plan that the standard rate of VAT (currently 23%) will be temporary reduced to a lower rate of 21% for a 6 month period, from 1st Sept 2020 to 28th Feb 2021. I cannot find anything on Sage (Ireland) informing…

  • Vat return reprint/ Include reconciled transactions


    I  was reconciling Jan to March VAT . (Sage50)

    i had calculated the vat return and was trying to print when my machine crashed me out of Sage 

    It does not now seem I can reprint the return in order to send to head office who then consolidate for…

  • Sage 50c - Purchase Payment/invoice allocation issue - Cash Accounting

    Hi All

    I have identified an issue with allocation of Purchase Payment on Account (PP) to a Purchase invoice (PI) in a Cash Accounting environment.


    Payment is posted (before the Invoice) as Payment on Account with Tax Code T1

    Sage calculates…

  • Regular tasks in Sage 50cloud Accounts

    Getting into a regular rhythm of recording and checking your organisation's transactions in your Sage 50cloud Accounts software will help you to keep on top of finances and stay informed about how you're performing.

    Read more >

  • VAT and Tax codes in Sage 50cloud Accounts

    If you're VAT registered, it's important to apply the correct tax rates, in Sage Accounts, the rates are applied based on the tax codes you choose for any transaction. The following overview article outlines some common goods and services an the…

  • Uploading sales invoices that contain multiple VAT codes


    We currently use an excel template to upload our sales invoices. However, a single invoice will often contain a mix of zero rated and standard rated VAT, which means we are uploading these as 2 lines, so that the net sales figure is appearing correctly in…

  • Sage 50 Making Tax Digital: What You Need To Know

    Sage 50 Making Tax Digital: What You Need To Know

    Making Tax Digital (MTD) has graced our presence for the best part of a year, coming into fruition for most businesses since April 2019. By now the world and his dog should be aware of MTD! However, for those of you who are still wondering what it's…

  • How to Export VAT return to Excel

    How do you export details of a vat return (Box 1-9 values) to excel ? -  I imagine this should be an easy one but I cannot seem to get there.

    VAT-Send to Excel just sends a list of all the VAT return totals to excel as opposed to specific vat return details…

  • Editing receipts for 1st MTD

    We are about to make our 1st MTD VAT submission and i have been transferring months worth of hand written ledgers on to sage. Edited a few bank receipts today using the steps from the transactions menu and ran a tax analysis report which seems to show…

  • Making Tax Digital - VAT Submission Issues

    To help your Making Tax Digital submission run smoothly, we've compiled a short list of articles that address the issues Sage customers have reported.

  • vat issue

    attempting to do vat return and being told no data held but then tells me I have errors in my data. also data entered beyond period and data all correct , displayed and balances with statement. can anyone assist

  • MTD variable Flat Rate

    Depending on whether our purchases are more than 2% of quarterly turnover, our Flat Rate is sometimes 12% and sometimes 16.5%. Is there any way of dealing with this other than to change the VAT settings each time? 


  • VAT Adjustment nominal coding

    I have done a manual VAT adjustment on my VAT return which relates to a VAT only customer credit note that wasn't picked up on a previous VAT return.

    This adjustment has been coded to the default nominal code for Manual Adjustments code 2204. Can…

  • Change from Standard to Cash VAT accounting

    I am trying to change from Standard VAT accounting to cash accounting.  I have reconciled everything there are no outstanding unreconciled items on my VAT return but when I try to change the VAT scheme in company preferences its telling me I cannot change…

  • Check if your Sage 50 Accounts is MTD-ready

    If you use Sage 50 Accounts, to be ready for Making Tax Digital (MTD) you should be using Sage 50cloud Accounts v24.2 or above.

    If you're not sure if you have the correct software for MTD, to help you find out you can use our quick MTD checker. It's easy…

  • Making Tax Digital checklist

    Most businesses are now eligible to join HMRC's Making Tax Digital (MTD) open pilot.  If you use Sage 50 Accounts and you haven't signed up for MTD yet,  our MTD checklist can help you make the switch.

    View Sage 50cloud Accounts MTD checklist >…


    Hello everybody, 

    I was hoping to get some clarity on SAGE's MTD functionality. I am on subscription software so am told its MTD compliant, however I run SAGE on EUR base currency.

    I have asked SAGE in the past about this and was told that the current…

  • Enabling MTD

    When will we be able to enable MTD on Sage? I was hoping to submit 2018 Q4 via MTD as a practice run before it becomes mandatory, but it seems you have to join a 'closed pilot' in order to do this.

  • Using MTD where there are some EC transactions

    Hi. We have received notification from HMRC to that we can join the MTD pilot scheme. However, we have a few EC transactions (eg monthly Microsoft subscriptions) which are invoiced (in sterling) from EC (Dublin). No VAT is paid. We are running Sage 50cloud…

  • VAT Settings

    My next VAT Return will be for the q/e 28/2/19.  The article at is about VAT settings in Sage Accounts.  It refers to a check box to "Enable making tax digital for VAT submissions" and it says "If you're using Sage 50cloud…